How To Discern the Unseen World Around You | Becca Greenwood

Welcome to day 2 of our new video series, Getting Equipped for the End-Times. Each day, we will share prophetic, anointed, and essential teachings by the best teachers I’ve selected to prepare you for the days ahead. Join our email list so you don’t miss the next video: Becca Greenwood shows you how to discern the unseen world around you in our special event – Getting Equipped for the End Times. Becca Greenwood co-founded Christian Harvest International, which has ministered to the nations through prophetic intercession, warfare prayer and…

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We Are Not Ignorant Of Satan’s Devices Monday Night Spiritual Smackdown W Mark Taylor

THE OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR MARK TAYLOR This prophet, this reserved man of God, was retired firefighter Mark Taylor. The word given by the Holy Spirit was delivered on April 28, 2011 in the middle of the most debilitating sickness. When the prophecy later fell into the hands of Mark’s Doctor, God used this new team of passionate individuals to lead the nation into a fervent prayer chain that would accomplish one of the most incredible miracles our country has ever seen. But Trump’s victory was only the beginning… What…

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