You call yourself Elite and yes you are Elite, elite in your skills of thievery. What are you going to do when the Nations wake up and realize what you’re doing and what you have done? Won’t the nation snap and plunder you in an instant?

Through your sorcery you have deceived the nation’s. Through your pharmakeia you have deceived the nation’s. Through your pharmakeia you have killed more people than all the world’s wars combined. Your root is responsible for all those who have been slaughtered on this earth. You’re not finished yet, you’re still trying to exterminate “90% of the world’s population” (not understanding that the Enemy of your soul, who you look up to, wants you exterminated as well, foolish people.)

“23 and the light of a lamp will not shine in you any longer; and the voice of the bridegroom and bride will not be heard in you any longer; for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations were deceived by your sorcery. 24 And in her was found the blood of prophets and of [z]saints and of all who have been slain on the earth.”” Revelation 18:23-24.

The greed of your gain was incessant and never stopped growing. You would not stop. You made yourself proud which made you easy pickings for the Enemy of your soul. You know yourself that a proud person is easily sold, is easily conned.

You have put your trust in the Enemy have your soul, did not repent and now he’s going to come for his dues. Remember, eternity is forever. You’re going one place or the other. You’re not going to escape to some other ” planet”. You have been heavily deceived. You are willing to deal with Lucifer better not willing to acknowledge God. Does that even make sense?

Demons are waiting for you… Their dreaming of the day they can lay their hands on you and slaughter you, chopping you up bit by bit piece by piece in most gruesome ways you can’t even imagine, day after day after day, over and over and over for an eternity. Hell awaits your presence, because you would not repent on to the Living God your Maker: God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit.

If you’re reading this I assume you’re still in this flesh bodies. Repent while you can. What does repenting mean? It means talking directly to God just admitting what you have done asking Him how you can get right with Him. Although He already knows, turn to Him and humble yourself before Him. He is God almighty and you are the creation. Once He sees your sincere heart He will enable you to believe on Yeshua, the Son. Out of which you can be regenerated into an ultra powerful being born of God. (you see that’s the way to get powerful, to become a lord and king the right way. Additionally you can start amassing eternal wealth of real stuff that will last through your obedience to the New Testament and all it says to do). God says He wants even the most vile sinners set free so if you feel like you’re one of those then there is Good News indeed for you.

Don’t go to hell. It’s a scam. If you think it’s okay, you’ve been lied to. I’m sure you can find some Hell visitation videos online to watch and you’ll get a massive wake-up call. Run from darkness and chase after God. He’s waiting for you with open arms. He has been waiting for you for a long time with open arms. It’s okay. He won’t hurt you he loves you. He’ll be the best real Father you may have never had.

Bottom line is just talk to God and ask Him. If you’re wanting to get right with Him then He wants to hear from you. He actually loves you, yes you. Have you heard: You at one point asked Him to send you here and you probably promised Him something of the sorts that you would proclaim His glory to the Earth and you would help people return back to God. So do what you promised. Get with it. Talk to God. You can use one of the Salvation prayers on this website. Choose life.

Now read on here and habakkuk 2: NASB version.

“For the vision is yet for the appointed time;
It [d]hastens toward the goal and it will not [e]fail.
Though it tarries, wait for it;
For it will certainly come, it will not delay.

“Behold, as for the proud one,
His soul is not right within him;
But the righteous will live by his [f]faith.
“Furthermore, wine betrays the haughty man,
So that he does not stay at home.
He enlarges his appetite like Sheol,
And he is like death, never satisfied.
He also gathers to himself all nations
And collects to himself all peoples.

“Will not all of these take up a taunt-song against him,
Even mockery and insinuations against him
And say, ‘Woe to him who increases what is not his—
For how long—
And makes himself [g]rich with loans?’
“Will not [h]your creditors rise up suddenly,
And those who [i]collect from you awaken?
Indeed, you will become plunder for them.
“Because you have looted many nations,
All the remainder of the peoples will loot you—
Because of human bloodshed and violence [j]done to the land,
To the town and all its inhabitants.

“Woe to him who gets evil gain for his house
To put his nest on high,
To be delivered from the hand of calamity!

Babylon, NWO, Babylonian Religious Systems – it’s time for you to go….

Yesha_Yahu – Isaiah 47

Your “wisdom” & “knowledge” perverted you.

  • You will be and are being exposed.
  • Mistress of kingdoms no more for you!
  • You were used as a tool for punishing God’s misbehaving people, for a time.  And that time is up.  
  • For those in Babylon come out of her or you will share in her troubles.  Repent.  Receive Christ instead.  Life is not about the maximization of self in this lower state world.  Instead, maximize  your wealth and eternal power in Christ, wealth and power that lasts forever.  Obey Jesus, your Maker.  Why would you ever obey Satan in the first place?!?  Ok so maybe your were tricked or forced into it. But you can repent did you know that?  Just as long as you are alive in this flesh body you can repent and confess Jesus as Lord.  Just turn to God. Humble yourself before Him.  Confess your sin.  Ask for help.  Believe Jesus instead of Lucifer.  Pursue life instead of death.  If you need some extra motivation maybe watch some Heaven & Hell visitation videos.  That will wake you up and get you running to God.  God wants even the most vile sinner set free. So there IS Good News for you!  Escape while you can.  Eternity is forever and there are only 2 destinations Heaven or Hell (no matter what those ‘alien’s (from the Kingdom of Darkness) tell you.
  • “I am important and no one else”  ‘ I am ELITE…’  ‘I am EDUCATED (in error and stupidity)…’
  • No  you didn’t think of the consequences or even know that there were any or even look into the possibilities, you “lover of luxuries”.
  • In a single day you will know loss of your children and will enter widowhood…  You will be utterly overwhelmed, despite your many occult practices
    and powerful spells to prevent it.
  • Your “wisdom” and “knowledge” perverted  you.  You thought no one saw you.  But the Lord saw IT ALL.  Every nanosecond of your life is recorded and on file in Heaven.  Everything you’ve ever done, spoke or even though is recorded by God.
  • You chose the wrong side thinking that your occult practices, your spells,  your magics your working with fallen angels and demons was going to thwart or save you from the power of God.  That’s not even logical.  It nuts.  Repent while you can.  The hammer is about to drop.  Don’t end up in the Lake of Fire. 
  • You’re going to wear yourself out with all fortune tellers, your monthly horoscope makers, your astrologers and stargazers, your dark spirit consultations… You are heavily deceived.   The Kingdom of Darkness is laughing all the way to the eternal soul bank with you.  They will mock you for an eternity reminding you how they so successfully deceived you because you were a lover of the flesh and a lover of this low level realm and the rotted weak financial gains of this world.  You were rich towards yourself and the Kingdom of Darkness but not to God.    Turn in your occult books and pick up the Bible.  Get to know the Bible WELL instead.  Get to know God.  Repent while there is still time.
  • So much for you wizards, witches and warlocks with whom you worked all your life… No one will be able to save you from the judgement of God.  Repent fast before it’s too late.

Isaiah 47 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

47 “Come down, and sit in the dust,
you virgin daughter of Bavel!
Sit on the ground, not on a throne,
daughter of the Kasdim!
No longer are you to be called
dainty and delicate.
Take the millstones, and grind meal;
take off your veil, strip off your skirt,
uncover your legs, wade through the streams.
Your private parts will be exposed;
yes, your shame will be seen.
I am going to take vengeance,
and no one will stand in my way.”

Our Redeemer! AdonaiTzva’ot is his name,
the Holy One of Isra’el!

“Sit there speechless, go into darkness,
you daughter of the Kasdim!
For you will no longer be called
the mistress of kingdoms.
I was angry with my people,
I desecrated my own possession
and gave them over to you.
But you showed them no mercy;
you made your yoke very heavy,
even upon the aged.
You said, ‘I will be mistress forever.’
so you didn’t consider these things
or think about the consequences.
Now hear this, you lover of luxuries,
lolling at ease and saying to yourself,
‘I am important, and no one else!
I will never be a widow
or know the loss of children.’
But both will come over you in an instant,
in a single day loss of children and widowhood;
they will utterly overwhelm you,
despite your many occult practices
and powerful spells to prevent it.”

10 You were at ease in your wickedness,
you thought, “No one sees me.”
Your “wisdom” and “knowledge” perverted you,
as you thought to yourself,
“I am important, and no one else.”
11 Yet disaster will befall you,
and you won’t know how to charm it away;
calamity will come upon you,
and you won’t be able to turn it aside;
ruin will overcome you,
suddenly, before you know it.
12 So for now, keep on with your powerful spells
and your many occult practices;
from childhood you have been working at them;
maybe they will do you some good,
maybe you will inspire terror!
13 You are worn out with all your consultations —
so let the astrologers and stargazers,
the monthly horoscope-makers,
come forward now and save you
from the things that will come upon you!
14 Look, they will be like straw!
The fire will consume them.
They will not save even themselves
from the power of the flame.
It will not be coals for warming oneself,
not a fire to sit beside!
15 So much for your [wizards],
with whom you have worked all your life!
Each will wander off in his own direction,
and nobody will save you.


Pasting within copyright terms of CJB – word count 450, under the 500 word limit.  Buy a copy. It’s great for reading.  This is the Bible I used when first starting the Volume Bible Reading plan and system.

How to Get Into Heaven Instructions

Do You Want to Get Right with God? Do You Want to Get into Heaven? Do You Want to Experience Love and Good Times While Being Around Good People Who Won’t Hurt You for the Next Many Billions of Years?  Then Take Action Now.  Do Not Delay.  Time is of the Essence.

Get Saved First then Help Others

Here is another form of a salvation prayer that is also instructional.   Use it yourself to initiate your entrance into Heaven.  If you need help just directly ask God and then listen.  He wants you very much to turn to Him and join His family (yes, even you:).   Because everyone in this world past the age of innocence (maybe 7 years old?) becomes property of the devil, Satan, Lucifer due to the fall of man, all the way back to Adam & Even.

You mission in life is to do 2 things:  1. Return home through the Way God made for you  2. Complete  your destiny that God has already pre-written for you.    Do these things, and you’ll have a mind blowing awesome eternity and lots of eternal wealth.  We’re talking people around you who are only good, who treat you well, who are kind, people who love you, wealth, party upon party, become a king & a lord and most of all, total fulfillment and happiness because you get to be with God Who will actually do cool things with you and even hang out with you personally.

Here you can use this prayer:  Say it for real.  Mean it.  Or rewrite it for your own words.  Don’t worry,  God can hear you.  He hears and sees all things at all time.  And He really wants you to do these instructions in this prayer, the prayer of which is Biblical instruction on how to get into Heaven.  In fact, He’ll stop all of Heaven at the moment you genuinely do this prayer.  That’s how powerful it is for you to finally become born again regenerated, powerful child of God. 

You were born into this Earth as a creation of God.   You need to be reborn of God (which is what happens after you genuinely say this prayer) in order to become a child of God.  For reference see John 3 and Romans 10:9-10

Here is a model prayer you can do (say this genuinely or speak in your own genuine words as express from your heart):

“This is a message to God.  God, I know you can hear me. I want to get right with you.  I want to be with you in Heaven forever.  Please help me.  

God, help me believe on  your Son Jesus.   As a statement of faith, I believe that Jesus is God the Son.  I believe that He became a man to experience life as we did. I believe also that He showed us how to be like You want us to be.   I believe that Jesus was without sin and He died a sacrificial death for all mankind so we could have the opportunity to be restored back to you and overcome the temptations given to us by Satan, the devil, and these flesh bodies in this world.

So as statement of faith:  I believe that Jesus rose from the dead.  I believe Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead for a model for us to follow so I can be raised up to you back to Heaven after I’m done here on this Earth.  I believe what the Bible says in that:  if we believe that Jesus rose from the dead and rose from the grave back to Heaven, then we will be regenerated, born again from above, given the ability to join your family as adopted sons and daughters.   So therefor, Jesus, God the Son, I believe that you came to Earth, lived a sinless life, died for my sins and then rose from the grave back to Heaven.

Because the Bible also says that:  if we believe in our hearts that Jesus rose from the grave and confess with the mouth that “Jesus is Lord” we will be saved.  I want to do this.    I certainly want to be saved!  Therefore, I confess, I admit, I acknowledge that Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord of the Universe and I invite Jesus to be my personal Lord to direct my every moment in life onto eternal success.  So I confess Jesus is Lord and that He is my Lord!  Please be my Lord, Jesus.  Thank you for doing so. 

And Jesus, thank you for caring for me that you would die for my sins so you can save me.  You are so awesome.   You are so wonderful.

Please make me more and more like you!  Please teach me all the things you want me to do so I make you happy and feel loved and appreciated.

Thank you so much Lord Jesus for redeeming me.  Thank you for buying me back from the evil one, thereby redeeming me from eternal death.  I want eternal life with you!  Please make sure you make me like you want me to be so I will be successful and be with you forever.    I give you myself.  Just tell me what to do and direct my every step.  Be patient with me and just make sure I get it so I do the right thing and please prevent me from doing the wrong thing.

Teach me to love you and fall in love with you.  You have my permission to correct me and fix me to make me great!

Thank you so much God. You’re so awesome!



If you meant this. If this was real for you, then congratulations. You are now a citizen of Heaven.  

So what do you do next?

Learn the Bible well and be taught by God directly.  Follow no man but Jesus only.   That last sentence alone will save you a lot of troubles.  No man, woman or church organization or doctrine is your teacher.  Many have made the mistake of making man, doctrine or denominational organization their teacher.  You can certainly listen to men and women express themselves about God & the Word of God as they share their experiences on what they feel God has revealed to them but they can not teach you.  They can’t say, “the Bible says this… or this is what this passage means…”  There are many many many layers of understanding to each passage as  you’ll discover by doing our Volume Bible Reading plans. You must be taught by God only and directly. Jesus says He is your One and only Teacher.



And may I suggest that you start on one of our Volume Reading Plans.   First start with Reading the New Testament 12 Times a Year. Then do the 3 Times a Year plan.  Both of these come with our Volume Bible Reading System.  By learning the Bible, getting to KNOW the Bible instead of just knowing about the Bible or instead of just knowing bits and parts of the Bible, you can position yourself for huge eternal success and prevent yourself from messing up much better.    Also by learning the Bible you will start learning God’s way for doing everything, the way of life and creation, that He wants you to do.  May I suggest  you be aggressive about learning the Bible as fast as you can and avoid going by ‘feeling’ or emotions (it’s through these feelings and emotions that most error occurs.  You probably don’t want error.)

Next. Put the things of God first.  Put the Kingdom of Heaven first and God’s righteousness.  Do so and all will go well.  So you don’t need to think that you need to do this or that or get this or that done before doing God related things first.  Remember this.  Do it.  Reprogram your mind about it.  Don’t look at others because, at least to the point of this typing, most seem to put themselves and the worries of this world first.   If you want to win and succeed then put the Kingdom of Heaven first and God’s righteousness. You’ll be super happy you did.   There is much eternal reward and eternal wealth for you to obtain.  Don’t miss out by letting the world distract you.

Now that you’ve been born into the family of God you have received an new Best Friend Forever, Who is … Holy Spirit!  He is God too.  He’s the 3rd Person of God.  Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God although He is is own Person too.  God the Father.  God the Son.  God the Holy Spirit.  He will guide you in all things and will tell you what God the Father through God the Son Says.  

Next step will be to do an immersion baptism.  Anyone who has said this prayer genuinely can do so.  They must immerse you under the water, gently of course, then bring you back up while saying “I baptize you in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit”.

Then from there you get baptized into the Holy Spirit where you either directly invite Holy Spirit into your life because He is walking beside you. You have to invite Him into you you.  Ask Him to baptize you in Himself and come into you and fill you.    Or you can have someone who has been baptized in the Holy Spirit to lay hands on you and say, I baptize you in the Holy Spirit.  Receive the Holy Spirit into you.” When you do you will likely start speaking in tongues.   There are many ministries that have expertise in this you could look up.

