15 Impressive Herbs with Antiviral Activity – with Research Links

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oregano, Sage, basi,l garlic, lemon balm, peppermint, Rosemary, echinacea, sambucus which is elderberry, licorice, astragalus, Ginger, ginseng, dandelion

Now each  plant has its benefits and different parts of the plants will have their particular benefits. For example, sometimes the roots are used and then sometimes the leaves are used and then sometimes the bark is used if it’s a tree, and then sometimes the flower is used.   

And a lot of these natural plants have been studied for a long time, you just don’t hear too much about it because of Satanic medicine dominance. Sometimes you have the use of different parts of the plant,  which has its own benefits, to more specifically target certain health goals, things to fix, parts of health to boost.

Herbs have incredible health benefits. Once you start studying herbs more more and their various researched health benefits it’s just amazing the power that these herbs have. So the thing is, though most cultures across the planet, you can argue, have been indoctrinated with magic pill sorcery thinking,  so they think they can just take one pill or just a pill a couple times and Presto their problem is solved. Now technically you can take an herb a certain number of times and it can address the problem depending on degree of the problem or the strength of the problem in combination with what is going on with your body and its functionality,  toxins, etc.  But usually there is a systematic application of that herb (or food even!) done in layers that helps bring about a result.

Different people have developed different protocols in the use of herbs overtime. There are many herbal masters of various types out there who are professionals, licensed professionals.

But if you look at this list of herbs You could argue that it’s just a list of salad toppings! Think about it!   And think about this as an idea:  What if we all started making organic salads  while sprinkling a decent amount many of these herbs on the salad? You may even want to add some black pepper to boost nutrient absorption on top of it too.  We would just be using a little of each herb in a commonly used amount.  That could be a powerful new health habit.  That idea just popped in my head.  Plus if the salad is made with rich organic veggies, maybe some fruits like berries, apples, apricots, pears, raisins etc.  while maybe adding some seeds, chia seeds,  hemp seed, toasted flax seeds, sesame seeds, black seeds etc… with maybe some organic olive oil and vinegar… add the spices, add a little Himalayan Sea salt and black pepper… Man.  I’m getting hungry!  If you studied the nutrients and benefits of these foods, spices and sees you’ll be blown away about how POWERFUL these foods are and then you’ll start to think and appreciate how WONDERFUL God is.     His ways are the best.  His ways of healing the body are best and can be perfect without side effects as well. 

What’s powerful, is having a health habit that puts great things into your body on a regular basis. And what if we had a health habit that put a small amounts of these herbs into the body on a daily basis or a few times a week basis? The concept here is that by creating a habit of putting in goodness into the body  we can empower our physical bodies and empower our lives in general.  And just maybe… we can prevent and even reverse some health weakness, some health issues……

When dealing with herbs a lot of people will wonder how much to use. Well ideally, if you can find an herbal expert, a licensed herbal expert, healthcare professional, then that would certainly sound like a wise thing to do. Just understand that Satan MD –  has very little knowledge of herbs except how to insult them and tell you that they are bad, bad bad and if you eat a ton of them you’ll get indigestion (as they attacked turmeric not too long ago)!  They are not trained in herbs or Foods other than a tiny bit nutritional education which is probably corrupted.  They are trained in executing the Satanic Allopathic Pharmakeia MD system founded by Dr. Ba’al.   And that’s it!    Maybe you’re finally starting to see this now if you don’t see it already.  They aren’t interested in curing you because that’s bad for business. They don’t even know how to cure  unless they learn from someone who does know how to cure. 

And there are many  professionals out there who know how to cure.   Actually there are many cancer clinics out there that have documented an over 90% cancer cure rate,  as you should be able to find with a little research.

Anyways,  none of this information is intended to be diagnosis, prescription or advice.   This post is for educational purposes and inspirational purposes for you to start doing some research and for you  to start discovering the amazingness of God’s creations and what He  has given us for healing.   

The bad guys  Like the quote Hippocrates a lot but, every time they mention Hippocrates’ name they are essentially mocking him and slandering him.   Hippocrates cured people with logic by getting them to stop doing the bad thing while restoring their health with foods & herbs.   And of course you  have probably heard the famous quote ” let food be thy medicine”, well…  since Hippocrates was one of the greatest natural healers of all time,  maybe we should look into HIS advice instead of pursuing Satanic witchcraft sorcery allopathic pharmakeia MD “medicine” and drugs. 

Speaking of which,  as we observe the slaughter across the planet with the Pharmakeia MD depopulation agenda,  and as we discover more about the slaughter of decades and decades of this Dr. Ba’al’s Pharmakeia MD medicine,  as many argue, God gives us free will.  So if we choose to go to Satan MD  then why would one expect anything besides sickness, trickery, lying, maiming, theft, theft of your organs, theft of your future peak performance, potential theft of your destiny, theft of your life, theft of your limbs (as opposed to simply healing the area and regenerating the area) and now… the potential end of humanity unless God steps in and stops this depopulation disaster.   

Who’s medicine will you choose?  Will you keep on choosing Satanic medicine or will you now start honoring God and His medicine, His ways of healing which is 1. repentance from sin, sin to your body, sin of using Satanic medicine, sin of eating Satanically corrupted foods, sin in general, unforgiveness and so on  2. turning to using God’s creations, ways, methods, logic, while having respect for the design of the human body instead?  

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