If You Are Catholic this Will Shock You & Get You to Read the Bible Yourself

Yes Catholics are told “you are not allowed to read the Bible on your own” or “You are not allowed to interpret the Bible by yourself”.   Been there and thought it to be one of the strangest things I ever heard.   And I really wanted to get right with God because I liked God a lot and I wanted to be right, in good terms with Him.  Plus at the time I had no real concept of what happens after you die so I figured I better get that figured…

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From Loser to Eternal Winner

Very good and encouraging tract for maybe a lot if not maybe even most people in the world. Have you ever felt like things just don’t seem to go your way? Do you seem to lose a lot in life? Do you feel unloved? Do you feel rejected? Were you rejected by your parents? Are you even having suicidal thoughts? (which may also be from  your pharmakia pills) Check out this excellent tract done as a cartoon strip.  You can order some to pass out to folks too for pennies.

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