Feel free to re-post this article or the prayer by its self.  You can modify it. Share. Print.  Post on your site. Turn into an info graphic or video.  If you like this then most certainly share it with others.  Just by doing so could save someone whether that be now or down the road after you plant the seed of the possibility of getting into Heaven into their minds.  You never know who gets saved or how many gets saved especially in this day of viral internet.   Also there there should be a translate function on this web  page that you can use.  If not then look up a translation engine like google or bing or or hire someone to translate for you on sites like fiverr.

Prosper and be in good health!

Trusting God. Believing God.  Having Faith in God.  What Does it All Really Mean?   

This is Part 1 in this Series Journey that We All Need to Figure Out and Do So Quickly Especially Since Our Eternity Depends on It

Trust verses belief verses faith… It’s all so confusing. Haven’t you been confused by all these terms over the years.

Let’s figure this out finally. Let’s figure out what trust means especially between you and God. Let’s figure out what faith means. Let’s figure out what belief means. Since this is the main focus of the entire Bible and your eternity depends on it, shouldn’t we figure this out and you so quickly. I would say so. Let’s get this done.

Remember God says my people perish for lack of knowledge perish due to lack of prophetic vision. This means that people aren’t thinking straight and they’re thinking about just them in this realm. They’re not even thinking about what happens after you die. I thought it was common sense to thinking wonder and even worry about what happens after you die. Listen to sound smart and make sure or at least try your best to make sure that your future is going to be a good one?

Now I know how to trust someone. And I know how to distrust someone. That’s pretty easy. I’ve got that one down. I intuitively know how to do it. I don’t even need anyone to teach me how to trust someone or distress them. Although technically, I did need to be retaught a more genuine non-confused trust and I did need to be taught, or rather untaught a bunch of gobbledygook put into my brain by schools and religion about God and how I can trust Him personally, as in person to Person.

I don’t know how to Faith someone. I mean would you say to someone, “Hey bro, I faith you…”? No course not that doesn’t sound right.

And on that note I’m not totally sure on how to have faith in someone. Although I kind of get it it’s a bit vague. I think most people get a little bit confused over the word faith and they’re not quite sure what it actually is. And this confusion usually create frustration or just an overwhelms people where they get to the point that they stop thinking about or trying to figure out what this “faith” word means.

Let’s look at some definitions: Since we are speaking English here let’s go right to an original English dictionary, the Cambridge Dictionary.

“Trust” – let’s look at the definition as a verb:
“to have confidence in something, or to believe in someone:
[ T ] Trust me – I would never lie to you.
[ T ] I was tested, but I’m not sure I trust the results.
[ I ] I have finally learned to trust in my own abilities. “

I can relate to that. How about you? I know how to believe in someone even though I may even have to believe is a verb or “fake it till you make it” as in you just choose to believe in someone even though they don’t really give a lot of reasons or evidence to believe in them. (Now there’s a marriage tip for wives especially – men need that big time. If you disbelieve and distrust a man, he just turns off to you, shuts down).

Also I know I how to have different levels of trust in something or someone for different circumstances. That said I will tend to favor trusting and believing in someone since I know how strongly distrusting or disbelieving and someone can undermine them or even turn them against you.

I even understand how to impute trust to someone when they don’t even trust themselves to do something thereby empowering them at least for a moment, that is if they don’t think too much about it. For example I can pass someone a basketball imputing trust into that pass that they’re just going to make that shot from the 3-point line. And most of the time they do to surprisingly make that three points shot to their surprise as well. You see it all the time on TV and sports. Michael Jordan was very good at doing that as I remember, which is why people played so well around him that were not expected to play that well and they didn’t play so well without him on other teams.

What does it mean to trust God by this definition? In part it means to believe what He said in the Bible. It means to believe all of what He said, that it works out for good and it works out for your good if you trust Him for understanding, trusting Him for your benefit now and into to all eternity.

Who are the most talented people at trusting? I mean these people are professional at trusting. They are… kids! Especially younger ones although maybe not so much if they are in high school. I hope you remember that you have to become like a child in order to even get into Heaven….

Now that’s a strong statement indeed. And if God the Son Himself says it then you know that he’s not kidding around. Is there any joking around in the entire Bible? I don’t recall anything that is joking around. Everything is genuine and straightforward, pure and honest after my experience of reading the Bible over and over and over and over and over again… (which you should start doing immediately also – see our volume Bible reading System and Plans for free.)

To Be Continued into Part 2


Stunning Secrets to Reversing Health Problems and Restoring Health Through One Word:  R E P E N T

3 John 1:2

Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.

So I’ve been doing bunch of studying analysis of a couple of the greatest natural Healers basically since Hippocrates, outside of course the Lord Jesus, and direct Miracles of God. Why? Trying to help a familly member unfortunately has bought the sales pitch of the Kingdom of Darkness in terms of foods, medicines, just about everything he puts into his body and now is paying a dear price in the form of a nasty form of cancer. I warned it for 3 years straight and he went the opposite way or whatever rebellious reasons. When you follow the god of this world he will bring you low…

On that note there are a lot of people experiencing miraculous healings across the planet by God directly. Sid Roth himself in on his show has been experiencing at all sorts of new breakthrough huge miracle scenarios people getting healed. You can find his website and YouTube channel by looking up his name – he specializes in the Supernatural it has done so for decades.

Kat Kerr, the lady with pink hair who visits Heaven a lot ministering directly to God the Father, at one point was told that there will be no Believers that are sick or dysfunctional and that God will clear out the body parts warehouse in Heaven so all children, adopted children (remember that you have to be born again from God from above: what is born of Spirit is spirit (John 3:6). I don’t know when that will be yet that may take a while too and you may need help now. Or also maybe go visit a Healing Ministry and ask them how to receive a miracle from God.

In the meantime you can stop sinning in your food choice even what you were told was irreversible. Get this, most people reading this are going to get upset, very frustrated and they’re bad gut bacteria, and escaped Candida are going to have a fit. Yes you, we all have been have had, totally punnked by the Kingdom of Darkness and they almost took us all the way under had God not intervened in 2016. But we must change and do so quickly because health is Asters have been rapidly spreading out of control and you don’t want to get caught with a problem especially at this time and especially since most of healthcare is Satanic at its roots what is backbone pharmakeia, the sorcery that deceives the nation’s.

And once you understand how healing through repenting towards obeying God’ Word and also turning towards His Foods comes you can more completely start to see what’s going on and how there is in a literal war for your health. Remember, the bad guys, the Kingdom of Darkness and their slaves are trying exterminate set 90% of the population (and little do the 10% know that they’ll be toasted right after the 90% – the Kingdom of Darkness wants all humans dead, that should have been obvious. The 1st and 2nd Books of Adam & Eve certainly gave an interesting perspective on this although I only heard them on audio once each, finding them quite interesting although I do not know much else about them except they were said to be hidden Biblical books etc.) But God said, time out, the tribulation is way later. This is now the time for the Kingdom of Heaven to rise against the Kingdom of Darkness within this drama of the ages.

Speaking of which make sure you pass the test and do what the New Testament says so you can take part of the millennial reign and then rule and reign with Christ as a priest, lord and king on the New Earth. Super cool times ahead. Just make it through this round with flying colors, bear much fruit and build the Kingdom of Heaven! Don’t waste your time trying to maximize yourself in this realm and in this puny time frame of life in these corrosive flesh bodies – that’s a big mistake and the worst examples of this right now in time are the ‘elite’, Hollywood actors and actresses for the most part and much are most of the pop music industry. And you’re probably seeing that now. Hopefully does people can repent fast and be saved.

Corrosive flash bodies, we still need to maximize our health so we can be functional in this realm so we can pass this realm with flying colors, bearing much fruit for God and the Kingdom of Heaven.

You, anyone will become sick or have health problems if you drift away from eating originally designed Foods. Hybrid foods even have side effects and will corrupt your health if too much is eating and eating on a regular basis as shocking as that sounds (like garlic, spinach, beans and even carrots). And there are food out there dinner said to be natural but are not; they are indeed hybrids or they are genetically modified like wheat (modern wheat is fake and is a genetically modified monster hidden root cause of many diseases that has taken over 99% of the world’s wheat that only works with… Monsanto pesticides and fertilizer, you know like Roundup that causes cancer. Oh and it’s actually even worse because these fertilizers and pesticides knock out one of the most important anti-cancer ingredients we could eat which is called salvestrol which is the antifungal agent in plants and a major anti-cancer component we are supposed to be eating. It is said that you can get salvestrol from organic foods. Most people are not eating organic nor salvestrol. And look around at the absolutely skyrocketing cancer rates out there which as to this point is out a control.)

Through pharmakeia the nations are deceived. See Hopefully were at the point that Babylon will be taken out as mentioned in Revelation. Gee “pharmakeia” sounds a lot like another word we hear a lot of about… Plug one hole while blowing up in 10 more.

Ruin the farming practices, remove the minerals from the soil, introduce chemical pesticides and fertilizers that cause cancer and who knows what else and that also knock out the salvestrol, the main anti-cancer in foods, tell everyone that GMO is okay, tell everyone that herbs are bad and dangerous because they may… give you a stomach ache did you take too many, oh dear, tell everyone it’s okay to put chemicals all over your body and breathe them in and bathe in them, tell everyone that it’s ok to put in all sorts of hideous chemicals, heavy metals and other hideous factors into your water… And this list of hideous tricks and deception can go on and on and on. Put evil into the body and evil will manifest out through the body. Put evil into the soul and evil (aka “bad fruit”) will manifest out in your behavior and state of being.

Have you seen the many reports that compare our foods nutritional content to decades ago? Have you heard that it takes 26 apples of today to equal one apple of 1950 nutritionally speaking?

So we have people who eat not only vacuous foods with very low minerals, very low vitamins, low salvestrol, that is genetically modified while being filled up with chemical pesticides and fertilizers after being sprayed in the skies with heavy metals and various other toxins, with gut biomes have been altered so much that people crave toxic and nutrient vacuous Foods. And people wonder why it’s a big mystery as to why so many are so sick and have so many diseases such as cancer and every other disease name they can come up with?

Well it’s time to rip off the Band-Aid, as they say, and repent. If you want to live and thrive, be prosperous and be in good health you need to repent meaning agree with God from His Word, the Bible in order to have your soul prosper and eat His originally designed foods.

And again, no, modern dwarf grain wheat out of the ‘Green Revolution’ of the 1950’s and 60’s is NOT Biblical wheat! And it’s not just the gluten, it’s this hideous GMO wheat.

Want to lose weight quickly? Eat a Genesis diet. Better yet, eat only fruit, as much as you want, all organic of course for a few weeks. You’ll watch fat and puffiness melt off your body faster than you thought possible especially as you open up your clogged sewage system of your body call the lymphatic system which is totally ignored by pop health, actually they want to cut it out which is arguably one of the dumbest things ever. Fruit 16 eating fruit only (organic fruit) cleanses out the lymph system and the kidney system and everything else in your body for that matter so your body can now start eliminating cellular waste. Do you notice how people are so puffy these days? They are swollen puffy. It’s not old school fat from decades ago this looks like some sort of toxic waste poisoning and it literally is toxic waste poisoning meaning that it’s “pee and poop” of the cells of your body that is backed up in a big sewage pool because your lymphatic system is clogged. And guess what happens when that mass of cellular wastes it’s there too long? Yes the tumor forms as a protective measure the wall off that cellular waste. It’s pretty wild isn’t it. Be healed and be lean!

Herbs are for the healing of the Nations. Originally designed foods also heal. Hybrid Foods, although they may have certain beneficial properties like garlic, spinach or beans they also come with side effects that can cause damage to the body such as starch or excessive oxalates. According to one of the top natural healers of all time, hybrid foods have starch and starch cuts off the electric flow in the body. Non hybrid, God made foods are electric and allow the flow of electricity in the body. This was taught popular natural healer who credited God in his natural healing approaches and a cured every disease you can think of and proved so in NY Supreme court, even helping blind see, paraplegics walk, and fixing cancer was “cake” to him reversed various ” is it possible to cure” disease on a consistent basis. Yes that would be Sebi, his nickname, Alfredo Bowman his name. Controversial he has been in the Satanically controlled main stream media and main stream health because he became a very large threat to the Kingdom of Darkness. God heals. Remember that. God heals miraculously or through returning to His original design. Sorcery is trickery to deceive and bring you to destruction into the pit and then the Lake of Fire.

Stop sinning in your eating. Start returning to health. Appreciate God’s Foods, His original designs in organic form. Stop putting things of the Kingdom of Darkness into your soul and your physical body and start putting things of God into your soul and your physical body so you can start prospering and being in good health.

You Are Sick Because…

  1. You have allowed evil to come in with your soul and physical body
  2. You have been programmed by the Kingdom of Darkness and believe in a large list of sins because you have not known, for example, the list of 666 Sins of the Bible and you  have not known the Commands of Jesus of the New Testament nor have you know what Jesus is Lord is or what a lord actually is (besides some fellow in England or lord Vader…).  For the 666 sins list and the commands see the side bar to access the lists we assembled for you.
  3. Your soul is defiled with sin beliefs and other various things, hurts, soul ties by having sex outside of marriage, beliefs that this or that sin is ok or good to do.  See Kat Kerr on how to cleanse your soul.
  4. You are Not eating God originally designed foods only but “man made” or rather Kingdom of Darkness corrupted foods, corrupted by men working for the Kingdom of Darkness which we are finding out about these days and how they tried to exterminate us all.
  5. You are using enemy technology that was designed to harm you and destroy you (i.e. wifi, social media, cell phones…)
  6. You are eating hybrid foods
  7. You are eating foods that are corrupted
  8. You are eating foods that are tainted
  9. You are eating foods that have had parts or large amounts of nutrient healing factors negated or stripped
  10. You are accepting Satanic sorcery called Pharmakia into yourself
  11. You are eating GMO
  12. You are not eating only organic
  13. You are allowing poisons and toxins into from every angle and your body can’t keep up with cleansing them out
  14. Your body can’t even function properly because you’re not getting the body enough natural state minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients that come from organic non hybrid foods.
  15. You’re not using herbs prudently to help cleanse out the body and boost your health

This Is a Great Testimony of a Guy Stuck Under the Moon god Worshiping System Who Really Liked God and Wanted to Get Right with Him and Close to Him Personally Who Reminded Me of  My Own Journey Out from Under the Sun god System

This is a Must Watch Testimony of How this Genuine Fellow Seeks God and Finds Him

We all KNOW Who God is.  But a lot of us (and most of the world) did not nor do not realize how hard it would actually be to find Him and get to Him and get right with Him.  And what many of us have discovered (as mentioned in the Bible over and over) is that  God really wants us to seek Him HARD.  God is looking for TRUE LOVE.  He doesn’t want fakers who will ‘stab Him in the back’, betray Him and only pretend to love Him.  

But wait… maybe you can understand what God is looking for even more. Here’s how:

Don’t you want the same thing??  Think about it.  Of course you do.  You can understand God more by understanding yourself more because YOU are made not only in the Image of God but also the LIKENESS of God.   You are LIKE God in terms of your nature, your heart,  your (non sinful) desires, how you want to be treated, liked, loved, honored, respected, wanted, thought of as the “bees knees” (totally the best most awsomest wonderfulest ever, if you forgot you are like this maybe think back to grade school or high school before ‘the system chewed you up and spit you out’ maybe.

Did you know that God is actually looking for friends?  I saw a prophecy not too long ago on Elijah list where God told a prophet that He is looking for friends, friends as in YOU!  Isn’t that cool!

God is looking for cool friends who will be trusting friends, open, conversational, trusting with Him.  Come on, you know how to have a friend.  If it’s been a while then maybe remember back to childhood.  God wants friends.  He made us like Him so we can be companions to Him in a relatable way.  Doesn’t that make sense? 

What do you think faith means?  Don’t you have faith in your friends to do well?  Don’t you want the best for your friends?  Don’t you believe in your friends and thing well of them?  Yes.  Think about it.  Don’t you trust your friends?  Yes of course.  Distrusting someone is a deep insult.  Has any confused person ever said they didn’t trust you?  How did that make you feel?  How does it make you feel when others act like they don’t trust you? It feels pretty bad doesn’t it. 

