The Sign Was in the 2017 Super Bowl of What’s About to Happen Plus a Mini State of What’s Going On Update

This is the picture of what’s coming to me.  Watch and learn, get to know the Character and Personality of God and how He is working things.

  1. Firstly we have the prophecies given to Mark Taylor  and See all of his prophecies to date in short videos
  2. Then we have a continual stream of other prophets from Elijah List (isn’t it neat we have prophets these days!  We have real prophets! It’s so exciting).  Did you know that God calls Donald Trump a prophet?  There is a Kim Clement prophecy that I viewed recently where God mentions about Donald being a prophet and not even knowing it.
  3. You’ve seen how the election has worked out.  Even though everything was stacked against DJT, he came through big time miraculously.
  4. You’ve seen the Superbowl how the Patriots were getting beat up by the Falcons (Falcons are supposed to be an occult symbol of some sort.  I read that… but cant’ remember the source.  And I’m not going to research the symbolism).   But the Patriots, one could say, miraculously stormed back right at the end and when did they win?  In overtime!    This is track for victory ahead as the Evil Empire will soon be crushed, although it seems like, as everyone seems to be saying even in conservative media, that all hops is lost, that the Evil Empire will overcome and vanquish Donald John Trump.  Hahahaha.  Did you know that in recent prophecies, God is telling us to laugh at the enemy?  This is all intense but watch God put on a show!  God is the best Movie Maker there is!  So many intricate layers of drama, mystery, surprise and amazement.  This is awesome!  Guess Who’s going to win in overtime?… 🙂
  5. So don’t waste your time getting depressed.  Crush the doom and gloom.  YOU go look forward, start obeying Jesus and start aggressively bearing fruit for the Kingdom.  GO!  You and I want no regrets from this day forward for eternity!
  6. Start developing new mindsets and habits in winning and overcoming.  Become very good at both.

I hope you do know and understand that we’ve entered an entire new age on the earth.  Yes really.  We have entered the Kingdom Age where Kingdom will rise up against Kingdom.  What Kingdom?  It’s the Kingdom of Darkness vs. The Kingdom of Heaven.

  • Everyone will know God exists without a doubt.
  • You will start to see more and more angelic activity, physically.
  • There will be lots of spiritual warfare but the Body of Christ will rise and rule.
  • There will be a huge increase in miracles.  You will be able access supernatural powers such as the releasing of the anointing, healing, commanding the Host of Heaven (massive war angels who are actually transformers (where the movie got the idea), raise people from the dead and much more.
  • We entered into an age where the remnant of the body of Christ will rule and reign in the spirit realm.  No this is not not millennial ages (obviously).  This is the time of peace and safety that may last at least over a century according to some who have made Heaven visits.  Then there will be a victory rapture when the bride has become holy and obedient, operating in the power of God, ruling and reigning in the spirit realm.  And then you get that bump in the road of a 7 year tribulation.  Who are these remnant rulers?  It’s all of us who:
    • 1. Repent out of all sin and stop sinning, just get rid of them all, chop them off as severely as you would chop off your own hand, chop off your own foot or pop out your eyeball…
    • 2. Obey Jesus commands.  If you are not obeying Jesus then He is not your Lord.  If Jesus isn’t your Lord then you will not belong to the Kingdom of Heaven, plain and simple.
    • 3. After you’ve become a good citizen of Heaven, obeying Heavens rules (the commands of Jesus of the New Testament) then you will have a close relationship with the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.  You will return to your first love. You will hear Jesus’ voice.  You will be drawn to His frequency.  You will know in the knowing, Jesus voice. Then you will start receiving instructions and commands in real time.  Now you are in position to start bearing TONS of fruit for the Kingdom.  And now you are able to get done what your Master, the King needs for you to do and commands you to do.
  • So many people are getting to make Heaven visits – Hell visits too – you don’t want to go there but it will certainly give you a wake up call.  Better to go watch some of those Hell and Heaven visitation testimonies instead. You’ll never ever want to sin ever again! I hear now some of those visitations are of the enemy. But others aren’t.  And all the ones I’ve studied say pretty much the same thing with some subtle variations:
    • Ultimately what they all pretty much say:  if you die in unrepentant sin, even as a born again Christian, you’re doomed.   Now I don’t know how detailed that gets for many don’t even know the sins of the Bible (see the list of 666 sins we have and start knowing then uninstalling them from your mind and heart, your soul!).  But the concept is that all sine must be confessed and repented from, to be put under the Blood of Jesus.
    • So, No present and future sins are not automatically forgiven as those dreamers say (how many times does the Bible need to warn us about that stinking doctrine!)  Repent.  Repent. Repent.  (that means reprogram yourself, as if you are a computer, uninstalling all of the commands of Satan which are the beliefs from this world that this or that sin is ok or good to do, and then installing Jesus Commands of the New Testament in place (don’t just uninstall the sins, “cleaning out your house” without installing Jesus commands or the demons come right back and they bring more demons (see scripture).  Come out of your denominations and their “man made” doctrines.  Get rid of your “denominational lenses” that filter out Bible verses due to twisted man made doctrines.  Haven you seen Howard Pittman’s materials yet on how the demonic work through religious institutions?  Read your Bible plainly and do what it says. If you don’t understand something from now on ask your One and Only Teacher Who is the Lord, Himself, as He said.  Don’t make pastors, denominations, people on Youtube your lord; make Jesus your Lord only and follow Him.  You can hear with man has to say but only follow Jesus.  Now that’s worth a few billion years and more of a tip!
  • I have so much more to say but check out our Kat Kerr playlist on our Youtube channel to hear a bunch of videos on the Kingdom Age.  Gotta get this post out.  Hopefully I can grow this site, add more writers and such over time.  We’ll probably need to start monetizing this site some how to do that.  Hmmm.  Let’s see what the Lord says.  He just said “do it”! 🙂 So awesome.   Oh now He is reminding me that He actually command all of us who follow Him (follow = hear, seek, understand and obey) that everything speeds up and business now must be combined with ministry and that we need to do so.  Yes that goes for YOU too.  So it’s time to open the ears and see if we can hear any good ideas on how to do that.  That’s me.  And that’s you.   So that means make stuff and sell stuff or sell other’s stuff.  So what happens is that people can send tithes and offerings to your ministry and you give them something in return, a book, a course etc etc or joint venture with others like Sid Roth does, or create something, invent something…  (no it’s not about becoming a non profit in the wicked 501.3c that will soon be repealed)  Maybe I can write up more on that later for you if I get a brain storm, no promises, but that could be interesting.

