Prophecy: Errant Church Leaders to Be Removed from Position or Permanently – Assume it’s You and Repent.

Obey Your LORD and MASTER and Stop Making Up Doctrines, Denying Jesus as Lord in the Process

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Wow As Good a Preaching I’ve Heard in a While By Alex Jones??!

Now I’ve sent these guys some info and a link to Mike Thompson’s YouTube channel.  I don’t know if that had anything to do what things but Alex has learned quite a bit over the past few months.  It’s not just about globalists vs. nationalists – that’s the smaller picture.   The real picture is in the spiritual realm – and Alex has increased his comprehension of it considerably!

Check this out.  We need more guys to turn into tough guys, warrior guys like Alex and Donald Trump.  So get on the warrior trend. Stop eating plastics.  Cleans yourself of xenoestrogens, heavy metals that have been purposefully feminizing men physically and chemically.  (Wait till you learn about all of the intentional chemical poisoning of America – you’ll flip out, start cleansing supplementation programs, eat organic, start growing your own food and get really mad against these evil corrupt industries that have been essentially poisoning us, killing us, wrecking our hormones, wrecking our immune systems (learn about chem trails and how they purposefully spray our skies with heavy metals and pathogens stuck in fibers to weaken our immune systems so we depend on a corrupt medical industry and corrupt pharmaceuticals.  Yeah you’re going to get really mad see what they’ve been doing to you and your family.  Which is good.  You, we need to go into warrior mode and take back this country.  Get our minds back.  Start eating God’s creation instead of man’s corrupted junk.  )

Oh yes there’s another issue dealing with the pineal gland.  Well according to studies so far, the dark side is trying to calcify our pineal gland so we can’t access God – that’s the concept.  So if one is eating all sorts of junk food, drinking lots of fluoride and chlorine in the water, using fluoride toothpaste, getting heavy metal fillings, eating non organic loading up with pesticides – you likely have a crystallized, yes crystallized pineal gland.   What this does in concept is get you to focus more on the flesh, our animal nature as Adam called it in the 1st book of Adam and Eve  

I have noticed this myself over the years.  I’ve gone through periods of eating super pure like a machine, to eating junk back to eating super pure in addition to all sorts of different experiments in between.  When I eat more junk, processed junk, fast food, artificial sweeteners, refined sugar I would be much more focused on carnal things, things of the flesh, evil thoughts.  It’s pretty disgusting to even think about being in the flesh (barf) vs. being in the Spirit.

Speaking of refined sugar, which now after testing I would say is the top most potent poison in America : try this:  eat natural cane sugar one day, then white refined sugar the next:  for me:  cane sugar was hardly felt My teeth my white refined sugar started hurting my teeth. Cane sugar, after I ate it, didn’t give me the sugar low that I got all eating white refined sugar. Cane sugar didn’t have that feeling of dropping my immune system like white refined sugar has.  

When a patient checks in the Moffitt Cancer Center I was told by someone who worked there that patients checking in that have cancer are told to stop eating white sugar, white flour and artificial sweeteners – that’s interesting!  I noticed that all three of these things drop my immune system like a rock. So if I am fighting a bug initially and am eating these poisons then I open the window to get sick.  And that’s how I’ve gotten sick most of the time in the past with colds and flus.

Interesting isn’t it. You may want to experiment on yourself to verify or just simply stop eating this poison because now you know it’s bad, Moffitt Cancer Center says it’s bad and it’s just comments. Start appreciating God’s food.  Start eating man corrupted versions of God’s food disgusting and start to find the taste of which disguesting.  Yes it’s going to take some work but it’s worth it. Otherwise eventually these poisons will likely promote cancer as well and will likely also generate many different functions within yourself leaving you vulnerable to all sorts of disease.  Of course do your own research we can certainly not advise you on such health issues. 

Anyway Alex talks a bout the details of the enemy’s agenda.  They publish their own agenda and people have known for a long time.  But the enemy thought they would take over in 2016 and start the Tribulation period.  Not so fast!  Guess Who is in control? !!  And HE says it’s time to smash the enemy and open up the Great End Times Harvest!  So get your warrior suit on and get out in the battle for 1 billion souls!  (See Mark Taylor prophecy writings)

Breaking: Catholics Turn Against Satanic Pope Francis


Instructions for the Minute After Inauguration – The End Times Harvest BEGINS!!

Mike gets to visit directly with the Lord Yeshua (Jesus) !  He has instructions for us on what we need to do in prayer.  

