2 Words – from June 8 2021

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“Glorify God in the Highest!  Peace & prosperity to His people on Earth.  Don’t wait now.  Go out into the fields & bring in the harvest.  Go.  Get aggressive!  Go after people.  It will not be like before with the resistance you encountered.  Go win souls.  He who wins souls is wise.  Go to battle.  Fear not.  Jump in. Dive in.  Go for it.  You will have a great time bringing in the harvest.  Amen?”

“My sheep are calling. My sheep are calling My Name. They  will be healed shortly.  The good times are about to roll.  Alleluia!  One good wave after the other is about to hit the Earth.  You won’t know what to do with yourself, but follow Me.  I will lead you to living water that you may drink. Amen”

Note: I make no claims of accuracy.  I just lay there on my bed and write what I hear. I am not a prophet that I know of nor do I claim to be. I don’t actually know what I am yet, quite frankly.

  • Could this be my imagination? 
  • Could this be a mix of my imagination mixed with what I hear? 
  • Am I just putting out what I heard from other prophets that’s floating around in my subconscious mind?  I really don’t know yet.   But these words sound solid don’t they?  
  • “Go win souls before it seems obvious to do so, before “the coast is clear”.  These transition times can be the most fertile for planting seeds that will sprout like a rocket once all the truth becomes exposed ‘main stream’ and fully release by ‘official sounding polished voices’.  
  • Prosperity can be a bigger test and a challenge than rough times, if you haven’t had such experiences yet to know that yet.  Follow Jesus in that walking trust relationship, with that “dynamic chord of trust”, person to Person.  
  • If you are born again do you realize (and it’s hard to have this sink in or maybe a lot of us have been to afraid to let it sink in) that God Father, Son and Holy Spirit is living right within us experiencing what we experience?  Now that’s a life perspective changer.  We all need to get real with that, if you haven’t already.  And in order to start making God’s home more comfortable in you (and less miserable, nothing personal) you and I need to disbelieve in all of what is stated as a sin in the Bible STARTING with the list of 666 Sins of the Bible and we need to believe (therefore do habitually, putting Jesus’s sayings into practice) all that is stated as a Commands of Jesus of the New Testament which are God’s Rules of Relationship that He kindly puts out to us up front  (whereas a lot of people hide their rules of relationship in their relationships and want you to guess and read their minds…)

Sins to Vanquish from Your Being – Stop Believing in These Sins

Commands Of Jesus PDF Downloads – Commands Verses:

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