George H.W. Bush…The Sign of the Day the NWO Dies 12-1-2018

Today Marks the Eternally Historical Day – the Day of the Sign that the NWO DIES See The Mark Taylor Prophecy – the Evil Crew of 32 Below They’ve been given plenty of chance to repent and turn back to God.  You acknowledge Lucifer but you can’t acknowledge God your Creator?  Does that even make sense? Don’t mess with you Maker, the One Who made you and holds all things together.  Did you know that Yeshua is your MAKER?  Nothing that was made of the visible realm was made without…

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Action Plan for Mark Taylor Spiritual Treason Prophecy of 3-03-17 with commentary

The Spirit of God asks “Why are My people attacking one another? Why are My people engaging in friendly fire? what’s being exposed right now is the difference between those who know God and those who know a few things about God but actually follow another lord.   they follow a religious leader or they follow a man-made Doctrine or they use these man-made doctrines to enable themselves to follow their own cells whereas their God is their belly. May’s denominational doctrines can be very blinding. Wake up and read the…

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