Prayer is a BIG deal.  For a long time I never understood it neither did it seem that many others around me did.  Then I learned.  I also learned that becoming Holy Spirit Baptized as what you just did with the early believers is extremely important.  You will get a gift of speaking in a supernatural prayer language. 

Your supernatural prayer language is reported by another brother who had a direct after death and back teaching encounter with the Lord Himself, is extremely powerful.  In fact the Lord took t his fellow to a nuclear test site do demonstrate that the shock waves of a nuclear explosion were akin to you praying for others, your country, your city, state etc in your super natural language.  I would look into researching this if you have not been baptized in the Holy Spirit.  Ask the Lord, your One and Only Teacher about this.  And ask Him if He can help you get it done and find the right place, Church or person who can do it.

Pray in the Spirit!  Listen to Mike for instructions. 

It’s Showtime folks!  This tomorrow begins the END TIMES HARVEST! 

Purify yourself.  Get the list of 666 sins on our site; know what the sins are then work with the Lord in getting rid of ALL of them.  Repent of all your sins.  Open yourself up to be directed daily, throughout the day by the Lord Jesus.  Ask the Lord for help on getting better at that.  

Then take every verse that is in command or implied command style in the New Testament and start do do every one of them, getting better and better at them.   Now you’ll become 4th seed material able to be used by God to bear MUCH fruit for the Kingdom, thereby also building yourself vast stores of eternal wealth!



New Older Prophecy – Donald Trump is for 2 Terms – Trump and Putin Build 3rd Temple

by respected prophet Kim Clement (who just died this year, which is interesting)

The wall is going up.  See video below:

America will have prosperity.

Trump will get baptized in the Holy Spirit and become a powerful witness to the world. 

Bill Gates will, yes that Bill Gates, who recently met with Trump, impressed, calling him the next JFK, will fund majorly the Great End Times Harvest!   Now that was shocking.  Others had Bill as a major Illuminati player.  I guess Bill is going to repent!  Wow.

  • Trump is for 2 terms.   
  • So Trump is the Last Trump.  
  • See the other videos Bible Codes showing Trump & Putin will build the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem.  
  • Peace and prosperity will resound across the world.  Trump is the 6th trumpet.  Then sudden destruction will come.  Rapture.  Tribulation starts.  So gear up.  Bear fruit as fast as you can.  Repent out of all your sins.  Once saved always saved, future sins automatically forgiven is a major scam and a major cause of the great falling away.  Get rid of all sin.  See this sins list.  Start obeying Jesus commands.   Actually my guess would be 2 years into the new president’s term after Donald, the rapture, the sudden destruction will commence timing with a 2026 start as to end in 2033 with the next blood red moon tetrad coordinating with Biblical feast days and the 2000 years from the death and resurrection of Jesus!   
  • See this new posting on the 1st Book of Adam and Eve and how the Lord explains how He will come 5,500 later to die for our sins and allow Adam and Even to regain their light being status (spirit man).


1st Book of Adam & Eve – Time to Examine the Removed Books of the Bible  – Read for Yourself – Don’t Take the Word of Man Made Religious Doctrine Organizations!

I found this 1st Book of Adam & Eve very interesting and insightful to the relationship between Adam and Eve, Adam and Eve and God, Adam and Eve’s further interactions with Satan and much more.

From my first listening through what I heard was in line, in character with the Genesis and various Heaven and Hell visitations accounts.   I felt it important to gain more of a feel and understanding of man’s relationship with God.  It was pretty neat to see the perspective and feelings of God towards the scenario of Adam and Eve after sinning and Satan, who had become a major annoyance.  Also God talks a lot about how He must come back in 5,500 years to become man like Adam and restore things by sacrificing His life.  After that point cosmic restoration of things is restored and Adam and Even can be restored to their original powerful spirit man body.

I also felt it important to understand the perspective of what Satan and the other rebellious spirits are about, their attitude, why they hate man and want to wipe man out.  You learn more about the person and character of Satan and how his “job” is to deceive, deceive and deceive!   There is nothing good about him and anything he promises you is for the purpose of destroying you. So any temptation and draw of this world is there with the purpose for tricking you away from God to everlasting destruction. 

Our spirit man, the one you have revived when born again, the light filled being Adam and Eve first were before sinning made the angels quake and tremble in our pretense.  But after we sinned and took on flesh animal nature, we quake and tremble at the angels.  That was interesting too.

