Q-Anon TRUMP just Destroyed the Federal Reserve, [P], and the World Health Organization 3.28.20

"Q-Anon and 1000 Years of Peace: Destroying the New World Order and Taking the Kingdom of Christ by Force!" Deep Dive on [P] Trump says "We were attacked" Trump Fed Chairman Bloomberg/Yahoo report on Federal Reserve Habeas Corpus Habeas Corpus suspended Arrest Heat Map Trump deployed Reserve Forces Comey 90 coincidences President’s Residence WHO World Health Org lead by terrrrrrorist Ted-ros CDC Fauci applauds WHO Ted-ros 7 min mark Operation Looking Glass Pavarotti Vinchero! President…

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The Rise of the Children

Here is a very young girl, hmm I’m guessing 4 years old?   But listen to her.  She explains with her outter voice and her inner voice how to get into Heaven.   She makes the Good News make sense.  We need more kid preachers.  The adults need help these days! Also a side note:  Just listened to a story about a little girl talking with her baby sister, infant baby sister,  I guess with the inner voice…    Firstly Kat Kerr  says that in Heaven you’ll be able to communicate with…

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Hello…Live (from Las Vegas)

Mike Thompson and his dog Glory are testing live streaming video from home. It works! Thanks for all the help and encouragement. God bless you, everyone! "Because of JESUS, Heaven is Open to You." Check out Mike’s last prophetic video message: – POSITION YOURSELF FOR WHEN THE DUST SETTLES (3-27-20)

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