“We’re Turning the Tables on Sid Roth!”

Watch Larry Sparks turn the tables on Sid Roth. You don’t want to miss this special episode! ▶▶The Supernatural Bible (Large Print Edition): ▶▶The Supernatural Bible (Regular Print Edition): What Sid learned over 50 years is more essential than ever. So he’s sharing the keys to the supernatural—for 2020 and such a time as this! (Sid’s birthday is Monday, Sept. 7!) The Bible Just Got More Supernatural! (And easier to read…just in time for Sid’s 80th birthday!) Now, for a limited time, it also comes with a paperback…

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Follow the Plan? Trust the Plan? What’s the Plan? Here’s the Plan..

Follow the Plan. Trust the Plan.  These are statements made in association to Q. Q looks like they are doing a great job.  They are introducing the Kingdom Age to the world and a whole lot more.  But are you to follow Q? follow the president?  Follow a news reporter?   Well wait a minute, what does “follow” actually mean? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary: “to proceed or, after, to engage in as a calling or a way of life, to walk or per seat along, to be or act in accordance…

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The Mindset Of A History Maker!

Welcome to Kevin Zadai’s Official YouTube Channel Kevin Zadai is known as the man who went to heaven and back, so he knows that heaven is for real. In 1992 during a routine surgery, I met with Jesus on the other side. The time I spent in the presence of Jesus profoundly changed me to my core. I believe Jesus promised me that my story, including all the things I learned during our conversation, has the capacity to radically change those who read it. It is my prayer that as…

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