Adam and Eve did a LOT of praying and worshiping!  Wow.  Time we start doing the same! 

This is from Apocryphile1970  channel.  He has done extensive work over the years re exposing hidden books of the Bible and the conspiracy of the hiding of such books.





Bible Codes Compares Melania Trump to Queen Esther !  Check it out…

Biblical Jubilee ends in spring 2017! Jewish calendar had an end in October.  The Beast thought it would take over in October.

Bible Code Theory Research  very interesting channel!  This brother sounds like he is doing good work!

Get Out of the 501.3.c?  Better See Mark Taylor Prophecy Part II

See video notes below.

Hmm So It Looks Like 501.3.c one of the Pillars of the Great Falling Away

Sold Out to Satan and the World Beast System – Joined the Church of Baal – Wow

Get out of 501 c 3 – that’ s non profit.  Trump says going to abolish 5013c Trump said 3 times.  repeal 5013c restrictions on churches

Take away tax exempt status is fear of pastors.  why they aren’t preaching

Donald told pastors – ‘you guys are the reason why this country is in the mess we’re in’  see told you.

Ilumminati – plans remove the church – can’t beat em let’s get them to join us.  Illuminati are darkest forces, tapped into darkest forces on earth. 52 years ago.  ‘I’ll get you more benefits but  take away your rights…”  1954.  Go

We take ground but can’t hold it.  We’re under the Ba’al world system.  The systems of america are under judgement.

System – get chunch under a bribe. 5013c is destroying the churches.  Ahh that’s why there are no good churches.  So start online churches.
– cursed  is he who takes a bribe for the slaying of the innocent
– Now church is under acurse
– we were responsible for 1954 signing.  Bibles taken out of schools. Roe v Wade.
– A church does NOT have to have a 501.3.c !   The system brainwashing
– minute you sign the 501.3.c you surrender your rights and you enter the beast system, your church.
– if you have a ministry that is not a church you have to have a 501.3.c to operate as a ministry.  Well operate as a business then.
– come out of teh Babylonian beast system. Come back to makeing Yeshua your first love.
– Churches planning on going on a global assault but God says come out of this Babylonian system first. Will last over next year or so.
– something to do with tax exemption tying them to Ba’al system.

– pastors have slave mentality to the systems.  afraid to speak the truth thinking that people will get offended because not ‘politically  correct’ and lose all thithes and offersings
– last call to come out of this system churches
– do you think the Roman catholic pope bows down to the IRS?  Don’t you think it’s worth your time to figure out how he does it? Roman cathoic church never bowed down to irs system.
– beast in east is the NWO and ISIS
– freemasonry
– in the west – church and trump will push back the beast
– illuminati and ISIS have merged and are in charge of assasinations.  They will be shatter. My army will stop the attacks on this nation, stop the assasinations.  Illuminati will be exposed, shattered, and send you back to the one who sent you who now seeks payment (your souls)
– why do my prophets keep saying gloom and doom to the end.  For those who speak these words offend and are aiding the enemy making my people lay down their arms, give up, lose hope, stop fighting, and say we’ll just ride this out to the end . For you are never to stop fighting or put down your arms for any reason.  Stop listening to those who commit spiritual treason!  Life and death are in the power of the tounge and this treasonist talk is even effecting the young.  Stop aiding the enemy and start talking about what I the Lord God and my army are about to do.  Grab the enemy by the throat and make him fluster, look him in the eyes and say is this all that you can muster. – your supreme commander God
– pulse lounge prophetic even.
– i’lluminati america is last strong hold

– eastern star and illuminati have merged.  ISIS.

– ISIS is threatening countires that want to come out of the EU
– Stop repeating devils prophecies for the destruction of you usa.
– Diffrence of prophecying a warning vs. doom and gloom.  Stop talking about america destruction.  When you speak destruction you are speaking treason! yikes.  Says 2nd heaven is sending down destruction prophecy.

God is saying America HAS BEEN CHOSEN FOR THE END TIMES HARVEST.  America needs cleansing.  Not destruction.

– this systems has created abunch of cowards.

– don’t focus on conspiracy theories.  They are satan’s prophecies?




7 Seals of Revelation

Coming 6th Seal Event, Then Rapture – Dr JT Lee


4th Dimension Realms Beyond Space and Time – Spiritual Realms – Chuck Missler Presentation

As knowledge increases our understanding of things of the Bible increase.  So as science progresses forward, the more they are “proving” the Bible mindbogglingly accurate (although most already KNOW in the knowing part within ourselves that the Bible is true).

