Mind Blowing 2011 Prophecy Details Out Trump as Next President and Much More

  Prepare have your mind blown. Prepare to have the greatest news you’ve ever heard for the USA. Finally, Victory is ours to claim, thanks to God giving us a 2nd chance and majorly helping us out. Everything in regard to Donald Trump seems hard to believe but believable.  You’re literally seeing a miracle, the working power of God’s mercy right in front of her eyes. This is a most amazing, amazing time to be alive witness Power of God interceding for the United States of America.  Christians, God is…

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WOW There is a Literal Burst of Light When Sperm Meets Egg

So the Life Force Starts When Sperm Meets Egg WOW There is a Literal Burst of Light When Sperm Meets Egg   According to science – at precisely a moment of conception known as recombination & decoupling – an incomprehensible outburst of light accompanied the creation of hydrogen and helium, the first atoms of the embryonic cosmos. To this day, the dim afterglow of that seminal light – the so-called cosmic microwave background – is visible to certain kinds of powerful telescopes. In each case, they discovered, the decisive moment…

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