100 Days in Heaven by James A. Durham Book Review

100 Days in Heaven by James A. Durham Book Review

This book was absolutely mind blowing. James was taken it to Heaven and was shown several things. He was given gifts by the Lord. But he also tragically saw a vast empty space in heaven. And the Lord Jesus told him that, “This is the unoccupied part of Heaven. It should be filled with people, but my church has not done its  job. The people who were to live here have never been reached by the Gospel of the Kingdom. They were never given a chance to except it and come to their Heavenly home!”

That message was from the Lord himself. So there’s a lot of lazy doctrine out there that assumes that people will just somehow automatically get saved. But that’s not the case as we see here. If people don’t hear the Gospel and accept it,  they don’t get into Heaven.  It is our responsibility to present the Gospel of the Kingdom.  If not people will end up in Hell! Where else do you think they’re going go?  Their destiny was to make it into Heaven but it looks like someone else’s destiny was not fulfilled whereas their destiny was to tell these folks the Gospel who were missing Heaven. 

The Majority of Christian religions and denominations have slipped into some sort of deception. They think it’s okay to do nothing. The Bible commands us to be prepared with a testimony and gospel presentation. So we all better work on this hard and fast. And then get out there and share the Gospel online or off-line!

Others having visitation testimonies say how we will be held accountable for the blood those to whom we did not witness and end up going to Hell. If you think about that, that is terrifying. So we better get on the ball and witness to every creature, person we see and more.

Now you have tremendous opportunity with the Internet. So get out there! If you don’t know what to say at at the start just share other peoples content on the Internet that has good content that shares the Gospel in different ways with different angles.

Actually the search engines love that. If you simply share other peoples content and comment on them guess what you become? A news media site! That’s all they do. How many news media sites come up with their own content? Well come to think of it some do have a little but it’s mostly just commentary on News articles they gift from the Associated Press from what I see.

There are a ton of videos on YouTube you can share and comment on as well. People love that and so do the search engines. You can make a difference! Get out there and start doing the small things in God may reward you with bigger and bigger things! 

Remember also everything you do now will be rewarded as well.  Remember that you don’t automatically get a mansion in Heaven! You have to build that through your obedience, your good works, your time in prayer, time witnessing, your timing praise and worship, your time reading the Bible, time serving the church, your tithes and your offerings above your tithes – this was revealed to Pastor Park in his after death and back Heaven and Hell visitation testimony

James’ Book Will take you through 100 different days of mind blowing revelation visits in Heaven. You will actually get to know about things in Heaven!  It is very amazing.  You need to be equipped with this knowledge now!  You need to gain the reality of Heaven now for it will certainly increase your faith levels!

This book will also teach you how to interact with the Lord better. Sometimes this all seems like it’s out there so far and God is so far out there. But He is not. He’s always with you. He is always! With you! He hears your every word. He knows your every thought in your mind and in your heart. So open up! Enjoy the Lord. Learn from him. Follow his teaching and his direction. Okay His commands. If you do so and don’t lean onto your own understanding, rather lean on the Lord you could have great success!

There are many things, amazing things that James taught for him to teach us. For example I’m looking at day 14 and it’s amazing insight on how to pray correctly in fellowship with God correctly. God tells him! The Holy Spirit tells James exactly.

Well I could go on here. But would end up writing several pages. But it’s better that you get the book and read through three times. Take notes! It’s that important. Your understanding will be increased dramatically.


100 Days in Heaven by James A. Durham You can get this book on Amazon

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