Expand your mind.

Sound and Eternal Things:  Atoms Scream Terribly when Fused – It Actually Sounds Like a Child Screaming Something Terrible

As we start to get into sound frequencies “holding the shape of things together” and “harmonics” I thought this was interesting:

From Business Insider

 Sid Roth It’s Supernatual Videos You Should See

See these play lists!


This Nephilim Connection is REALLY Making Sense


The signs are EVERYWHERE!

What signs?

The fallen angel role and the restoration of the Nephilim.   What?  Yes.  Fallen angels play a large role in end times.  But now I see they play a much larger role than most anyone considered.  It is important for you to understand what’s going on.  Plus end times event and reasons will start to become very clear and make a lot of sense!  Events of the past and why God sent the flood or wiped out entire populations to clear the land for Israel will make sense.

Humanity Corrupted by Fallen Angel Seed and Satan’s Genetic Experiments

God must protect the Seed.  Man was made in God’s image.  After Satan was thrown down to Earth, actually the 2nd heaven, he and his fallen angels started to toy with humanity with genetic experiments, trying to make man in Satan’s image.   Well even before that, the 200 watchers fell into lust and starting mating with human women which gave rise to the Nephilim, giants as mentioned in the Bible many times.

  • Giants got as tall as 450 feet!  Those were recorded as the “Titans” in green mythology.
  • Giant’s in David’s day (who later became King David of Israel) were 9 to 15 feet (Goliath, Og)
  • Skeletal remains have been found across the Earth
  • Strange skulls found
  • Depiction of half man half beast hybrids are recorded throughout time (i.e. the half man / half horse) once thought myth, now considered to by a fallen angel genetic experiment or Nephilim

Let’s turn our attention to some new Fall TV shows:

  1. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D – What’s the central theme of the series this year?  (and last year?)  Humans, call “Inhumans” have altered DNA where as when activated my special “Taragon crystals” – the Inhuman obtains super powers or turns into a animal / human hyrid.
  2. The FLASH – just saw the new preview on TV talking about “A portal was opened”
  3. Russia actually recently issued a MILITARY warning in preparation for the invasion of the fallen angels, while detailing fallen angel involvement with Hitler in World War ii.  INSANE!  Check this out

What’s going on here that you need to be aware of regarding the massive role of the fallen angels in the end times as mentioned in Revelation and detailed in the Book of Enoch (Bible referenced supportive book):  Here are the concepts:

  1. The fallen angels will be used heavily in end times events
  2. Apollyon, the king of the Bottomless Pit will be released to kill 1/3 of man kind along with altered human Nephilim.  Apollyon is also considered Nimrod of old (Esau cut off his head!).  Nimrod, Osiris, Apollyon  (goes my many names) will raise from the dead and will be the “man of sin”.  This story line also coordinates with the 12th Imam – the expected “Mahdi” – Islam’s savior.  (Understand Islam’s prophecies are all INVERSE of the Bible’s.  Their version of Jesus is the false prophet.  They will directly support everything Antichrist related.
  3. Fallen angels are Immortal creatures – so when they mix with humans, they create a  hybrid and an immortal creature.
  4. The mark of the best is not considered a ploy to alter the DNA of humans into hybrid, Nephilim.  This is why all those who receive the mark of the beast have a. no forgiveness since they are now not even human  b. are thrown alive into the lake of fire.

More to come on this report…

Some pictures of the Nephilim from around the web:

NEPHILIMskull nephilim-skelleton- nephilim-giant nephilim-elongated-skulls-different-skull-plates nephilim-alien-skull nephilim_4-remains giants giant-nephilim-skelleton-found


The Day of the LORD and the DAY of the LORD

  • Perry Stone video in Jerusalem live.
  • Explains the difference between the the different uses of “The Day of the LORD”
  • Explains the Seventh Day since Adam
  • Talks about the cornerstone, physical location upon which the Lord built the earth believed to be in the Temple location in Jerusalem.
  • See video for more information on the future Tribulation and Jesus reign!  Amen!  Jesus I wish you already took over the Earth!  Come soon!


The Mystery of the End Times Resides in Cain vs Able

As came to me while actually on a treadmill this morning by a certain thought trigger that led to an inspirational understanding… The secret mystery of what’s to happen in the end times saga with the rise of the AntiChrist resides in story of Cain versus Abel .