God wants you, yes even you, you, to be His friend?!?  That is mindblowing amazing!  So let’s just say. Ok. Cool.  Deal.  I’ll be your friend God. Accept it!    And on that note, accept God. Accept what He did for you on the Cross. Accept the gift of salvation.  It’s free.  Just keep receiving from God because that’s what He wants you to do.  Ok.  Cool.  That’s easy. Yes it is.  You can get started with maybe this salvation prayer to start your journey with God if you have not yet.

Start talking to God.  Just trust Him personally enough to listen.  You KNOW Who He is on your inner sense of knowing.  (maybe no much in the cerebral mind or the emotional mind but in your sense of knowing,  your gut, whatever you want to call it.

Ok enough of my typing.  Listen to this testimony!  It’s so good.


Muslim Man Encountered with Jesus and Saw Jesus in the Throne of Heaven by Kamran



What Does This Mean?

Jude (CJB) For certain individuals, the ones written about long ago as being meant for this condemnation, have wormed their way in — ungodly people who pervert God’s grace into a license for debauchery and disown our only Master and Lord, Yeshua the Messiah.

Since you already know all this, my purpose is only to remind you that Adonai, who once delivered the people from Egypt, later destroyed those who did not trust. And the angels that did not keep within their original authority, but abandoned their proper sphere, he has kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for the Judgment of the Great Day. And S’dom, ‘Amora and the surrounding cities, following a pattern like theirs, committing sexual sins and perversions, lie exposed as a warning of the everlasting fire awaiting those who must undergo punishment.”

“Surely this can’t me me, could it?”

Look.  No one likes to be yelled at, scolded, judged or be though of anything less than super awesome, wonderful and stellar.  But, brother, sister, eternity is a long time.  God says what He means and means what He says.  And what God says may not or often does not jive with the world.   

I want you to think to do a complete soul makeover, and FAST.

Have you ever watched any of those Hell & Heaven visitation videos?  Yes some may be from the Kingdom of Darkness but others are from God.   Point is, it’s time to get really, really serious about our exact status between us, you, and the Lord, right NOW.  You don’t know when you are going to go and you don’t want to be one of these guys in trouble that Jude is talking about.  You can repent.  As long as you are in the flesh you can repent.   And if you’re in doubt and not totally sure in your conscious that you are right with Jesus, then you probably ARE NOT.   And if you are not totally sure if you are obeying Jesus and not sinning, then you PROBABLY ARE SINNING AND PROBABLY ARE DISOBEYING JESUS.  Nothing against you personally, but that’s how it is for all of us in the flesh.  So when unsure = you’re probably in trouble.  So get with God and work things out FAST.  

We are likely at this point in Jude since the Judgment of the Church has begun!  The NWO is about to be judged and experience their Haman experience (ESTHER 7-9).  Full scale judgement of the Church is next.  See prophecies given to Mark Taylor.

God will be even ending the lives of pastors and leaders who do not repent.  You don’t want to find yourself in an eternal surprise!   Throw out your doctrines.  Obey the New Testament instead.  There is no once saved always saved and sin, disobeying Jesus as Lord.  You are saved after this life.  You can be born again which gives you the ability to be saved; which gives you the ability to choose Jesus as Lord.  “Obey and it will all be OK” – God the Father – to a prophet.

We are on this world not to maximize ourselves in it.  We’re not supposed to be totally happy here or totally honored or totally wealthy here.  This is a temporary scrub world, a degenerate world so God can find, refine a peculiar people for Himself, those who love Him even despite hardships, challenges and persecutions, when those come.   God wants people who want the best which is Him and Heaven.

Sexual stuff can be very powerful. Sexual stuff has become a huge problem these days due to the breakup of family and marriage in addition to brain fried women (especially seemingly) and men who have no clue about how to have a great marriage and the potential for the awesome experiences that can be had in marriage.  But in short, no or bad marriages have left people dry, desperate and even more vulnerable to be tempted into sexual sin. 

On top of that others may talk about sorcery, witchcraft of influence.  But more so, we’ve been bombarded by sin programming into our souls for a long time from every angle in society.  This sin programming has polluted our souls with many, many weed seeds, and bad tree seeds that have sprouted and manifested sin. These seeds are beliefs.  We’ve believed that this and that, which is a sin, is ok or good to do.  That means we have believed in Sin and Satan.  That ends up counting us as following Satan as lord instead of Jesus as Lord.  If Satan is one’s lord and master then he owns you and gets to keep you. Not good.  If Jesus is your Lord, because you obey Him and you have been born into the family of God. then Jesus will keep you, not deny you saying “He never knew you”.

Plus seminaries and denominations have been taken over by the Kingdom of Darkness through a. the 501.c.3 what God calls a demonic contract that will get you into big trouble if you are still in it  b. the Kingdom of Darkness knows the game – if they can hide from you what “Jesus is Lord” means, thereby hiding the commands of Jesus of the New Testament, they’ve got you!   And they’ll get to keep you if you, we, anyone doesn’t repent and starts OBEYING Jesus.  So doctrines became yeast infected with Herod and Pharisee.

You better review the prophecies given to Mark Taylor MANY times over and have them down pat.  Because the threat from these prophecies and right here in Jude (more on Jude to be continued) is very real.

The need for an organized approach on learning Jesus commands of the New Testament is more needed than ever because why? Because we have been bombarded by the commands of Satan and Sin for the past 70 years from every angle.    And we have not been taught or have been taught Jesus commands very little.   Most people don’t even have any clue what a lord is much less what Jesus is Lord means.  See Luke 6:46.  Also you can use our commands we identified from the New Testament verse by verse, listing every verse we found to be a direct command or implied command.   Feel free to use these PDF or html pages however you want without worry.  Just learn them and teach them as you are supposed to according to Matthew 28: 19-20


Kat Kerr Releases a CD on the Secrets of What Happens in the Spirit Realm Between God the Father, God the Son and God Holy Spirit and You in the Spirit Realm when You Believe in Your Heart that Jesus Died for Your Sins & Was Raised from the Dead and Confess Jesus as Your LORD

Get the CD.  Learn it.  Take Notes.  Buy Some for Family & Friends.  Start Telling the World!

The CD called Born Again – Audio CD for Only $6 Probably Cover Their Costs for Those of You Worried About Someone Making a Profit – On that Note – Did You know that You Have Been Commanded to Combine Business and Ministry Now that We Are in this End Times Harvest?


Yes.  A prophecy from Elijah List and Kat mentioned, and I think others have also mentioned:  God wants us starting business and reaching the lost through the marketplace! Isn’t that cool?!!

Aha! Here are some ideas:

Make your own CD’s and DvDs!  Try Kunaki  and try Trepstar  – They will print and ship your CD’s and DVD’s automatically! You can sell them everywhere: amazon, ebay, direct etc.

Make your own Kingdom of Heaven related mugs, T shirts, posters, clothes, pillows, hats etc etc – Start with Printful – they are pretty good and they connect to Amazon, Woocommerce, eBay, Etsy etc etc

Start your own Youtube channel.  You can monetize it and sell stuff over it.   Start your own podcast.   Just go go go!  Hurry up!  Souls are desperate out there and they are looking for answers badly!  Give them hope!  Give them joy!  Teach them how to follow and obey Jesus as Lord teaching them all His commands whatsoever (as that is YOUR job too!).  We’ve helped you out – see our list of Jesus Commands of the New Testament from the right side menu.

Remember that YOU are the Angel of Midheaven and it’s YOUR job to tell every soul on the planet that Jesus is their Lord, their Creator and their Savior!  Break the yoke and the deceit of the enemy!  Expose all of these fake doctrines, religions, space aliens etc etc etc…..

Get the CD Here!  Take Notes!

Heaven & Hell Testimonies – There are Many – There Will Be Many More In Increasing Numbers According to Prophets:  It’s Better to Deal with Them and Make Sure 100% That Your Heart is Right with Jesus in Complete 100% Genuine Honesty…

You do not know when you are going to go.  We should not mess around for a second any more, not one more second of delay of getting your heart right with Jesus.  This includes you, if you are already born again too.  Let’s make the Lord excited to see us!

Salvation is first a heart matter.  Your full belief in the heart gets you justified, born again.  Get this CD from Kat Kerr who explains the AMAZING things that happen when you are born again and give it to all the people you know.  It’s only $6 which essentially means that you are pretty much just covering their costs.

Salvation comes from confessing and obeying Jesus as Lord.  This comes from obeying Jesus from the New Testament and from the heart in real time, by walking after the Spirit not your flesh or soul. This means we submit to Jesus as Lord and Master in our heart.  

He is God the Son of course we should obey Him.  The struggle comes from the tricks of the Dark Side trying to trick us, on an ongoing basis to not obey Him.  Once you learn the commands of Jesus of the New Testament (see all the commands that we put together for you on the right side menu!) you’ll see that the Enemy’s main target is to get you to break Jesus commands.

After you’ve become born again you get the opportunity to obey Jesus as Lord.  Your obedience up until the end gets you saved as mentioned repeatedly through the New Testament (that pop denominations love to ignore).  On that note also get on our Volume Bible Reading plans from the right menu

State of the Earth:

Where Are We Now?

Here We Are: ESTHER 7-9 We’re going to read Esther 7-9 at the end. KJV

What Does That Mean?

Who/What’s the Modern Day Haman?

Who has What has Been Trying to Exterminate God’s People?  (But also 90% of the population)

See to find the prophetic details.  Also go and restudy Mark Taylor prophecies from our videos & our website.

And as A Reminder – This is God’s Show. The Forces Involved Are Players in the Drama of the Age: Either Military/Gov. Forces or Even the Karma Talking “Aliens” (you better test those spirits! See 1 John 4)…  But Your Mission: Return to GOD, ASAP! Stop fooling around. Dive in and Get Right with God.  Do it now! And you already KNOW Who God is, the REAL God your MAKER.  Stop fooling around with fallen angels!

Know the New Testament and Do What the New Testament Says – Follow the Instructions!

The Afterlife is a Serious & SEVERE Matter. Don’t play around with it.  Make sure you are doing everything you can to get into Heaven and enter well.  You can see instructions on our site

Don’t Get Chumped into the Eternal Pit. It is HIDEOUS beyond your wildest imagination or scary movies.  Go watch some Heaven & Hell visitation videos and you’ll realize really quickly on your insides that Heaven & Hell are real, very real!

If Someone or Thing tells you that there’s nothing to worry about after you die, that everyone is going to Heaven or that you’ll simply move to another planet in the 4th or 5th dimension… run!  Again, test those spirits! See 1 John 4 for the formula.  RUN to the Bible and read it over 20 times. Don’t mess with eternity. Get to know the Bible and compare vs. what you hear on Youtube or wherever. You know what is right and what makes sense.  Just keep in mind that whatever you enter into, enters into your soul & will start working on you.

Everything is to Be Exposed. The Church is Next after the Kingdom of Darkness’ World Beast System is Judged.  Make Sure You and Your Church Repents of it’s Sin & Obeys the Entire New Testament

Throw Out Your Fake Doctrines.   Throw Out Your Babylonian & Yeast Infected Doctrines.  Now Follow the Doctrine of Christ – the Commands of Jesus of the New Testament.

Church leaders, Get Your Church Out of the 501.c.3. If you haven’t yet you’re in BIG trouble. See Mark Taylor prophecy “Purging the Temple”.  Message to you:  “The Spirit of God says, “The 501c3, the 501c3, those that are eating of it are not eating from my tree! For when I told Adam and Eve do not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil for you shall surely see, so it is with those that eat from the 501c3. For this demonic document that you have signed has now made you spiritually deaf, mute, and blind. Woe to those who continue to use this demonic system for you will be exposed and purged from this evil cistern.”


The Spirit of God says, “Can you not see that you are taking a bribe? They will say it’s all about the money, and for that you shall be kicked from my tribe! Taking a bite from that apple has taken you from a spiritual body to a brick and mortar, and has placed you under the New World Order. For how can you be a part of my spiritual body when you have cut off my head? For those that don’t turn will surely fall as dead. Tear up the contract, repent, divorce Baal, and re-marry me, and l will remove the spiritual blindness so you can once again see. Come out of this! Come out of this before it’s too late, for my judgments are on those systems that I hate. Come out now for I will no longer tolerate!”


  You have ended up betraying the Kingdom of Heaven & siding with the Kingdom of Darkness because of that demonic contract. Also many if not most of you have followed doctrines of man (that arguably came from the Kingdom of Darkness) and refused to plainly believe God from His Word. You allowed your churches to be captured which made way for the Kingdom of Darkness to win over just about the whole world until God stepped in ~ 2015 – 2016. Repent Fast! Obey Jesus not your imagination.  Please God not man as you have been commanded to do. Read Jude. That said, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just change. Confess. Change your mind and heart’s mind about it. Fix it and you’ll be forgiven. Now start bearing fruit for the Kingdom according to the New Testament. We are in the Kingdom Age and the Great Harvest has started. Get out there! The world needs you! Be their eternal superhero!

Make sure you know all of Mark Taylor Prophecies Well. And if in doubt or if something is not clear assume you are doing something wrong.  Talk to God.  Get this right.  Judgement on the Church is said to be severe.  Don’t Mess Around!

Those STILL pushing doom and gloom either from the pulpit or from your from your ministry site or your conservative news site at this point may be in BIG trouble.  You were warned to stop with the ‘doom and gloom’, ‘everything is crashing’, ‘the Kingdom of Darkness is rising’, ‘everything is bad’, ‘everything is falling apart’ and on and on… usually to hock your wares of gold coins or survival food.  Haven’t you studied the Prophecies given to Mark Taylor & Kat Kerr?    Haven’t you heard that your doom and gloom will become YOUR DOOM?  Don’t you realize that God has said you now have blood on your hands due to all of the suicides you actually influenced? (See Satan’s Frequency Prophecy – Mark Taylor). The warning to stop with the doom and gloom is old.   But we keep hearing this doom and gloom news from those who say they are Christian or conservative.  Repent fast.  You NEVER want God associating you and the word DOOM together!   Speak and preach life, hope and strategic solutions instead!  Speak God’s Word.  Let people know of the new and accurate prophecies.  

Esther 7 King James Version (KJV)

7 So the king and Haman came to banquet with Esther the queen. 2 And the king said again unto Esther on the second day at the banquet of wine, What is thy petition, queen Esther? and it shall be granted thee: and what is thy request? and it shall be performed, even to the half of the kingdom. 3 Then Esther the queen answered and said, If I have found favour in thy sight, O king, and if it please the king, let my life be given me at my petition, and my people at my request: 4 For we are sold, I and my people, to be destroyed, to be slain, and to perish. But if we had been sold for bondmen and bondwomen, I had held my tongue, although the enemy could not countervail the king’s damage. 5 Then the king Ahasuerus answered and said unto Esther the queen, Who is he, and where is he, that durst presume in his heart to do so? 6 And Esther said, The adversary and enemy is this wicked Haman. Then Haman was afraid before the king and the queen. 7 And the king arising from the banquet of wine in his wrath went into the palace garden: and Haman stood up to make request for his life to Esther the queen; for he saw that there was evil determined against him by the king. 8 Then the king returned out of the palace garden into the place of the banquet of wine; and Haman was fallen upon the bed whereon Esther was. Then said the king, Will he force the queen also before me in the house? As the word went out of king’s mouth, they covered Haman’s face. 9 And Harbonah, one of the chamberlains, said before the king, Behold also, the gallows fifty cubits high, which Haman had made for Mordecai, who spoken good for the king, standeth in the house of Haman. Then the king said, Hang him thereon. 10 So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Then was the king’s wrath pacified.

