Pay No Attention to Opposition – It’s a Nehemiah Time!

Aha!  That’s it!  It’s Nehemiah Time!  Have You Been Waiting and Waiting and Waiting Thinking that Everything Was Supposed to Have Been Cleared Out at Least a Couple Years Ago? So we waited and waited for the Internet to become freed, for the removal of the crooks out of government and the financial systems and so on… Didn’t most of us think we were supposed to wait? We’re we supposed to wait until everything was right? Well Nehemiah, he was a tough guy.   He rallied his non wimpy people who…

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September 2020: Be the Storm or Face the Storm

Finally.  Time to Launch.  Time to Conquer.  Time to CRUSH & OBLITERATE the Enemy… We Don’t Have to Be Like House Mice Anymore! Time to CLEAN the Earth and Occupy, Rule & Reign in the Spirit realm and the Natural Here on Earth as We Were Supposed to Be Doing for the Past 2000 Years! See Prophet Johnny’s important word below from Elijah I posted screen shots below for speed.   Subscribe to newsletter for updates on prophetic words.  It’s very important to stay on top of these prophetic…

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Why Every Believer MUST Operate in Miracles | Kynan Bridges

Welcome to day 4 of our new video series, Getting Equipped for the End-Times. Each day, we will share prophetic, anointed, and essential teachings by the best teachers I’ve selected to prepare you for the days ahead. Join our email list so you don’t miss the next video: Kynan Bridges equips you for miracles in our special event – Getting Equipped for the End Times. Join our email list to make sure you don’t miss the next video—

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