Study these prophecies.  Why?  Well to see what has happened right before your eyes.  To see what will happen.  And to see what you need to be doing.  We are in the end of this age the “end times”.  You want to do everything right and maximize your opportunity for eternal rewards in this period. We are very fortunate to be alive and be able to take advantage of this opportunity.  Why?  Because of the urgency and energy of the times!  How many people let their lives just pass on by without becoming fully pure and without doing anything to build the Kingdom?  Well they are most certainly going to regret that.  You and I have opportunity right now to fix our past through full repentance unto then full obedience of the commands of Jesus throughout the New Testament, doing such causes us to bear fruit for the Kingdom, eternal wealth. Review the following over and over.  Donald Trump is indeed likely the Last TRUMP of 1 Corinthians 15:52 According to Mark Taylor prophecies Trump is a mercy delay of the Tribulation for the sake of the Great End Times Harvest

Mike Thompson

Mark Taylor Prophecies


  1. Mark Taylor Donald Trump Prophecy I Video
  2. Mark Taylor Donald Trump Prophecy II Video
  3. Mark Taylor Donald Trump Prophecy III Video

Here they are printed out from Mark Taylor’s Website:

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