Esther 8 King James Version (KJV) 8 On that day did the king Ahasuerus give the house of Haman the Jews’ enemy unto Esther the queen. And Mordecai came before the king; for Esther had told what he was unto her. 2 And the king took off his ring, which he had taken from Haman, and gave it unto Mordecai. And Esther set Mordecai over the house of Haman. 3 And Esther spake yet again before the king, and fell down at his feet, and besought him with tears to put away the mischief of Haman the Agagite, and his device that he had devised against the Jews. 4 Then the king held out the golden sceptre toward Esther. So Esther arose, and stood before the king, 5 And said, If it please the king, and if I have favour in his sight, and the thing seem right before the king, and I be pleasing in his eyes, let it be written to reverse the letters devised by Haman the son of Hammedatha the Agagite, which he wrote to destroy the Jews which are in all the king’s provinces: 6 For how can I endure to see the evil that shall come unto my people? or how can I endure to see the destruction of my kindred? 7 Then the king Ahasuerus said unto Esther the queen and to Mordecai the Jew, Behold, I have given Esther the house of Haman, and him they have hanged upon the gallows, because he laid his hand upon the Jews. 8 Write ye also for the Jews, as it liketh you, in the king’s name, and seal it with the king’s ring: for the writing which is written in the king’s name, and sealed with the king’s ring, may no man reverse.

9 Then were the king’s scribes called at that time in the third month, that is, the month Sivan, on the three and twentieth day thereof; and it was written according to all that Mordecai commanded unto the Jews, and to the lieutenants, and the deputies and rulers of the provinces which are from India unto Ethiopia, an hundred twenty and seven provinces, unto every province according to the writing thereof, and unto every people after their language, and to the Jews according to their writing, and according to their language. 10 And he wrote in the king Ahasuerus’ name, and sealed it with the king’s ring, and sent letters by posts on horseback, and riders on mules, camels, and young dromedaries: 11 Wherein the king granted the Jews which were in every city to gather themselves together, and to stand for their life, to destroy, to slay and to cause to perish, all the power of the people and province that would assault them, both little ones and women, and to take the spoil of them for a prey, 12 Upon one day in all the provinces of king Ahasuerus, namely, upon the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, which is the month Adar. 13 The copy of the writing for a commandment to be given in every province was published unto all people, and that the Jews should be ready against that day to avenge themselves on their enemies. 14 So the posts that rode upon mules and camels went out, being hastened and pressed on by the king’s commandment. And the decree was given at Shushan the palace. 15 And Mordecai went out from the presence of the king in royal apparel of blue and white, and with a great crown of gold, and with a garment of fine linen and purple: and the city of Shushan rejoiced and was glad. 16 The Jews had light, and gladness, and joy, and honour. 17 And in every province, and in every city, whithersoever the king’s commandment and his decree came, the Jews had joy and gladness, a feast and a good day. And many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews fell upon them.

. Esther 9 King James Version (KJV) 9 Now in the twelfth month, that is, the month Adar, on the thirteenth day of the same, when the king’s commandment and his decree drew near to be put in execution, in the day that the enemies of the Jews hoped to have power over them, (though it was turned to the contrary, that the Jews had rule over them that hated them;) 2 The Jews gathered themselves together in their cities throughout all the provinces of the king Ahasuerus, to lay hand on such as sought their hurt: and no man could withstand them; for the fear of them fell upon all people. 3 And all the rulers of the provinces, and the lieutenants, and the deputies, and officers of the king, helped the Jews; because the fear of Mordecai fell upon them. 4 For Mordecai was great in the king’s house, and his fame went out throughout all the provinces: for this man Mordecai waxed greater and greater. 5 Thus the Jews smote all their enemies with the stroke of the sword, and slaughter, and destruction, and did what they would unto those that hated them. 6 And in Shushan the palace the Jews slew and destroyed five hundred men. 7 And Parshandatha, and Dalphon, and Aspatha, 8 And Poratha, and Adalia, and Aridatha, 9 And Parmashta, and Arisai, and Aridai, and Vajezatha, 10 The ten sons of Haman the son of Hammedatha, the enemy of the Jews, slew they; but on the spoil laid they not their hand. 11 On that day the number of those that were slain in Shushan the palace was brought before the king. 12 And the king said unto Esther the queen, The Jews have slain and destroyed five hundred men in Shushan the palace, and the ten sons of Haman; what have they done in the rest of the king’s provinces? now what is thy petition? and it shall be granted thee: or what is thy request further? and it shall be done.

22 As the days wherein the Jews rested from their enemies, and the month which was turned unto them from sorrow to joy, and from mourning into a good day: that they should make them days of feasting and joy, and of sending portions one to another, and gifts to the poor. 23 And the Jews undertook to do as they had begun, and as Mordecai had written unto them; 24 Because Haman the son of Hammedatha, the Agagite, the enemy of all the Jews, had devised against the Jews to destroy them, and had cast Pur, that is, the lot, to consume them, and to destroy them; 25 But when Esther came before the king, he commanded by letters that his wicked device, which he devised against the Jews, should return upon his own head, and that he and his sons should be hanged on the gallows. 26 Wherefore they called these days Purim after the name of Pur. Therefore for all the words of this letter, and of that which they had seen concerning this matter, and which had come unto them, 27 The Jews ordained, and took upon them, and upon their seed, and upon all such as joined themselves unto them, so as it should not fail, that they would keep these two days according to their writing, and according to their appointed time every year; 28 And that these days should be remembered and kept throughout every generation, every family, every province, and every city; and that these days of Purim should not fail from among the Jews, nor the memorial of them perish from their seed.

29 Then Esther the queen, the daughter of Abihail, and Mordecai the Jew, wrote with all authority, to confirm this second letter of Purim. 30 And he sent the letters unto all the Jews, to the hundred twenty and seven provinces of the kingdom of Ahasuerus, with words of peace and truth, 31 To confirm these days of Purim in their times appointed, according as Mordecai the Jew and Esther the queen had enjoined them, and as they had decreed for themselves and for their seed, the matters of the fastings and their cry. 32 And the decree of Esther confirmed these matters of Purim; and it was written in the book.

Startling Footage by ABC News (wow) with Terrified Interviewer that is Starting to Realize that the Spirit Realm is Very Real

Yes the Dark Side Magics and All of their Voodoo Stuff Is Very Real Yet as Kat Kerr Mentioned, the Born of God Born Again in Christ Believer Has More Power in One Pinky Finger than the ENTIRE Kingdom of Darkness.  Fear God Not the Darkness.  If You Want POWER Make Jesus Your Lord not Satan.

Yes.  Maximizing yourself in the flesh in this realm for yourself, in this puny, puny lifespan without maximizing yourself for eternity is really, really shortsighted, not to mention, eternally disastrous.  

If you want to join the Light (not the ‘alien’s’ ‘light’ nor the fallen angel world religions ‘light’ but GOD Almighty your Maker, the One you KNOW in your sense of knowing, is God, the one you knew before you came here, the One you ASKED to come here likely promising to show this realm God’s wonderfulness, lovingness, awesomeness and glory…), then ASK!  Ask God if you can become one of His children born of God (not just creation but children – there’s a difference, a big one).  Ask how you can get right with God.  Ask God how you can get on track with the destiny He already pre-wrote for you to conquer and fulfill.   Here are Biblical instructions but understand that you getting right with God is between you and Him and no one can do it for you, no religion, no minister, no one but you.  Afterall God’s looking for people He would want around Him for eternity.  So change the way you think (repent) and get SAVED, like Dave.

From darkness to light.  Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine explains his experience with the dark side to ABC News and his new power in the Light of God.    See the video below

How to go to Heaven – Simplified Version

The Answer: Learn the New Testament. Do everything in the New Testament says.  All of the instructions are there.  Don’t cut parts out as those looking for some other ‘easy way’ which is not an easy way.  Be taught by God only.  Follow Jesus, He is your One and Only Teacher. Only God can tell you how to get into His house and live with Him for ever. Follow the instructions that God gives and don’t make up your own stuff and don’t follow others who make up their own stuff.

The Objective:  Draw closer and closer and closer and closer to God…….  Marry God.  Become a child of God reborn from above into the family of God. Become an obedient child of God. Become a priest of God. Become a lord then a king of God under the authority of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  Know God.  Trust God personally as in person to Person. Walk with God.  Be led by the Spirit of God moment by moment.  Bear fruit for God (love experiences).  Build the Kingdom of God.

Action steps:

1. Get our Volume Bible reading plan. Start with the New Testament – Read the New Testament 12 Times a Year Plan.  Know the Word.  Be taught by God directly.

2.Ask God if you can become one of His Children and be in Heaven with Him. Has God to show your the Way to get into Heaven

3. When He shows you the Way, you understand that believing in and obeying Jesus is the way.

4. Believe On Jesus: This means you believe in Him personally, you believe what He says, you believe that you need to do what He says to do and you do what He says to do. Jesus will instruct you and your relationship with Him, God the Father and God Holy Spirit, you believe that God is Good and you trust Him, you trust the way He does things, you understand that everything is very complex as God makes a masterpiece big picture and that you can’t understand to that level so therefore you just trust your Father God, Jesus the Son & Holy Spirit that God knows what He’s doing and He’s Good.

By believing that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the dead you will become born again from above. So at that moment you believe for real a very powerful transformation will happen in you that will actually stop all of Heaven. You will have a new man born and you, born of God. This is your new spirit man. (spirit man = man or woman). But this is a full belief believing in your heart on Jesus that He died for your sins and rose from the grave back into Heaven. It is simple. Believe like a child can believe. Open up your heart.

Now after you’ve received this new man you can advance forward maturing in Christ.

What’s a sin? See the list of 666 sins of the Bible on our website. You’ll see that you’ve been sinning all over the place, with most sins being sins you probably never heard about before.

Trusting is a big thing. Because if you don’t trust that God is good you will not be open to Him. You will find yourself going into some religion with a bunch of rules designed to push God away personally, thereby putting yourself in big trouble.

If you trust God personally you will open up to Him. You’ll hear His Word. You’ll accept what He says. You accept what God says in the Bible. You’ll do what God says even when it doesn’t make sense at the time; you’ll just simply do it. You will open up to him in real time in the Spirit. You will walk in the Spirit. You will follow Jesus in real time. You’ll pick up your cross and deny yourself daily. Your yoke in this life will become easy and light. Your joy will be complete. Through your Obedience of Jesus commands of the new Testament and in real time walking in the Spirit you will bear much fruit, like the 4th seed. You will produce a great return for God and you will build eternal wealth for yourself in the mean time.

5. Write down or type or copy and paste every verse form the New Testament that is stated in a command style or an implied command style. i.e. “do this” “do that” “don’t do this or that”. Implied: “hear this” or implied to understand this or that.  Learn those.  Program Jesus’ commands into your soul and uninstall all the sins listed in the Bible (start with the list of 666 sins of the Bible you can find on our website.

6. Whatever you focus on grows.  Focus on the things of God not the ways of the world. God wants you to overcome the world not immerse yourself in it it’s ways.  He want’s  you to detach yourself from it, not being bound down by anything of this world choosing Him instead. 

Do you want to focus on having success for the next trillion years? Or do you only want to focus on your success now? You can do both if you focus on putting the Kingdom of God first and his righteousness. So that means, obey Jesus commands of the New Testament to be righteous (contains all the instructions of success for eternal life) and intentionally seek to grow the Kingdom of God here on earth. You’ll do well in this life and super well for the next trillion…. years. What you do now sets up your eternity.  This life is the testing and proving zone and every little thing you do and say counts.

To set yourself up for maximum success here and forever simply follow all the New Testament instructions and go after all of the reward opportunities that the New Testament offers.  Understand that what you do to produce for the Kingdom of God in this life through your obedience of the Word of God and in real time in the Spirit, will produce incredible reward for you and incredible Eternal wealth, real wealth that lasts:  (huge mansions, spaceships, bling, friends, honor, respect … listen to Heaven visitations for more accurate details on that)(So Jesus wasn’t just talking about spiritual and relationship wealth, although that is indeed the most valuable, He was also talking about “stuff” really cool stuff (I mean come on, get your own spaceship?!).  Plus everything is free in Heaven.  Everyone uses their gift.  You can go shopping for free for example.  Unlimited food whenever you want, free.   Heaven is full of fun and adventure.  Heaven is full of love.  There are no mean people in Heaven!  You can have awesome friends.  There are parties all the time.   And most of all, you get to be with God and you’ll do all sorts of fun things with Him too, yes God Almighty!  He loves you!  So get with the program.  Overcome this world.  Bear lots and lots of fruit for the Kingdom!!

And yes if you have a pet that you loved they will be there in your mansion waiting for you. And no they will not mess it up and they don’t need to “use the bathroom” in Heaven. Amen!  (These types of details are dervied from Heaven Visit videos:  Recommended:  Listen to all Kat Ker’s videos from Youtube and recordings from her site to learn all sorts of things about Heaven. )

7. Understand that this realm on Earth is a battleground and training ground for you to learn things. Your time here is very serious and is not to be squandered. Look to make use of every single second, learning and understanding the Word of God and doing what the Word of God says in addition to obeying Jesus in real time.

What are you training for?

Well firstly you’re learning how to live in Heaven (remember your soul will be going with you, your new spirit man. And your soul, which is like a computer, started as a blank computer as a baby. And your soul needs to be reprogrammed, uninstalling the viruses and the bad software (beliefs) from what you picked up from this world and installing the ways, the commands of Jesus, the laws of the Kingdom of Heaven.) And secondly you are training to be a priest, then a lord then a king. You need to be trained in the meat of the Word so you can differentiate right from wrong so you can become:  a judge and ruler along with your other brothers and sisters, over the whole universe, with Jesus being the King of kings and Lord of lords. So therefore we are supposed to be these lords and kings that Jesus is King and Lord over.

So wake up! Let that blow your mind!! The opportunity is massive and it is eternal! Don’t waste your time in this life! Pay attention. Get to work mastering Jesus commands and following Him in real time. Submit everything, every decision, every thought even, everything in your life in to Jesus: turn it all in to Him and get something back MUCH MUCH MUCH better!

 Yes Even You Maybe Infected by Negative Entities!   But There’s Hope See Below

While checking out some news on Youtube this video came about after looking at this fellow’s channel’s videos.  Get a more, I can’t really say scientific, but more historically referenced break down of what happens when anyone has sex outside marriage.  Learn why those who are direct Satan worshipers are pushing sex, gayness, all sorts of sex, sex outside of marriage, affairs etc.  

  • Hear more about the consequences.  
  • Hear why the demonic’s, the Kingdom of Darkness military strategy was to get you to do unlawful sex (unlawful to God in His Word).
  • Understand that the only way the Kingdom of Darkness gets more power is to get you to sin, ESPECIALLY if you are a born again Christian which gives them a significant power upgrade.  So stop sinning!  Get that list of 666 Sins of the Bible from the sidebar on our website, know what the sins are and stop doing them.  And in their place (so you don’t have an “empty room” in yourself – learn Jesus’ commands of the New Testament and replace those sin beliefs with new beliefs in Jesus commands – then everything will start going well for you!  Plus you’ll stop offending God, making Him miserable.  Remember that God is of much higher dimension and He experiences everything on an individualized basis with each and every one of us.  Yikes, right?!  So let’s wake up! 
  • Discover how you open yourself up to another person’s attached entities which can then attach to you by having sex outside of marriage with them.  Disgusting isn’t it!
  • Pray to God that He restores marriage, fast!  And pray that He grants mercy on all people who God stuck with a divorce that they can have another but good spouse!
  • Learn how the new agers are pushing tantric sex in combination with yoga for easy demonic possession.  That yoga is bad news!
  • Yes the new agers and the ‘aliens’ are pushing that whole demonic yoga, ascension, astral projection, karma, chakra, 3rd eye, binaural beats etc most of which seem to be related to a certain ‘world religion’ (from Babylon – from the fallen angels), not to mention names…   And guess what?  Those aliens really don’t like God the Father and His Son Jesus.  Most new agers seem to call Jesus one of many ‘great spiritual guides’ but deny Him as Lord.  Salvation IS making Jesus LORD, your Lord over everything in your life.  You must lose your life to Jesus in order to get it back eternally (which means die to self in this realm, hate the things of this world, love God with all of your heart, mind, soul, strength.  Open yourself up to God and don’t resist Him (but do resist the demons!).  
  • Eternal life tip:  If it goes ‘wooooooo’ it’s mostly likely a scam from the enemy of your soul.
  • Those new agers are also pushing the concept of a. their is no hell or b. you reincarnate up or down a life form scale c. After you die you’ll just be able to go around the physical universe in another dimension and hang out on various planets (or something similar to that).
  • It seems from one of those mystic guy’s videos, that the fallen angels who regretted getting duped by Lucifer, are imaginatively trying to work their way back into Heaven by “being really good” and walking in love etc.  And so they are pushing their imaginative message to get you to follow.  Or… they are making this up to get you to join them into their doom and damnation so they have more people to generate more power to go and ‘fight God’ and take over Heaven, after they lost badly and know the Lake of Fire awaits.
  • Learn the meat of the Word, which is Jesus’s commands of the New Testament and read the Bible 3 to 5 times a year.  See for your self.  See our volume Bible Reading Plans on the side bar. Then you’ll know the difference between right and wrong as Hebrew 5 says.
  • May want to check out Steve Quayle’s research on this whole alien, new ager thing.
  • See what Kat Kerr was told from Heaven about the ‘aliens’

Kat Kerr goes into details about what happens to the layers of your soul in that when you have sex with someone you indeed get a layer of that person’s soul bound to your soul layers.  So it’s as if that person is always with you wherever you go, including right there in bed with you with your future spouse (no wonder married people struggle with intimacy – they have a bunch of other people right there with them! Yuck!).  Fortunately you can lose those people layers of your soul AND recall your layer of your soul back to yourself.  Whew.