So cheer up! We WILL win.  God ALWAYS Wins.

Go forth and bear fruit my friend!

Read what prophet Johnny has to say about the sign in the Superbowl.


Remember this day August 4th, 2017

Heaven’s Mass Invasion…

The LORD Always Wins!

In this picture you see a double rainbow as a mega sign.  Sign of what?  You’ll see.  Don’t you see?



Image from RedState Watcher from Twitter

End Times Update – What’s Going On for Next 5 Months Hank Kunneman Prophecy

  • God has a master piece in the making
  • Remember God can just speak a Word, wave His hand and the Earth can be made just like Heaven – but – where’s the fun and adventure, the artistry, the team work, the teaching of the saints, the experiential learning of the saints, the humbling of the unrepentant, the excitement, the awesomeness, the glory if He did that?  So keep perspective.  Get excited about what God is doing.  Know that God is All Good looking out for peoples eternal success (not just for success in this puny life, in the flesh).
  • You’re not supposed to be looking at the trouble, watching the lying news or following doom and gloom teachers and preachers! You are supposed to be spending your time pursuing the Voice and Presence of the Lord.
  • Remember we are in the Great Harvest time and the Kingdom Age period now.  The saints, the obedient, walking holy remnant will will the planet in the spirit realm as we learn more and more how, going forward.  (So know what the sins of the Bible are (see our list of 666 sins of the Bible.  Learn the commands of Jesus of the New Testament).  Get the sin out of your life and start obeying Jesus commands so you will start bearing fruit. And remember if you are a worker of iniquity (if you keep disobeying Jesus commands and sinning, Jesus will say He never knew you. So repent, meaning, stop following Satan and his trick denominational doctrines and fake religions, the ways of this world and start following Jesus and what He says to do)

Preview of Hank’s prophecy:  (it’s so exciting to hear the Voice of the Lord through prophets!  We are very fortunate these days to have these prophets, thanks and praise be to God.)  Here are my reflective notes on some points of the prophecy – read the prophecy to see the actual words.  Note:  I’m not trying to add to the prophecy I’m giving a reflective expression on some of the points, you could call it a commentary.

