Prophecy Come Against Trump or Body of Christ and Get Shattered – Mike Thompson Prophecy

Don’t mess with God.

Jesus is the Rock.  Stumble upon the Rock and be broken to pieces.  The Body of Christ is part of the Rock.  Trump is part of the body of Christ and God’s anointed.  – This is the warning.  This has been prophesied in a similar way with the Mark Taylor Prophecies.

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Grasp the Prophet/Seer Ministry, and Why God’s Glory is Crucial

 Prophetic offices explained.  Ministries over history.  Modern day apostles.

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Mike Thompson – I See Angels! Around You & President Trump!

Mike sees angels.  He sees the spirit realm.  It’s very fascinating.  His experience coordinates with many others who explain their spirit realm sight in a very similar way.  Listen to him as he explains.  His wife is also prophet who sees the spirit realm.  Very interesting indeed!!



“Let God Arise!” – Releasing Revival in America – by Mike Thompson Prophet Showing Us Supernatural Revelatons of God

If you haven’t heard about Mike Thompson get you his Youtube channel.  He’s a genuine brother in the Lord with a great heart too.  He has gotten to work WITH Michael the Archangel often.  Very cool indeed!