Wow this is a big deal. Listen to this audio and see the post on Elijah List. Finally an explanation that hits home and makes sense about Mark 11 and how thankfulness triggers the belief necessary to “believe that you receive”.

Remember that God wants to do everything WITH you. Most of us tend to think we’re going to do something for God first (if even that) and get back to God later. No no no. It takes a lot of us a long…. time (speaking for myself) to get this, to accept this, to believe this – which essentially means that you are agreeing that God is actually Good, and cool and fun and that He actually cares!

Sons of Sorceresses, Adulterers and Prostitutes… Children of Rebellion, Offspring of Deceit Who Slaughter the Children in the Ravine…

See More Here – NASB

This post is related to our post on Isaiah 47 which looks like it’s being fulfilled right now.

Is Isaiah 47 Being Fulfilled Before Our Eyes?  See for Yourself:

See the details here

See Mark Taylor Prophecies Here

Man Who Reviewed Over 1000 Heaven & Hell Visitations Brings Together Conclusions and Observations which Is Quite Important Since Many Hell & Heaven Visitations Are from God but Some Are Actually from the Kingdom of Darkness

Yes it has been problematic over time. The Kingdom of Darkness was able to create fake Heaven and Hell visitations and people who did not test the spirits went with them, spreading confusion and worse.

On there other hand, there are plenty of Heaven & Hell visitations from Heaven too.

Listening to these visitations will certainly cause one to wake up and understand the reality of Heaven & Hell. They can also cause you to get your life together, get right with God and start bearing fruit

It certainly can get confusing. But this fellow maybe able to help.

Also reading the Word of God over and over again will certainly help while cleansing error out of you. See the Volume Bible Reading Plans to the right to get started on those. Each come with the Volume Bible Reading System. Highly recommended!

See the video below:

Forget All of That Misery Doom & Gloom, all the Strife all the End Times Mania – Get Super Excited, Encouraged, Pumped Up and Get in the GAME!

Yes You Can Access a Bunch of Free Kat Kerr Videos from Our Site and Online But There’s A Lot More in Her CD’s and Books – Plus they Are Low Priced (~$6 for a CD).

And of course you are supported one of the most significant ministries on the planet.  Through Kat you hear directly from God the Father on a regular basis.  What? How?  Well she goes on Heaven Visits.  She’s the pink haired seer prophet ambassador of Heaven.  Yes. I’m very serious. 

If you know the Word of God pretty well (and not just some denominational doctrine that cuts out tons of Bible verses that people love to spout around like a parrot since it makes them self justified to push away God personally and not personally trust Him and obey Him moment by moment in the spirit, dying to self, following Jesus in the Spirit or obey His commands from the New Testament since that would limit their pursuit of the happiness of the flesh… )  you’ll know that Kat is SPOT on. 


  • Is a seer prophet.  She can see the spirit realm.  There are others out there who can and it sounds like there will be many more.
  • She’s been making Heaven visitations, caught up in her spirit, I think I heard daily at one point.  She’s been thousands of times.
  • Everything she says lines up Bionically to those who KNOW the Bible, the WHOLE Bible and not just little parts all twisted up and swirled around by some convenient man made doctrine.  (See our Volume Bible Reading Plans on the side menu and get crackin’ on them yourself.  It will be one of the best things you ever do because that’s what you’ll likely say after you get through the Bible 3 to 5 times a year.  KNOW the Word of God don’t just know about it.  After all what is salvation?   It’s knowing the Father and the Son!  See John 17:3  so therefore go get knowing God through His Word.
  • She’ll give you the knowledge and training on how to command the Host of Heaven army angels. You start off with 100 then that grows as you send them more.  You will be sending out massive warrior angels that literally transform like the Transformers (movie was after the host) into ships and weapons in the spirit realm dimension to attack, trash, bash and dismantle the enemy. structures.   Your job, oh remnant bro or sis is to now rule and reign through Christ in the spirit realm, dimension, and you can start practicing being a little king and lord.  But you need to learn how to do that right so learn from Kat.  Here is a starter collection of videos on that.  Get on that -the World needs you!
  • She’ll teach you about how to release the anointing which is powerful and amazing.  The anointing heals people and melts (i.e. the faces as you’ve seen in melted face art of demons and ghosts over time, also think about Raiders of the Lost Ark when the Nazi’s opened the Ark and their faces melted) of the demons, Kingdom of Darkness workers).  The anointing can be left on things, gas station pumps, door handles, beds, through your car, through your food steps etc. anywhere and it sticks there.  Also the anointing  breaks the yoke that the Kingdom of Darkness has over people.  Hear Kat for more details on that.
  • Learn about the Lightning Power of God and how maybe you could use it too!
  • Learn who becomes president after Trump’s 2nd term – for 2 terms
  • Find out what’s about to happen in Hollywood and what has already started happening.
  • Discover about the transfer of WEALTH.  All of that wealth of the wicked is going to…
  • Find out how eternity with God in Heaven is like one non stop party! Like to party?  Well discover how to party hearty for a very long time!   On top of that imagine being able to be around good people only who are nice, genuine, kind, loving and not mean! Forever!
  • Find out what you’ll get to do on the New Earth and New Heaven!
  • Did you know that there are pubs in Heaven?  I’ve got some relatives certainly happy about that!  Ever hear of getting “drunk in the Spirit”?  Find out more!
  • Find out how to live Heaven culture right here on Earth!
  • Discover soooooo much more.  Buy her stuff!  Support her ministry.  Buy her CD’s as a witnessing tool.  Wow. Yes those could  be far more effective then some old school pamphlets. Hmm just thought of that one.
  • Go for it.  Take action now.  You’ll be very glad  you did.  I bought and listened to all her CD’s (or close to if I’m missing something!).  They are SUPER encouraging.  You have to get them.  Forget the news!   Get in the Game!  Learn what you’re supposed to be doing now and into the future.  Souls are depending on you!  Click Here to Check Out and Buy Kat’s Stuff!

Now we’re not talking about making Kat your lord where you follower her.  You have One Teacher and One Lord Who is… ?  Come on now.  Who’s your One Teacher and One Lord?    Ok you’ve got it.  That’s right.  God the Son, Yeshua, Jesus.  So let’s stop making prophets and pastors our lord.  And on that note let’s stop being our own lord since becoming your own lord and god is the cornerstone of Satanism.. Did you know that? Yikes, right.

But listen to all her stuff.  You’ll be blown away.  She gets all the scoop from Heaven so if you want to know what’s REALLY going on or what’s about to happen get all her stuff. Watch her videos.  Here is another channel that seems to keep up to date with new Kat videos.

Check out the Host Undercover calendar where she points out Host Warrior Angels pressing into clouds or wrapping themselves with clouds which is really cool.

Click Here to Check Out and Buy Kat’s Stuff!

Wow How Many of Us Get TOTALLY Child Like Honest with God About Getting Totally Right Personally Between You and Jesus

We’ve started a testimony section. Obviously that’s a good thing in general. But it seems to be a good idea to post testimonies of genuine conversions of heart and mind as people get right with God directly 1. becoming born again or 2. Waking up out of religions and doctrines of man or 3. Simply maturing and discovering new heights with God.

It’s going to be VERY interesting to see the changes in people as God starts to judge the church (soon – the NWO judgment sign was recently given with the passing of the 1st ex pres. And when the 2nd ex pres passes the judgement of the Church starts) so we want to see the changes and try to document them through testimonies as we find them.

We all want to take the whole concept of the church being judge to elevate our emotional charge, our energy levels, our seriousness, to start taking action and getting right with Jesus. What does Jesus say in the New Testament, the WHOLE New Testament (not just parts swirled up into a convenient man made sales pitch doctrine) that we need to do and be doing? Let’s go fix those things. Time to “rip off the bandaid” and deal. Man up. Woman up. Clean up. And start walking with God in a way that makes Him feel loved and appreciate.

This Brother Named Andy Has Had a Spiritual Makeover which Happens to Be Right in Line with the Times and Prophecy Such as Mark Taylor’s, Howard Pittman and Kat Kerr Plus Many Others

Here is another testimony how Andy had a dream, vision (was likely actually called up to Heaven in spirit – so cool) and met Jesus on the Throne Directly. How about we all get really real with Jesus, between Him and ourselves and get everything, every question, every problem, every confusion, every heart issue out and up front. Time to start really talking to Jesus, God the Son. Ask Jesus how to Actually make Him your Lord while your at it.

Here is a wonderful testimony how this girl hungry for God even at a young age took the long way around testing all sorts of New Age, Witch craft, spell casting, Mystic Islam, Law of Attraction cults, other cults and had an aha moment when she finally noticed something… And that something was all of those cults and religions were trying desperately hard to keep her away from Jesus. Now why would that be? find out by watching the video.

Wow Check Out this Article on titled:

Has Drug-Driven Medicine Become A Form of Human Sacrifice?

23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

24 And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.

pharmakeia: the use of medicine, drugs or spells

Original Word: φαρμακεία, ας, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: pharmakeia
Phonetic Spelling: (far-mak-i’-ah)
Definition: the use of medicine, drugs or spells
Usage: magic, sorcery, enchantment.

HELPS Word-studies

5331 pharmakeía (from pharmakeuō, “administer drugs”) – properly, drug-related sorcery, like the practice of magical-arts, etc. (A. T. Robertson).

Pharmageddon: The Death of Natural Medicine

What is so remarkable about the present state of affairs, is that it may have been predicted long ago, as evidenced by this passage in Revelations:

“At the end of times the merchants of the world will deceive the nations through their Pharmacia.”
(sorcery) – Rev 18:23

Pharmaceuticals and Human Sacrifice

The sole reliance on Pharmaceuticals reveals quite a lot about the largely subconscious agenda underpinning modern medical practice.  The Greek word Pharmakon has a wide range of meanings, with “drug” being the most widely recognized one.  But the root of this word usage goes back much farther:

“A Pharmakós (Greek: φαρμακός) in Ancient Greek religion was a kind of human scapegoat (a slave, a cripple or a criminal) who was chosen and expelled from the community at times of disaster (famine, invasion or plague) or at times of calendrical crisis, when purification was needed.” [Source]

The sacrificial dimension of the Pharmakós carries on in the nostrums and potions later named after this ritualistic object:

“The term “pharmakos” later became the term “pharmakeus” which refers to “a drug, spell-giving potion, druggist, poisoner, by extension a magician or a sorcerer.”A variation of this term is “pharmakon” (φάρμακον) a complex term meaning sacrament, remedy, poison, talisman, cosmetic, perfume or intoxicant.”From this, the modern term “pharmacology” emerged,” [Source]

See the rest of this very interesting article..

8 Year Old Girl Who Went on Heaven Visits Paints Jesus Confirmed by Kat Kerr and Confirmed by a Shroud of Turin Committee to be 80% to 90% Accurate. A Carpenter Was Sent Who Looks Likes Jesus to Here Home that Looks Like Jesus.

See the story on the Katie Couric Show

See Comparison of Painting with Shroud of Turin Overlay – See How it Matches Right Up!

We Are at Revelation 14 Time. You are the “angel” (messenger) Who is to Take the Gospel to the World Through The Internet (the cloud)

REVELATION 14: Vision of the Angel with the Gospel

8 And another angel, a second one, followed, saying, “[d]Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great, she who has made all the nations drink of the wine of the [e]passion of her immorality.”

6 And I saw another angel flying in midheaven, having an eternal gospel to preach to those who [c]live on the earth, and to every nation and tribe and tongue and people; 7 and he said with a loud voice, “Fear God, and give Him glory, because the hour of His judgment has come; worship Him who made the heaven and the earth and sea and springs of waters.”

Think about it: preaching the Good News, Teaching the world Jesus’ commands is OUR JOB. Angels are going to do everything for us. Technically, this should have been done already and we got lazy. Maybe we were more concerned with this life, which was a foolish thing to do.

The word angel in that passage is messenger which can be a human messenger. We have not completed our job. And it’s time for the remnant to rise up, conquer and occupy this world until Christ comes. It’s our time now. And it’s time fake doctrines and religions strong holds are exposed, broken and discarded so that people can be set free to hear the Good News and make Jesus their Lord, and no one or nothing else their lord.

From Helps Word Studies: 32ággelos – properly, a messenger or delegate – either human (Mt 11:10; Lk 7:24, 9:52; Gal 4:14; Js 2:25) or heavenly (a celestial angel); someone sent (by God) to proclaim His message.

[32 (ággelos) can refer to “a human messenger” (cf. John the Baptist, Mt 11:10, quoting Mal 3:1; see also Lk 7:24, 9:52). 32/ággelos (plural, angeloi) refers to heavenly angels over 150 times in the NT, i.e. spiritual beings created by God to serve His plan.

See details here from prophecies:

“Get Your ‘Cyber-Nets’ Ready for Harvest – Now!”Patricia King, Maricopa, AZ

“The Greatest Harvest of Souls through Cyber-Evangelism”Patricia King, Maricopa, AZ

“It’s Time to Get Off Your Behind and On to the Front Line…” Brother Mark Taylor

REVELATION 14: Vision of the Angel with the Gospel

6 And I saw another angel flying in midheaven, having an eternal gospel to preach to those who [c]live on the earth, and to every nation and tribe and tongue and people; 7 and he said with a loud voice, “Fear God, and give Him glory, because the hour of His judgment has come; worship Him who made the heaven and the earth and sea and springs of waters.”

It’s time to take every sort of angle, come up with every sort of strategy to show the world that God is real and his word is true. It’s time to expose what darkness is, what the commands of Satan (Sin) are. It’s time to expose with the way of life is, the commands of Jesus of the New Testament.

Speaking of strategy, those who see, have you noticed the layers upon layers of strategy that the Kingdom of Darkness has used on us? They took over our seminaries, our churches, our schools, our media, holy wood, TV, major internet platforms, our medical system, our foods system, our music, our governments… Well, thanks for the tips KoD. Now it’s our turn to use this back on you. To occupy all realms of living on this earth until it’s time for your little 7 year blip in time when we’ll be gone, called away. But don’t worry. We’ll be back. And with God Almighty, the Son.

So what are we supposed to to say to the nations? In essence: “Fear God, and give Him glory, because the hour of His judgment has come; worship Him who made the heaven and the earth and sea and springs of waters.”

