Trust vs. Faith – Which Is It? Discovering Trust Part 1

Trusting God. Believing God.  Having Faith in God.  What Does it All Really Mean?    This is Part 1 in this Series Journey that We All Need to Figure Out and Do So Quickly Especially Since Our Eternity Depends on It Trust verses belief verses faith… It’s all so confusing. Haven’t you been confused by all these terms over the years. Let’s figure this out finally. Let’s figure out what trust means especially between you and God. Let’s figure out what faith means. Let’s figure out what belief means. Since this…

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Are You Sick? How to Get Healed by Repenting to Original Design

Stunning Secrets to Reversing Health Problems and Restoring Health Through One Word:  R E P E N T 3 John 1:2 Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers. So I’ve been doing bunch of studying analysis of a couple of the greatest natural Healers basically since Hippocrates, outside of course the Lord Jesus, and direct Miracles of God. Why? Trying to help a familly member unfortunately has bought the sales pitch of the Kingdom of Darkness in…

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Wow Listen to How This Brother Moon god Worshiper Finds the Love of God

This Is a Great Testimony of a Guy Stuck Under the Moon god Worshiping System Who Really Liked God and Wanted to Get Right with Him and Close to Him Personally Who Reminded Me of  My Own Journey Out from Under the Sun god System This is a Must Watch Testimony of How this Genuine Fellow Seeks God and Finds Him We all KNOW Who God is.  But a lot of us (and most of the world) did not nor do not realize how hard it would actually be to…

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