Seeing the Angelic Realm

What You Focus On Grows Seeing the Angelic Realm Jerame Nelson Explains to Sid

Check out for maybe the first time ever – Jerame gets an actual physical angel feather!  It’s very different from your average bird feather!

What You Focus on You Empower!

And so the principle that God has shown me is this,
is that what you focus on you empower.
Sid: Excuse me.
That’s so strong.
I need you to say again.
Say it again.
Jeremy: What you focus on, you empower.
And so what I’ve been teaching people is if you want to see the
angelic realm in your life, focus on the King of the
Kingdom, because if you focus on Jesus then everything in his
domain, everything in his kingdom begins to naturally be
drawn to you.
It’s one of the benefits of intimacy with God.

Sid: Okay.
As you have focused on angels, are you seeing many angels?
Jeremy: I see angels in almost every service that I minister in
and even in our home at times God will get my attention with
flashes of light or a lot of times I’ll sense an angel in the
room, and so I know to ask the Holy Spirit what kind
of angel is that.

“How to See the Angelic Realm in Your Life | Jerame Nelson on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!”