So we wonder why that story was in there.  Just seems like an interesting story although quite tragic.  Story actually didn’t make a lot of sense to me for years.

Ultimately what happened is that God likes a certain type of sacrifice more than the other.  Abel provided that sacrifice from what he had.  Cain provided a sacrifice from what he had.  Abel have livestock. Cain had produce:  fruits, vegetables and grains.

From the story it seems like both Cain and Abel knew beforehand what type of sacrifice God preferred.  Seat passage below:

Now Abel kept flocks, and Cain worked the soil. In the course of time Cain brought some of the fruits of the soil as an offering to the Lord. And Abel also brought an offering—fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock. The Lord looked with favor on Abel and his offering, but on Cain and his offering he did not look with favor. So Cain was very angry, and his face was downcast.

Then the Lord said to Cain, “Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.”Genesis 4 NIV

So it seems that Cain knew better but did it his own way.  God didn’t particularly like the offering gift of Cain.  And hey, if someone gives you a gift that you say you don’t like, but they give it to you anyways how did you react?  Remember that we are not only made in God’s image but also in His likeness.  This means that we have likes and dislikes, as an individual person, as God does.

In a similar way, Israel represents the line of promise.  They were given the advantage of the relationship and the Word of God. They were given advantages as Abel had the advantage of already having the livestock. All right relationship with God comes through Israel.  But the brother, representing the Gentiles had to come to his brother Abel to purchase live stock to provide an appropriate sacrifice offering to God.   The brother, Cain, didn’t like that so he made up his own way, he made up his own religious rules, he made up his own religion, he wanted to redefine God and ultimately, when carried further, make up his own god.

Do you see where this is going?  How many religions have made up their own version of God since they didn’t like what He said, since they don’t like His Person and Personality, (since they are looking out for their own selves first versus putting God first (and isn’t that even common manners?! Think about that! If you put yourself first before another human it’s considered rude isn’t it.)

The world is in big trouble.  People think everything is alright.  People think everything is a ok, with their “happy maker gods” that they made up to fancy their flesh nature.   It’s a very subtle but dangerous shift to ignore the Living God, your Maker and rejoice in the fleshy sin nature of your heart.  The heart tends to want instant gratification, non stop gratification, ever increasing gratification when they are lied to and told to push away God personally, not trust God.  Does not just about every formal, organized religion on the planet push God away personally, while trying to systematize “religion” to make it “easier”?  Does not just about every organized religion tend to draw towards itself, draw its congregants towards its self, to trust in the religion its self instead of the person of God?  Look out for this concept. Be aware of it.  For it is highly dangerous to the eternity of your soul.

The planet is in grave danger because they didn’t get to know or care for their Maker.  They didn’t pursue of the Person of God.  Since God is the Word made flesh, the whole planet has a direct chance to get to know God personally through his Word.  KNOW meaning, as you would get to know, understand, “get it”, feel comfortable with someone, bond with someone…

And once you get to know Him you’ll find out He is a great, awesome, rich, deep, good, deeply loving Person (to mention just a few of His genuinely amazing attributes).  I know from my own experience with God since 1996.

Knowing God personally is the most important thing you can do with your life.  Why?  IT’S ETERNAL LIFE IN HEAVEN!   See this:

Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.

John 17:3

The world has gone off chasing foolishness trying to balance good deeds to offset bad.  They don’t get it.  They don’t get it because they never perceived God and got to know his Word.  If you’re reading this you can definitely read a Bible.  You can go here to start   There are Bible apps for your phone and ipads  is one.

So how do you get to know God and know the Bible?  Do what i did !   Read the Bible over and over.  DO NOT try and figure out the Bible with your own mind or even research.  What you do is pray to God your questions and He, Your Teacher, will give you the answers.  This will be an awesome powerful experience and then you start the relationship with Him.  He’ll take care of you and reveal Salvation to you if you haven’t found it but just be open, stay open! Don’t be scared or distracted.  He’ll take care of you.

To be continued…  We are just scratching the surface of the Cain vs. Abel concept as you’ll see it manifest in the final end times tribulation as the epic battle revolves around 2 half brothers: one handed the information and tools needed to please God (like Abel), the other in jealous rage who made up his own way so he didn’t have to come to and through his 1/2 brother (like Cain).

Oh yes, there is a lot more to come on this topic.  And it’s all shaping up so fast!  You better get in your Bibles!  Read at least 1/2 book every single day.  Remember ask God, your Maker, for answers – ask down inside through your soul and He’ll hear you.