Millions of “Christians” Go to Hell Over THIS

Ivan Tuttle thought he was a Christian, but then he found himself in hell. Find out how he escaped! ▶▶A Journey to Hell, Heaven and Back [Book & CDs]: ▶▶A Journey to Hell, Heaven and Back [Digital Download]: Ivan Tuttle was dead for almost 3 hours. During that time, he was literally taken to Hell, then Heaven and back to Earth. The revelation he received was so profound, God told him not to talk about it for 35 years! We have just published the expanded, updated edition of…

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Castrated White Liberals will Turn the Election for Trump – Castrated by by Jezebel

Jezebel thrown out of the window

In a Sense Not Many in the USA Were Not Castrated by Jezebel Spirit, Especially the Men in the USA Mentally, Emotionally and Chemically, But Women in a Sense Also. You Do Understand that Chemicals Can Change Your Sex and Make You Gay by Now, Right?  Xenoestrogens…. Okay that’s a Different Topic for a Different Time. The Object of the Kingdom of Darkness is to Try and Sin (aka Disobey the New Testament) as Much as Possible So You End up Feeding them and increasing Their Power so they Can…

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