How Can GOD Be 3 Persons?

How Can GOD Be 3 Persons? The Best Explanation of the Trinity I’ve seen in Some Time… The Trinity of God in Three Persons is confusing to most. I’ll admit to this day I always wanted to understand more exactly how the Trinity works and how God is 3 Persons.  In fact, well, have you ever felt confused about praying to Jesus vs. The Father vs. The Holy Spirit?  Admittedly again, I have been!  With my personality I worried about offending or leaving someone out!  More on that topic later……

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Judgement Day Surprise – The Good and Bad Part 1

Judgement Day Surprise – The Good and Bad Part 1   I think most of us are going to be quite surprised on the day of judgment as we all are in front of Christ, Jesus. What’s coming more to light, again, is that God says what He means and means what He says. But somehow we, man, keeps overlooking or not understanding many verses of the Bible.  Or with other verses we are just simply too shocked at the severity of how things are vs. the softened messages we’ve…

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Boy Sees End of World! Rapture & Heaven Interesting Video

“Boy Sees End of World! Rapture & Heaven ! while Praying overnight!” Very interesting. A 12 year-old kid who knows almost nothing about the Bible has this vision of heaven which has many accurate, vivid Biblical aspects in particular with his conversations with God. Here about his visions, what God says to Him.  Very fascinating pictorial representation of the size of Heaven, how things look, how God and angels look… then the fear test roller coaster testing your trust… then tribulation detailed graphic accounts that are scarily accurate sounding. There’s…

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