We’ve been inadvertently giving Satan glory since we’ve been not knowing or obeying Jesus’ commands and we’ve been following Satan, the ways of the world, the ways of the flesh all of this time. Our denominations and religions hid what making Jesus your Lord means. Has anyone ever taught you Jesus’ commands? Do they even know what they are? (Hopefully you’ve gone to a denomination who did, but most didn’t).

Fear God what does that mean? That means to respect what God says and Who He is. A lot of people don’t know who God is (although they do know Who He is deep down inside; they, we, all came from God and even asked to be sent here. (see Kat Kerr revelations)). A lot of people have been told about some other god, fake gods, have been told that created beings are gods, and most have been worshiping fallen angels whether they know it or not.

A lot of people have forgotten Who God is and what God is. How did this happen? Well we’ve forced ourselves to believe a lie in order to 1. please man (fear of man is a trap) 2. to please parents and family 3. to please our culture 4. to please our government 5. to please what the TV & radio says 6. to please peer pressure to be cool 7. to please demons who whisper things in your ear or give you a hard time if you don’t obey them (resist the devil and he will flee) and so on…

But as you get to know God from His Word, you’ll see that God’s not going to make you like Him. He’ll try hard to make you realize the consequences of choosing sin and death vs. choosing God and life. He wants you to choose Him, life, to be saved. There is no life outside of God. That should be fairly logical. God is Good and He is cool. He’s not going to force you to like Him. He wants people who genuinely like Him and love Him to be around Him for an eternity. Wouldn’t you? He wants people around Him who thinks He’s wonderful and awesome, the best ever in fact – and don’t you want that too? Isn’t that neat! God is all good and He’s so filled with goodness that it is genuinely awesome and we are very fortunate to have such a God & Creator.

Think about it: Would you want to be around people who hate you who could care less about you for an eternity, in your home? Would you want people who do all sorts of bad things, who are mean and and do foul practices around you, in your home for an eternity? Of course not. God doesn’t want that either and you’ll see that as you get to know the Word more. Now we get more clarity on how are things work why they are how they are.

What is Glory? It’s love, appreciation, admiration, respect, thankfulness, in awe, in total amazement, expressed. It’s awesomeness. It’s when people think you’re awesome and love you while expressing this to you. It’s when people think that you did a good job and they genuinely express admiration, appreciation, acknowledgement, praise, encouragement and often mention how you changed their life for the better somehow to you. It’s when people like you and love you for who you are just because you are you, and they express this to you, and they admit this to you and others. Glory means to be acknowledged and appreciated, liked and loved, approved of, showed that someone cares and is thinking about you. It’s when you win the championship and fans go wild and your victory and name is known all over the TV.

Don’t you want people to love you for you instead of only loving you for what you can do for them or what you have?

What is worship? It’s act of love done in love.

Worship in Spirit & in Truth

Truth: Genuine worship, genuine expression, honest expression that wells up from within. In Truth in Christ – Jesus is the Truth so you must be born again. In truth – you must accurately worship according to how God says He wants, He appreciates, He likes being worshiped. (You have your own rules to what you like and don’t like in how someone, your spouse for example, expresses love to you don’t you? Of course. So you can understand God better now.) Right way worship. Loving God in a way that makes Him feel loved, appreciated, respected and honored for Who He is. You must know the Word to be able to worship God correctly (i.e. you must repent of your sins, you must forgive others first, you must not worship God Almighty mixed with some pagan thing…)

Spirit: Love. In the spirit of worship. Through your new spirit man. In harmony with Holy Worship in Spirit. From Holy Spirit we express what He gives us to express and say with the right message and at the right time. Worship in Spirit is worshiping in love, in love with God. God is love. If you are born again then Holy Spirit is with us, besides you. If you have been baptized in Holy Spirit then God the Holy Spirit is in you.

We Must Bring Clarity to the World Who God Really Is.

We Must Exposed the Kingdom of Darkness and their Tricks & Shenanigans and Show Exactly What they Are, How the Operate, Why They Operate That Way, What they’ve Been Up to & Why They Want Your Eternal Death

We Must Get the Message of Urgency Across to the World & We Need to Figure Out How to Help People Breakout Out of Lying Strongholds So They Understand the Urgency of Repenting Onto God for the Times or Their Own “Personal End Time”.

Too many people are worried about “end times” and the “apocalypse” when they should be far more concern about their own personal end time that could happen even today, tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now – Lord knows. We’re all only 1 heart beat away from eternity and we want to make sure we are doing the Will of the Father.

You Must Know the Actual Gospel as Stated in the Bible & All Verses Related to Salvation and Not Just Some Denominational Doctrine that Cut Out Many Essential Parts to Actually Getting into Heaven

You Must Learn How to Use the Internet – Learn SEO – Learn Internet Marketing Understand that Through Prophecy the Lord Has told Us to Combine Ministry & Business.

Make a plan. Work with the Lord through Holy Spirit and start taking action. Receive instruction, ideas, commands from the Lord and take off running. The world depends on you. Be there superhero! Save the world!

“Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great, she who has made all the nations drink of the wine of the passion of her immorality.”

That’s Revelation 14:8.

And YOU are the Angel, the Messenger, to Proclaim through the cloud, the Internet, that Babylon is Fallen!

Here is proof of that concept through two prophecies:

“Get Your ‘Cyber-Nets’ Ready for Harvest – Now!”

“The Greatest Harvest of Souls through Cyber-Evangelism”

Prepare your strategy. Map out your plans. Take the Good News to every living person on the planet. USE THE INTERNET! You’re not going to let someone die without the ability to escape being brutally slaughtered for an eternity, experiencing a brutal death, day after day after day after day forever are you? That’s not something you want on your conscience or to be accountable for blood do you? Oh yes, being held accountable because we did not warn people was given in Ezekiel and in prophecy. So us telling people the Good News is really not an option. That should get you to take this seriously. And it doesn’t matter how busy you are, what’s going on in your life, sick or in health, rich or poor, you, we must preach the Good News and help set the captives free.

For those who practice sin are slaves to Sin, which means that they are owned by Sin and Sin gets to keep them in a zone of Sin’s maximum power to be displayed on them forever! We must help rescue people from Sin’s eternal death grip. We must go into all nations teaching everyone all of Jesus commands whatsoever so they can obey Jesus as Lord & Master instead, and become owned by Jesus, so Jesus will come and bring them back to Heaven. And upon their full belief with all their heart, that Jesus, God the Son, Who died for their sins and was risen from the dead, upon which they become regenerated, born again from above, they may be immersed, baptized in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Internet will soon be freed. So don’t worry. Prepare your strategies now.

Now the stern stuff has been stated making sure you received the perspective that we must obey orders: the Lord is also our Master and we are the slave. The Lord is also King and we are his subject in His army. We take orders. We execute the orders. This has not been taught by most denominations very clearly or if at all. And yes there are many other angles of our relationship with God too such as son, bride and friend (if we obey all Jesus commands). “Obey and everything will be OK” – God the Father through Kat Kerr

By having a choice to obey or not means that we do have freedom. We are not reprogrammed robots and neither are the angels. Having the choice to obey also provides the ability to have real relationships in addition to many other things.

But after we cleanse out all of the layers of bad doctrines from these denominations and bad ideas from the ways of the world, we can go on to plainly believe God, believe what He says in His Word and do what He says to do.

If you love Jesus you’ll obey His commands which are any verse in the New Testament stated in a command style or an implied command style. After a while of learning Jesus’ commands you’ll realize that Jesus’ commands are God’s rules of relationship. By obeying these commands, you make God feel loved and you fall in love with God more. And as you become better and better at obeying Jesus commands you’ll start bearing fruit, lots of it, even for some 30, some 60 some 100 fold returns. You’ll see that Jesus’ commands are good and you’ll start to believe in them. You’ll start to believe Jesus for real. And you’ll start to believe IN Jesus genuinely as a Person for real.

And at that point you’ll want to win the world for God, for the love of God, to produce a maximum return of love for God, worshipers in Spirit & Truth, while loving others, caring for them enough that you’ll change the entire world so every person may hear the Good News, repent and be saved.

Babylon is Fallen. Go out and conquer and occupy the World until Jesus comes back physically to the Earth.

Check this video out.  This lady has a seer anointing.  She was a victim of satanic abuse rituals.  She used to be in the satanic occult and knows all the witchcraft stuff and wicked tricks of the enemies.  She was later saved, born again and freed by Jesus.

Each Yoga pose is a worship pose to a demon, a fallen angel, all the way back from the tower of Babylon times. What do you think God’s going to think about you worshiping Lucifer & the fallen angels. Yeah. Not good. If you want Lucifer & the fallen angels, you’ll get them, for an eternity!

Advice: It may seem confusing. It may seem like ‘everyone from my church is doing it so it must be ok’. You may say, ‘oh I’m not worshiping demons, I’m in it for the stretching and the exercise.’ Well may I suggest you start studying what’s going on in the spirit realm. Look up Dr. Michael Lake books and videos. Look up Shelia Zilinsky look up and listen to everything of Kat Kerr (on Youtube and her websites (buy all her CD’s (cheap)). You’ll see that there is a very real war, and that war is for your soul. Who will you worship? Who will you obey? Jesus as Lord by walking in the Spirit in real time and by obeying all His commands of the New Testament? Or Satan as lord, obeying self, sin, the flesh, the ways of this world, while not knowing and disobeying God? Be careful. Eternity is a long time. It’s super easy to get deceived especially if you are not reading the Bible 3-5 times a year these days. (see the right side menu for free plans and system).

Yoga invites demons.  They will even occupy the area where Yoga is practiced.  Listen to around the 12 minute mark on how her kid started going nuts infected by demon Kali of Hinduism. Holy Spirit told her it was this particular demon.  Yes Hindus, your religion is derived from Babylon, fallen angels and their hybrid offspring which are called “demons” or workers of the Kingdom of Darkness.  Repent to your Maker, God the Father and God the Son through Whom you were made and nothing of the visible realm was made without Jesus.  And yes you were “reincarnated” in that you were a spirit being who lived inside God and even asked to come her Earth problem telling God the Father that you would help set the humans straight and to proclaim God’s glory.   Go talk to God your Maker, the One you KNOW in your sense of KNOWING Who is God and get right with Him.  Keep pursuing God and show that you are utterly serious and sincere. Do so and you will find Jesus.   You have zero obligation to any religion or family tradition; we are to put God first before all tradition, family, anything.  You are one heart beat away from eternity.  We all start of owned by the Kingdom of Darkness which will be thrown into the Lake of Fire forever and we need to be redeemed by Jesus.   Make Jesus your Lord and nothing or no one else and we will make it back to Heaven from where we came.   Do it!  Do it for you.  Do it for your family.  Do it for me because I feel terrible about the whole Hindu thing and that caste system…

  • Why was yoga pushed so hard in the USA in combination with the massive push of promotion of wickedness? You’ve got to wonder.
  • Have you really looked into what Yoga really is?
  • There are many other more effective forms of exercising and stretching. So Yoga is not needed, at all.
  • Each yoga position is said to be a prayer to a 2nd Heaven Kingdom of Darkness entity – stemming back from Babylon – the Mother of All Harlots
  • I’ve noticed a consistent off-base discernment for those who say they are Christian and do Yoga, way off. They may very well be listening to demons whispering in their ear rather than God whispering from within.
  • And now we find from this former occultist who knows most of the tricks of the enemy through witchcraft, satanic rituals who also has a seer anointing, who can see in the spirit realm (like Kat Kerr) that Yoga is definitely demonic after having her child possessed by demon “Kali” by going to a make shift church service at a place that practiced yoga, as revealed by God, Holy Spirit.
  • Dr. Michael Lake who knows and understands occult things very well since he had to get it figured out as part of he and his wife’s ministry (after repeated attacks by it) sounds to be an expert on the matter of Yoga and how it is a practice of worship to what are demonic entities, false gods.

Mel Bond’s Prophecy for 2019!

Listen to this!  This prophecy coordinates with other accurate prophets and then explains more.   Know the future now.  Believe on Jesus or there is rough times ahead if your are outside of God.  But those who are inside God, those who are walking in the Spirit and who have become born again from above – there are GREAT times ahead.  God will empower and supercharge you up.  Listen to the video for details.

The Devil in 2019 is starting his big master plan to escape God and destroy humanity in the process through is not so bright followers (who will be destroyed as well then tortured for an eternity unless they repent onto Jesus).  But there will be building disasters up until the tribulation from here. 

But on the other hand there will be greater miracles and displays of power of God especially through His kids!

Those of you in Christ will flourish in the days ahead, to greater heights than ever since or heard of on the earth for man kind. God is looking to pour out massive blessings to His faithful, to those who love Him and obey His Words.

Also of note, God says He is unconditional love.  Now that was encouraging for me to hear.   I wasn’t really thinking that before.  That does make me feel more liberated to seek to please Him and do what He says. 


Shelia Zilinky does an expose on Starbucks and their Satanic connections.  And who knows how far that rabbit hole actually goes…

See what she found.  What’s that mermaid thing with the crown on her head for their logo really up to?

What’s actually in their coffee?

How come their coffee drops my immune system like a rock after I drink it? (although the organic coffee is better).

For a company that talks a lot about their “righteousness”, their “fair trade” and the like you would think that they would only offer organic coffee and tea. But the only bean that they’ve had as organic, they never brew and pretty much hide (Yukon).   

Also if you know much about the immune system, these coffees and heavy sugar and dairy coffee drinks have significantly contributed to the demise of health and waist lines across the USA, in my observation.   Is that part of the dark side’s plan?  Notice the rise of stimulant drinks over the past two decades in correlation to the rise of sin and evil over the past 2 decades – could their be a correlation?  Well hear what Shelia has discovered and form your own conclusions.


The angels are coming! The angels are coming! Kat says the Host makes the official entrance here in 2019. And we will be seeing angels in this physical realm more and more and more… until it’s common place. Heaven is invading Earth.

2019 “is a year of angels”

Kat Kerr 2019 Update – Host Angel Formal INVASION! Waaaahoooo!

See Kat’s update  here.    Exciting times.  GOOD NEWS!

Revealing 2019, events, news from Heaven and a flash Q&A session.

Gepostet von The Kat Kerr am Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2019

There is a new “conspiracy” that has been exposed.  These conspiracy lies deep withing main stream Christian denominations and religions.

And since most people on the planet are too, well, lazy or whatever you want to call it to read their Bibles, the whole Bible over and over, they’ve been easily duped by the Kingdom of Darkness. They have no idea what God actually demands. They have no idea the extreme love that God has for them but He also wants that extreme love in return. Hey, this is a marriage we’re talking about – we’re to marry God. Yes think about that for a while and forget the whole man/woman in the flesh thing while you’re doing so but think spiritually and personally).

We were warned of the yeast of the Pharisees and the yeast of Herod.  But how many people actually even know what that is?  Right because if you knew what these 2 yeast infections were you’d not get scammed, taken by them.  Unfortunately the stakes are extremely high and the penalty for getting one of these “yeast infections” is eternal damnation.  Yikes!

I’ve found the “hidden mystery” (right under our noses which should not be hidden but has been for most) of what it takes to make Jesus Lord, which according to Romans 10:10 IS salvation. Justification and becoming born from above comes from a real belief in the heart. But salvation comes THROUGH OBEDIENCE obeying Jesus’s commands from the Word and obeying moment by moment direction in the Spirit.

Some just say ‘all you need to do is believe…’ implying that belief is just some sort of special emotional state that you only do once through a sinners prayer. But wait a minute, what does believing on Jesus really mean? Believing on Jesus would also imply a full belief which means that if we believe in Jesus, we also believe Him and we would also believe what He says to do. Jesus says He is your Lord, that you need to make Him your Lord if you want to be saved and owned by Him. (Whoever owns you comes for you after this life in the flesh). So if He says to do something and we’re claiming Him as Lord then we better do what He says. Also that goes with “Why do you call me Lord Lord and don’t do what I say”.

