Ouch Hillary in Bible Codes Repent Hillary Fast!

Look No one should be judging anyone.  We all need to repent heavily and make sure we are obeying the Lord and have repented verbally in the Name of Jesus and in our hearts of every sin in the Bible and laid upon our hearts by the Lord.  We need to obey all of Jesus commands and install them into our being.

Some of us were brought up well.  Others were brought up indoctrinated in error.  Others were brainwashed later into error.  We are all vulnerable especially these days unless we are walking super close with the Lord at all times and have retrained our selves in Jesus commands.

That said this video has Bible codes found associated with Hillary Rodham Clinton or at least the words are associated, chosen to associate with her.  The music in in circus music but please do not get judgemental about anyone, judging is bad news.

Hillary in Bible Codes

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hillary rodham clinton in Bible codes
joe b
m obama
to steal
dws booed
jb steal
joeb presi
roll call
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Curiosity Stream Next World Promotes Anti Christ Agenda

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Part 1: Predicting The Future

Part 2: Immortality And Eternal Youth

Part 3: Superhuman Capabilities – “Yes! Who wouldn’t want those! Put chips in your brain to expand your human capabilities, and oh yeah, while you’re at it, get this chip to enhance your brain – actually it’s a must have these days since due to the world condition with that whole ‘tribulation thing’ we’ve got to require this chip thing in your head or right hand or else you can’t buy or sell.  I mean who wouldn’t want to get it right?  Plus those who don’t, they are just bad people who want to make your life worse, so we’ll just have to remove those bad people from society.   Oh yeah, and all that ‘mark of the beast stuff’ that’s just a fairy tail.  That whole getting throw into a lake of fire thing, losing any chance of getting into Heaven – aww don’t list to that.  Someone just made that up way back when.    So don’t worry. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.  Just follow me and you’ll have your best life now.  I’ll show you true happiness right here on earth.  Yes.  I’ve got it all planned out.  – And stop calling me Anti Christ, that’s just mean…”  Yours truly, President of Earth.

Part 4: Virtual Reality

Part 5: Habitat Expansion






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Back to Barack

Watch this video:  Will blow your mind.

Barak gave his 2008 acceptance speech on the exact replica on the throne of Zeus, the throne of Satan.  That’s freaky!

Why does Barak look exactly like Akhenaten and the founder of the Rising Sun cult?

Who really is Barak’s Dad?  Who really is Barak??


Clone of Akhenaten

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Identity of the Antichrist Revealed!

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nimrod enkidu OSIRIS-NIMROD Nimrod-copperstatue