Entity Attachment Through Sex (Demon Possession) – Yikes – Time to Restore Marriage!

 Yes Even You Maybe Infected by Negative Entities!   But There’s Hope See Below While checking out some news on Youtube this video came about after looking at this fellow’s channel’s videos.  Get a more, I can’t really say scientific, but more historically referenced break down of what happens when anyone has sex outside marriage.  Learn why those who are direct Satan worshipers are pushing sex, gayness, all sorts of sex, sex outside of marriage, affairs etc.   Hear more about the consequences.   Hear why the demonic’s, the Kingdom of Darkness military…

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Key Secrets to Getting Your Prayers Answered and Mark 11 – Otherwise they Bounce – Return to Sender

Wow this is a big deal. Listen to this audio and see the post on Elijah List. Finally an explanation that hits home and makes sense about Mark 11 and how thankfulness triggers the belief necessary to “believe that you receive”. Remember that God wants to do everything WITH you. Most of us tend to think we’re going to do something for God first (if even that) and get back to God later. No no no. It takes a lot of us a long…. time (speaking for myself) to get…

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