Some may be confused what Jesus commands actually mean. Some may feel confused what the Lord wants them to do. But here is the “secret key” to understanding what the Lord is telling you to do and how to do it: it’s called “faith” or even better, “trust”. When you personally TRUST the Lord then that communication channel opens up and you can hear His voice whether through a transfer of thought or hear the sound of His voice from your insides. Remember this! Think about what trust means. Think about the trusting relationships (that were good) even back to childhood friendships. Remember how to have a relationship that uses trust. It’s an awesome thing. Imputing trust to someone is very powerful. Now do so with the Lord.

So… I’ve found that what coordinates everything together to be an actually successful Christian and to actually seem like a Christian to other believers and especially the world. The secret is…. Do what Jesus says, His sayings, aka His “Commands” of the New Testament and turn them into my habits. Strive to master Jesus’ commands over time and you will become a powerful and appreciated Christian, child of God.

So i found that any verse stated in the New Testament, in a command style or an implied command style, is a command of Jesus! Since the apostles were commanded to go teach all of Jesus’ commands to the world in Matthew 28:19-20 and the apostles wrote the New Testament, then what the New Testament is, is the teaching of Jesus commands! The whole New Testament is the stating and teaching of Jesus’ commands! So I actually started doing Jesus’ commands looking to turn them into my habits (putting His sayings into practice). And lo and behold, people around me who know me were shocked – I went from “jerk to super good guy” (sister said that lol), from mess to walking pretty well and I’ve started bearing fruit all over the place. And by knowing Jesus’ commands I have found the MEAT of the Word, now able to differentiate right from wrong pretty well. I can tell what’s from a demonic influence vs. what’s of God much better and with good accuracy.

Plus now by knowing Jesus’ Commands, ALL of the verses in the New Testament now come together and make sense. It works. I’m finally winning vs being a chump Christian as I was the past. And it’s so simple. This is all plainly written in the Bible.

So let’s stop “interpreting” the Bible and accept the Bible for what the Bible says. Believe in God yes. And believe God too! Believe that God says what He means and means what He says.

Understand that we receive understanding from God which we get by pursuing Him in conversation and by the reading of the Bible over and over. Anyways before i go off on another tangent :-)) That’s it for that. Identifying and purposefully installing Jesus commands into by soul has made me an actual doer of the Word. I have more to go for mastery or a concept of mastery but I’ve made a lot of progress. Can I get an Amen!? :-))

P.S. See the menu to the right on our website to see the 666 Sins to UNinstall from your soul and to see the list of Jesus’ commands to INstall into your soul. Do so if you want to make Jesus your Lord and get into Heaven.

Is Yoga Infiltration a Satanic Agenda?

Check Out These Articles and Videos to See for Yourself:


Yoga is Satanic Worship

Vatican’s Chief Exorcist Warns That Yoga Causes ‘Demonic Possession’

Yoga a Satanic Gateway for Demonic Possession!



Here is a online magazine that you can bet that everything they mock is probably right and good and what they say is good is probably bad. 

  So since they are a mocker of those who call out yoga then there is a high probability association that yoga IS really bad and they are trying to cover it up.  Look what they promote. Look what they condemn.  To them bad is good and good is bad.  That makes them workers of the Kingdom of Darkness in that equation. That’s they way they’ve been consistently up until this typing, wicked brood.  See here.

What Does the Bible Say About Yoga?

by Michael Sharif

Michael Sherif practiced mantra yoga (meditated silently on a supposedly “meaningless” sound which was really the vehicle that drew him into a “Hindu” deity or really a demon from our Christian perspective). He was in bondage to this, in combination with hatha yoga for six years. According to his testimony this was a horrible experience for him. Yoga involvement is really an exercise in a demonic activity which is portrayed as “fun” and “healthy”  that can lead to demonic possession. He experienced different states of sensory consciousness which were dark and sterile until Jesus set him free. You may read other articles that deal with witchcraft and New Age bondage at his website:

Testimony of Deliverance from a Demon of Yoga

Be a Winner – God Doesn’t Like Losers

Now that title sounds harsh right? But it’s absolutely Biblical. How so? Who gets the one coin of the servant who didn’t do anything with the coin (his gifts and talents or resources) but buried it instead of investing (i.e. tithe and offering that actually grows the Kingdom of God) it to grow wealth for God? Answer: The one with the 10 instead of the five. God invests in producers. Wouldn’t you? He’s looking for the maximum return on His investment, His mind boggling amount of investment He has put in YOU.

As one Prophet said, God says He is a “Business Person”.

What would be God’s business? The Kingdom of Heaven! What does God want? What increases God’s wealth? 1. Worshipers in Spirit and in Truth (God wants people to genuinely like and love Him, be amazed by Him and be excited about Him) 2. For you to love Him with all your heart mind soul and strength and then love your neighbor as yourself. (He wants you to be in love with Him).

So then therefore what’s the currency that God is looking to collect and build up?

It’s love!

Isn’t that cool?! Isn’t that awesome?

Don’t you want more love and don’t you want to be around love? Well then if so then be around God. Look to abide (synergize, hangout, be friends, be in love…) in and with Him.

So because we love God, we look to do the things that make God happy and feel loved. What is that?

Fortunately He’s given us what He wants us to do in this big book called The Bible. In essence He wants us to be good and do good according to the standards of what He says is good. And since God is good He wants only goodness around Him and people who like to and do only good.

Is very difficult for us to understand the standard of goodness sometimes because of the world around us that has been corrupted by Sin, evil & Satan. And that’s why people are so confused these days. But they can get rid of their confusion if they just start reading the Bible over and over and over again. It’s as simple as that.

Read the Bible. Get on our Volume Reading Plans for reading the Bible AT LEAST 3 TIMES A YEAR. See the menu on the right side of this page for the download. By reading the Bible you will learn God’s ways and what makes Him feel good and loved. You’ll also learn what makes Him feel upset, sad and miserable so you can avoid those. Also, you’re going SO much info from so many angles thrown at you by so many confused people and tricks from the Kingdom of Darkness; but by reading the Bible through and over and over, you can have your mind clean out of junk, lies, bad ideas, error, incorrect doctrines and so on…

And once you start obeying God’s word, once you start obeying Jesus’s commands of the New Testament, which is any verse stated in a command style or implied command style throughout the entire New Testament, then you become free of the nasty death grip of Sin; you wake up and then are free. When you are free from Sin then life becomes a lot more fun and exciting. And when you are free from sin then you are free to follow, obey Jesus instead of the Anti-god called Sin. For those who obey Sin are a slave to Sin and are owned by Sin which means that Sin would get to claim you at the moment of your last breath in this flesh body and keep you forever in the pit then then lake of fire.

I’ll give you a tip from experience: Jesus’ commands are … God’s rules of relationship that tell you what makes God feel loved or unloved. If you think about it, you have your own list which is probably very large of what makes you feel loved or unloved. You’ve probably given your spouse many of those already….

  1. The Spirit of God says: “Why are my
    people not repenting? You use generalized repentance, which has little to no
    effect, when you should be using target focused repentance and prayer.

    1. Targeted Focus repentance means
      confessing a specific sin. What’s a sin? It’s what the
      Bible says is a sin. It’s a relationship offense to God. God gives us a
      large list of things that offend Him and these are called the sins in
      the Bible.  
    2. If you think about the things
      that offend you you’ll probably create quite a large list of your own
      sins. You likely have a very large list of things that offend you and
      things you do not like or things that make you feel unloved or bad. 
    3. As you get to know the Bible more
      you’ll understand what the sins of the Bible are and why they are sins.
    4. God wants you to have this close
      trusting relationship with Him.  And based on that point you can start
      to understand how things that interfere with that end goal are listed as
    5. Remember that God is not the same as us
      although we are made in His image and likeness. As some may say, He is a
      much higher dimensional Being, whereas He is everywhere and at every
      point in time past present and future at the same time. Try to think
      about that. So one could say that maybe God does not take sin in the
      same way we do. This is in part why you need to know God and I just know
      about Him. You have to “get” God (i.e. You know when you say that he or
      she “just gets me” – “they understand”). Well get to know the Bible by
      reading the Bible over and over and over again at least three times a
      year and you’ll see Bible verses talk about this. In fact, people’s
      Eternal lives are on the line based on whether they know God or not; and
      know how He operates; and knows how God does things or not. What does
      John 17:3 say? “3 And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the
      only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.”
    6. Repentance is agreeing with God. Repentance is
      believing what God says, actually believing what He says which is often
      followed by an action of obedience and a reprogramming of one’s beliefs
      in their soul; in their cerebral mind or heart mind. Often the belief in
      what God says comes after the action of obedience whereas you step out
      in faith or trust to trust God at his word and do what he says but then
      you find out that What God Says is really good and so then you believe
      in what He says; you start to believe that God’s way on a certain thing
      is the good thing to do and not the old way of Satan. So it’s the
      personal experience that causes you to believe God that comes from
      obedience first that gets you to actually see and experience that what
      God Says is good.
    7. Targeted Focus repentance means
      that in a relationship you need to repent.  Repenting  means confess,
      admit what you did and change your mind about the thing you did by
      admitting and now believing that offence is completely wrong in any way
      shape or form.
    8. You did that offended the other
      person because you thought it was okay to do or even good to do. If you
      thought it was bad to do you probably would not have done that thing.
    9. So for example, in a marriage, if
      one spouse does something that offends the other the offending spouse
      can’t just say ” I’m sorry for all the bad things I ever did”  and have
      that count towards the offended spouse. The offended spouse wants to
      hear confess, apologies and believe in your heart and mind that what you
      did was wrong so you never do that offensive thing again because that
      offensive thing hurt. Of course you’ve been on both sides as being the
      offender and the offended.
    10. Speaking of marriages part of our
      relationship with God is a marital one,  Bride of Christ.
    11. And over time the concept of
      repenting has been confused, twisted and made complicated through
      religions.  These religions have created these doctrines to put God in a
      box and or to push God far away from people on the individual level. 
      God is offended at many things in a relationship.  He calls those sins. 
      You get offended at many things in a relationship although you may not
      have made a book about it or a formal list.    Speaking of lists see the
      list of 666 sins of the Bible from our website that you can download and
      program your soul to stop doing, so you stop offending God.
    12. When you are born again, after
      the first time you genuinely and formally believe on Jesus with your
      whole heart, that He died for your sins and was risen from the dead, God
      moved inside of you.   God is now living your life along side of you
      every step of the way. He is experiencing what you are experiencing. He
      is hearing everything you are saying or thinking.  Have you ever thought
      about that?  It’s time to make this your reality.  You’ll most certainly
      change a lot of things once you realize that God is right there with you
      all the time. 
    13. What is repenting? The definition
      says that repenting is the changing of the Mind. The more specifically
      it’s the changing of the minds. The minds?  Yes.  You need to change the
      way you think about something and your cerebral mind and you need to
      change the way you think about something in your hearts mind,  which
      would mean that you need to change your belief about something. 
    14. So
      repenting  to God is about changing your belief from believing in the
      ways of the “Anti-god” called Sin, the ways of Satan, the ways of evil &
      destruction to  believing and the ways of God and what He says is good
      and right to do.   
    15. God is everything He is all reality. All of eternity
      exist in God. We need to harmonize with all of reality  which means that
      we need to harmonize with God.   And the things that do not harmonize
      with God will be separated out into the Lake of Fire. 
    16. Lucifer birthed
      Iniquity; he created all this mess for my understanding which is why
      the Lord Jesus had to come and die for our sins.  Otherwise God would
      have to throw away all reality and start over which would then have
      negated all the good and good relationships He had developed over
      billions of years.
    17. So understand that this very short life on Earth is
      for testing to see which way you’re going to go. If you’re willing to
      choose God and Obey Him by doing good then you get to be a part of
      life going forward but if you aren’t interested in God and you choose
      the bad then you will have to be separated out if doing and being bad is
      your inclination even after God has offered us His Son to help save us.
    18. God is looking for a peculiar
      people to call His own. 

      Titus 2:14

      Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity,
      and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good

      1 Peter 2:9

      But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy
      nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the
      praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his
      marvellous light;

    19. Most people think that the Universe
      and all reality revolves around them.
      That’s not the case and those people need to wake up and realize that
      day need to make the rabbit effort to get with the program before their
      life in this flesh body is up and then it’s too late.
    20. No one comes to the
      Father except through the Son and no one will have the ability to enter
      Heaven and then the New Earth and New Heaven unless they are covered by
      the blood of Jesus.   Every sin you do must be covered by the blood of
      Jesus.   Every sin that you do after you have been born again,
      after you said the
      sinner’s prayer for real, has to be repented out and covered by the blood
      of Jesus.   Stop listening to those who either do not know what they’re
      talking about  or who are working for the enemy knowingly or unknowingly
      who tell you that you don’t need to repent of your sins after being born
    21. Becoming born again from above or regenerated by first
      believing gives you the bath.  But after you had a bath and then have sins,
      relationship offenses to God, you need to wash your feet or else you
      will have no part with Jesus.
    22. Read the Bible over and over and get to
      know what the entire word of God says; get to know what the entire New
      Testament says. Make sure you understand what all those scary versus
      mean because they all tie  together.   You do not want any Eternal
      surprises. Don’t trust in man. Believe God from His Word.
    23. Man-made, made
      up, easy way denominational doctrines blind and choke. When one is under
      the stronghold of a denominational Doctrine one can’t even read the
      Bible as is; the Bible gets reinterpreted to fit into the doctrine while
      other versus get cut out because they are not convenient.
    24. We are responsible for the whole
      Bible. These days most denominations and religions that are called
      Christian that I’ve experienced block out most of the Bible whereas
      their main target is to remove Jesus as Lord.
    25. We have the yeast of the
      Pharisees whereas the institution looks to take over as your lord. So
      they look to take the place of Jesus as your lord.  And if your
      church, religion and their “doctrine” becomes your lord then you have
      denied Christ and have NO salvation. This is one broad path that
      hundreds of millions even billions seem to be on.
    26. And then we have the yeast of
      Herod, as per understanding, which looks to control you by telling you
      that you can be your own Lord and your God can be your belly. They are
      your “permitors” who give you “official permission” that you can largely
      do what you want and it’s ok because “God has unconditional love” and
      that if you said that sinners prayer and really meant it then you’re in
      no matter what sin  you do.  “Repent? What’s that? You don’t
      need to worry about that because you’re SAVED…”, as they say. 
      They tell you to go ahead and pursue the happiness of your flesh heart
      and maximize yourself in this world without worrying about the next. 
      And if you do any sort of work or try to obey Jesus,  why you may
      be called legalistic or that you are trying to pursue work salvation.
      For the lazy who don’t ready their Bible, they easily follow this
      doctrine since it’s easy – all you have to do is just say the sinners
      prayer and really believe, become born again, but then you can go ahead
      and be your own lord pursuing the happiness of your flesh heart. 
      But then you deny Jesus as Lord, you become your own lord and your belly
      becomes your god.
    27. In summary, people
      aren’t taught with the sins of the Bible are so as they continue to do
      what was in their soul before they were born again or as they continue
      to take in sin belief through daily living, media, TVs, movies, other
      people and so on they do more and more sins. Then they don’t understand
      what’s going on why they don’t feel right. They don’t think they did any
      sins. They feel increased distance from God and they don’t know what’s going
      on. But then some man-made denominational doctrine pusher is usually right there
      to assure them that they are okay and not to worry. They may say that
      it’s “the devil” that’s making you feel convicted of sin.
    28. So that churchgoer
      continues on well trying to force ahead, to convince themselves that they are okay
      and they are okay with God. While in the meantime they’re pulling up a
      sticky mass of sins that they don’t even know our sins for the most part. 
      And they are at a point or have crossed the point where their conscience
      become seared. That’s not good. So what needs to happen now is that
      everyone needs to get back to Bible Christianity. Yes before even 101.
      People need to KNOW the Word of God and not just about the Word of God. 
      People need to read the Bible over and over plainly, and not filtered
      through their man made doctrines. People need to know what the sins of the Bible are. 
      They need to know what the
      commands of Jesus of the New Testament are since they are key to just
      about everything in regards to you getting into Heaven and walking holy
  2. The Spirit of God says You don’t use
    target focused repentance, because of your pride!