  • Stop erring and not knowing how to follow Jesus because your denominational doctrine tricked you out of plainly reading the Word of God
  • Hear Jesus voice – if you are His sheep then you’ll hear His voice.  So stop talking and stop thinking and listen.
  • God’s got an awesome plan!
  • No the enemy is not winning although you disobedient who keep watching lying news would think so. (see Mark Taylor prophecies.  And this one too.)
  • “Your Thanksgiving” and “Your Christmass”  Looks like the Lord is saying – that these holidays ain’t His!   Well at these holiday times the atmosphere will shift in a good way.
  • Don’t make the mistakes that Israel made whining, complaining, mumbling and grumbling – the Lord hears and records everything you say.
  • Looks like the Democrats will be completely exposed and finally wake up and relent.  They will start to cooperate with President Trump, or at least one prominent leader will and the party will follow.
  • Smells like a bear?  No its the stench of a donkey.
  • Some good news on the horizon for the UK in may.

Hear what the Lord told Hank – Absolutely Fascinating

Screen shot picture of Hank from the same link.

What’s Really Going on in Syria and Repent Alex Jones You Said a Foolish Thing Today Against God’s Anointed So Repent for Your Sake and Trust God

God’s Ways are WAY Above Our Ways.  What’s Going On is About the Setting Up the Kingdom Age and the End Times Harvest

Let Go of Your Natural Thinking and Trust God Because Totally New Things Are Going to take Shape but Not Necessarily for a Comfy Life Yet to Bring Souls into The Kingdom

Saw this video by Alex.  Alex has done a lot of great things so I don’t want to see him stumble and get in trouble.  Alex as I told you before, your inside sources are somewhat helpful but if you want to know what’s really going on, you’re going to have to get your info from Higher Up sources. Never call God’s anointed a name like you did today.  Get on your knees and repent and get back on track because I don’t want to see your Infowars or related media efforts get cursed, like actually cursed or punished.

Firstly Learn Mark Taylor Prophecies Cold – See Mark Taylor prophecies here

Secondly Know Mark Thompson’s Ministry which is Directly Related to Donald Trump and What’s Going on Now.

Here is his channel

For heavier understanding find and study Kat Kerr’s ministry, a woman who very well in line with scriptures and has visited Heaven thousands of times in addition to having already seen many things of the future.  You can see the play list of 135 of her videos here.

The Lord Knows What’s He’s Doing – So Don’t Cause Division!

Here is another good perspective:


Mark Taylor & the Next Steps Update for the Army of God and Understanding of What’s Going On

Trump Plan to Settle 3.5 Million Christian Refugees

Christian refugees have been ignored.   Islamic “refugees” have been and are being imported.

Islamic Trojan horse continues without much resistance.  This conquest strategy has been known for some time by many but leaders have been put in place around the world to make it happen.  These leaders work for the Beast.  This past election has certainly shed more light on this.

Please do understand Trump as the Last Trump, sounding off before the rapture is only for a period of mercy, for the great end times harvest.  See Mark Taylor prophecies as I have been following them since mid 2015.

Use Paper Ballots Demand them Don’t Use Machine – Hear Prophet

Urgent dream from the Lord – Pass It Around.  The Voting Machines are Most Definitely Corrupt, Especially in Battle Ground States (Soros owned, Smartmatic machines and who knows what else. Paper ballots according to the dream are the way to go.

Also subscribe to her channel.  Very excellent.  Listen to her.  Sense the love of the Lord in her – she is what a Christian should be in her humility, her understanding of the Bible and her relationship with the Lord.  I haven’t heard a sister in a while with a heart like this and a while.    I met many sisters, especially when I came to Lord 20 years ago like this.

Learn about spiritual warfare.  We are all called to be warriors in battle not pursuing some comfy life.   Listen to the voting process dream below!


Blood On Your Hands Says God Through Prophet if You Don’t Vote for His Man…

Who is God’s Man?

TRUMP, the Last Trump.  Wake Up.  If You Don’t Vote Trump You Are Voting for the Murderous Spirit of Jezebel –

The Main Stream Media is Lying and So Are There Polls – So Affirmed by Bible Codes!    They Are Setting Up Voter Fraud for they Have Multiple Layers of Voter Fraud – the Worst Being the Soros Switcher Voting Machines

Wake Up!  She’s a Prophet and She Sounds spot on

  • But man has been given a will
  • The church has the responsibility to act, obey, act, do – (this lazy do nothing doctrine will get you in big eternal trouble – obey Jesus commands, this is the warning.  Hear the voice of Jesus.  If you aren’t hearing Jesus voice you are in trouble for His sheep hear His voice so go ask Him now)
  • Bad lame pastors – you’re in BIG Trouble
  • Don’t judge anyone for anyone’s sin
  • You don’t know Trump.  His BIG TIME in the Kingdom of Heaven.  God really likes Him
  • Trump is an actual prophet.  He has prophetic anointing.