    1. Yes it seems even scary to admit
      some of these sins we have done so we want to ignore them. But God does
      not want us to do that. He’s willing to forgive us if we just come clean
      and admit what we’ve done and admit it’s wrong and change our beliefs
      about that sin and furthermore change our belief in God’s way, His
      command  instead. 
    2. Settle matters with God.  Talk to
      God and ask Him to reveal unconfessed sins and any error in  you so you
      can confess the sins and change your belief in sins, that they are ok or
      good to believing on God’s Word, that His Word is the only thing ok and
      good to do or think.
    3. Get right with God so you know in
      your heart that things are good between you and God.  You need to have
      your relationship opened back up.  Every time you sin you offend God and
      hurt Him personally.  Many people were never told the necessity of
      repentance or even what it was due to ignorant leadership or bad
      doctrines.  Many people don’t have any clue that you are to have a very
      personal moment by moment relationship with God.  And many people have a
      sticky mass of horrendous amounts of sin, personal offenses to God built
      up and all recorded against them, and they don’t even know it,
      believers.  When you carefully go through that list of 666 sins on our
      site you’ll likely be shocked how many sins you’ve been doing, not
      because you are bad in particular, but not sinning against God requires
      drastic change of mind, a drastic reprogramming of your soul, which
      unfortunately, most churches did not teach us.
    4. What is repentance? How many
      people actually know?  You’ve probably heard by now that it’s not just
      saying sorry. You’ve probably heard by now that it’s a changing of the
      Mind.  What exactly is this changin of the mind?  It is the changing of
      your beliefs from the commands of Satan to the commands of Jesus.
    5. if you look at Matthew
      28:19-20 you’ll understand that the entire New Testament is the Apostles
      doing their job to go into all nations teaching them all of Jesus
      commands whatsoever then baptizing them in the name of the father Son
      and Holy Spirit. 
    6. And because Matthew 28 19-20 is
      there not only do we have the job of learning and mastering Jesus’ 
      commands putting them into our habits, by fully Believing on them that
      they are good and the thing to do, but is also our job to go into all
      nations teaching Jesus commands.
    7. Jesus’  commands have all the
      instructions you need for eternal life and exactly how to believe and
      exactly how to repent.  Don’t you know that repentance is the changing
      of mine from believing in the ways of Sin, evil, death, destruction, the
      commands of Satan to believing in the ways of God, the will of the
      Father, Jesus’ commands of the New Testament?   yes and that also
      includes as one of His commands to follow Jesus by walking in the
      Spirit.  Be in Spirit and in Truth.  Be in Holy Spirit and in Jesus. 
      God wants worshipers in Truth and Spirit. 
  3. The Spirit of God says  Your haughty
    spirits and attitudes have caused you to fall into the enemy’s pit. 

    1. I personally can’t stand these
      doctrines that try to become our Lord displacing the Lord Himself.  
      Sounds like the yeast of Pharisees doesn’t it.   I’ve had a lot of
      experience with these doctrines. They say that they have it all figured
      out and their way is the only way.   And their way doesn’t come close to
      the Bible’s Way. It’s a slice of the Bible swirled around a bit,
      ultimately so they can control the people and make sure they pay their
      tithes and so on and so forth. These doctrines are power systems to
      control the masses and extract wealth for from them to increase the
      power and wealth of the heads of these religions organizations. How can
      you tell or say that?  They don’t preach Jesus is Lord, meaning you have
      to do all that Jesus says or else you are a worker of lawlessness.  They
      preach another Jesus.  They hide Jesus’ commands where as Jesus’
      commands are the cornerstone of the Doctrine of Christ, the foundation
      of the Church which were commanded to the apostles and then to us to go
      teach all the world, all of Jesus’ commands whatsoever.   If you don’t
      obey Jesus then He is not your lord and you have NO SALVATION.  This is
      the 1/2 of the salvation messages that these Pharisee religions and
      Herod denominations have cut out putting billions of souls in jeopardy
      of missing out of Heaven.
    2. You can see how these man-made
      Doctrine religions have done this over and over over time and it’s still
      going on in the world as of this typing.   They care more about their
      traditions that they made up than with the Word of God plainly says. I
      don’t understand where they get the nerve.   It’s as if they think they
      have more power than God. They’ve made their own reality. And they made
      up their own Heaven.  Wow they must be really powerful… they must have
      become gods.   After all did in the Serpent’s say ” ye shall be as
      gods…”  So I guess they believe the serpent and have become gods. Not
      sure what they are going to say when they deal to deal with God
      Almighty, their Maker.
    3. Yes these doctrines  and their
      pushers don’t like you reading the Bible too much if at all.   And at
      one point they would kick you out of the church or even kill you if you
      tried to read the Bible on your own,  as far as I understand.   I know I
      got lectured when I mentioned that I was excited that I started reading
      the Bible for the first time with the goal of reading all the way
      through.   I thought I was doing a good thing but my religious leader at
      the time got awfully concerned and upset and scolded me that I wasn’t
      supposed to be in interpreting the Bible on my own.   But by that age I
      understood that there was such thing as “a scam” and scammers  and this
      religious leaders sales pitch sounded like one of those scams. So I ”
      rebelled” to go on and read the Bible.  
    4. And then I finally believed on
      Jesus actually for real shortly after.  Reading the Bible woke me up big
      time and I knew I was not right with God.  So I cried out to God to help
      me praying directly to Him. 
    5. After I got through the Bible
      even just once I realized I grew up in a total scam.    This religion
      was a soul death trap.   It was wild yet tragic that such an institution
      would even exist.   But they’re all over the place in  all sorts of
      shapes and sizes.
    6. These man made religions and
      denomination contractions from my experience largely did  one of two
      things: 1.  They try to be your lord displacing Jesus  2.  Or tell you
      that you can be your own lord  and go on to maximize your life In This
      World In the Flesh.   Both ways deny Jesus as Lord. How so?  In order
      to have Jesus as Lord you need to do what He says.  Why do you call me
      Lord Lord and not do what I say?”  Luke 6:46   and if you don’t have
      Jesus as Lord than you have no salvation  Romans 10:10.   if you don’t
      obey Jesus as Lord than you become a worker of lawlessness. If you don’t
      obey Jesus as Lord then you don’t abide in him and then you don’t
      produce fruit.   If you don’t produce fruit,  a return for God and the
      kingdom then you will be tossed into the outer Darkness. 
    7. So let’s make
      sure we have Jesus as Lord and no one else or nothing else. If you know
      the Bible much you’ll understand that being in the enemies pit is really
      really bad. It’s time that you get rid of your man made doctrines and
      that you read the Bible and believe what God says. 
    8. Why do you need a doctrine anyways?
      Your only doctrine should be the Bible, the Doctrine of Christ.
    9. Just
      simply believe What God Says and if you have any questions ask your One
      and Only Teacher.   If we all were taught by God as we were supposed to
      be then there wouldn’t be any denominations or at least it wouldn’t be
      any denominational doctrines, would there be.  
    10. Here is your new
      statement of faith for your denomination: 1. We believe what God says
      from His Word 2.  We seek to do everything He says from His Word even turning
      His commands into our habits. 3. Amen.
    11. And now since we know the word of
      God we can recognize a  modern Prophet who is in tune with the Word
      of God vs one who is not.
    12. And if God is speaking through a modern
      day prophets then we will be able to listen to what he has to say and then check the
      scriptures to see if those things line up with the word of God as the Bereans did with Paul. 
  4. The Spirit of God says You’re afraid
    of target focused repentance, because you will have to admit there is fault
    with you and your congregation.

    1. It’s unfortunate a lot of pastors
      have  bought into this concept that you were supposed to be Zapped
      perfect like a robot the day you were born again so then they try to
      pretend like they’re perfect and everyone goes around pretending like
      they’re perfect.   Yet since they never got past the milk of the
      word they don’t know the meat of the word, the difference between right
      and wrong.
    2. They don’t understand that the
      soul is not zapped perfect when you are born again. You were given a
      perfect Spirit man born of God but your soul was left unchanged. So
      whatever was in your soul before due to beliefs, beliefs in sin, 
      remains there until you repent it out.
    3. How do you repent it out? You
      stop believing in that sin. But that’s going to take a lot of organized
      work to go in and find all the sins of the Bible and deprogram them out
      of you. Then it’s going to take a lot of work to go into the New
      Testament and programmed all the Bible verses stated in a command style
      or an implied command style and the entire New Testament which are
      Jesus’ Commandments,  the command of the King of the Universe, the King
      of kings and Lord of lords.
    4. And what’s more unfortunate is
      that they multiply their error into their congregation whereas you have
      a bunch of people running around not knowing that they need to repent of
      sins. You have a bunch of people running around not knowing the sins of
      the Bible. You have a bunch of people running around having no clue what
      a lord is much less what Jesus is Lord is.   And you have a bunch of
      people running around not knowing what Jesus’s Commandments are 
      therefore making it extremely easy to disobey Jesus Commandments and
      become workers of lawlessness.
    5. This is why the church has become
      so weak. You have Believers with sticky masses of sin piled up against
      them after they’ve become born again because no one taught them to send
      to the Bible or the commandments of Jesus. No one taught them that they
      need to stop obeying Satan as lord and  start obeying Jesus as
    6. Why was that?  Error in these
      man-made doctrines which you could argue could have been strategic weed
      seeds planted by the Kingdom of Darkness. On the other hand you could
      argue that people didn’t want to hear the truth and that people didn’t
      want to hear they need to stop sinning and obey Jesus, denying oneself
      in the flesh and walk in holy in the Spirit.  Because they rather
      maximize their lives now in the flesh instead of believing God.  It’s
      very easy to do.   It’s the easy way and the broad path.   So since
      there was a market for a certain type of easy way flesh maximization
      message,  life in this world maximization message instead of maximizing
      for eternity, then certain people who didn’t care about God’s Word, 
      found a market demand and sought to satisfy it. 
    7. These people saw financial
      opportunity by understanding that they could force people just about to
      give them 10% of their income by preaching a nice little story once a
      week in combination with a couple few weekly ceremonies. 
    8. Another angle:  I’ve seen a lot
      of people in leadership positions maybe worry too much about their
      position of authority and the concept of authority instead of a concept
      of serving.  They conveniently ignore the Lord’s words when He says
      were are all on the same level and are not to lord over one another like
      the heathen do.    
  5. The Spirit of God says. It is an
    abomination that church leaders in their congregations or not Target Focus 
    repenting because they don’t want to admit they are wrong or at fault.

    1. If
      someone sinned or kept on sinning
      against you without changing their minds about their sins to you; 
      wouldn’t you consider using a
      term like an abomination if that person kept on pretending like nothing
      was wrong?

      For an extreme example:
      what if you’re married and your spouse thinks it’s fine and dandy to go
      have an affair. The TV series they are watching tells them that
      it’s the cool thing to do. So they believe the TV and seek to obey the
      suggestion.  So they share their new idea about how it’s the cool
      in thing to go out and have an affair.  They tell you that you should just accept it and
      that it’s normal, or to get with the times because everyone else is
      doing it plus the TV says so. But obviously you do not think it’s a good
      idea and you are deeply offended. But your spouse goes on with their
      affair and has one.  They now expect you to be fine with it and
      that the marriage to go on fine and dandy just as always. Now wouldn’t
      that be an abomination to you? Wouldn’t it be intolerable
      that they don’t repent about their affair?  That’s a bit of an
      exaggerated example but all sins by your spouse to you will have a
      similar effect and will close off the open trust relationship between
      you and your spouse unless mended by repentance of your spouse.

      repentance in this case could happen if your spouse realizes that is wrong,
      admits it which is confessing it and then completely changes their mind
      about it. But they change their cerebral mind about it AND their heart’s
      mind about it so you can sense that they really believe that such a bad
      idea was completely and abhorrently wrong.  If they did that there could be a chance of reconciliation
      (yet in this specific example you would not be Biblically obligated but
      for the sake of this example which unfortunately has been happening way
      too often…). If you thought that your spouse still
      loved you and just was not very bright OR simply did it because it was a
      generational curse thing and your spouse had no clue what was going on
      on that level of things,  then you could be open to forgive your
      spouse,  even after such a hideous sin against you.

    2. Well we have to look at things
      from God’s perspective. You’ll understand God’s perspective better and
      better by getting to know the Bible and accepting the Bible for what the
      Bible says as shocking as it may seem at times.

    3. There’s one part of our
      relationship with God which is very close. It’s considered a marriage in
      fact. In fact we saw that Israel, ancient Israel was married to God but
      then since they kept cheating on Him with other gods without repentance
      eventually he divorce them.

    4. Now we have the bride of Christ. There is a
      new marital relationship scenario going on. Now after you have been come
      born again you have God living within you. Most of us don’t realize that
      He’s there all the time. He sees what we see. He’s living through us.
      Holy spirit is a multi-layered being according to Kat Kerr and so he
      puts a whole layer of himself into you. So it’s why God is right there
      all the time in full person having an individual eyes relationship with
      us. That’s really mind-blowing when you think of it.

    5. When you really
      think of it then  the sobering thought of all the bad and dumb stuff
      you’ve done was done with God right there with you experiencing that
      through you. That’s shocking isn’t it. On top of that you have a lot of
      angels, your poor guardian angel and other angels that you’ve upset.  
      On top of that every moment of your
      life is recorded on video and Heaven has no data storage

    6. So….  it’s time we get a perspective of how things are and
      how offensive these things are to God Who’s right there with us in all we

    7. Man… We’ve got some serious, serious, high volume targeted Focus
      repentance that needs to be done don’t we!   Fortunately fortunately
      fortunately….  for us,  as long as we are in these flesh bodies and
      our heart keeps ticking, God is willing to forgive.   Then again we are
      always one heartbeat away from eternity so…  don’t waste time. 
      right with God.  Confess your sins. Ask God to help you know what your
      sins are. Ask God to expose any error within you so it can be corrected
      and corrected swiftly. Ask God if there any commandments of Jesus
      that you are not obeying or obeying well. And ask Him to h
      you become better at obeying those commandments. 
  6. The Spirit of God says My people have
    lost the art of war, for any true warrior of mine knows that waging an
    effective warfare, starts with target focused repentance and prayer.

    1. Most people are usually have no
      idea what the word repent even means. I have never ever heard a pastor
      or any sort of Bible teacher explain what repenting actually is.  So let
      me share with you what I’ve learned because I asked my Teacher and
      He helped me understand: Firstly you are in a relationship with God. The
      relationship can be looked at from many angles. There is the father to
      son or daughter relationship. And then there is the marital relationship
      concept with you as the bride of Christ.   Then there is the servant to
      Master relationship.   And of course there is the created being to God
      Almighty relationship, God Who is all-powerful and all-knowing and Who
      sustains our very breath moment by moment.
    2. But let’s think about that
      marital relationship angle.  Are you married or have you been? (Yes it’s
      unfortunate I have to even ask ‘have you been’  these days right?)  
      Well in a marriage relationship you have a living, ongoing, tethered by
      trust, interaction which each other.   And at any moment in time if this
      trust is damaged due to an offense well that trust shuts down a certain
      amount or the trust completely shuts down even. So that open channel of
      trust between you two needs to be restored in order to have the good
      relationship  and happy times with your spouse.
    3. Now let’s just say in offense
      happened whereas you offended your spouse; you hurt their feelings.  You
      may not have meant it but you did.    Your spouse took whatever you did
      or said as an offense.  Now there’s a problem.  The happy times of open
      fellowship with your spouse got cut off or limited severely. Why is
      that? Because you hurt your spouse’s feelings, you hurt them, so as a
      defense mechanism, they closed you off so they won’t be hurt again. In
      fact what you did to your spouse is called a sin, yes even if you had no
      idea that you were hurting their feelings.  And your sin against your
      spouse, as your spouse perceives such an offence as a sin against them,
      cuts off,  blocks, hiders your relationship with them.
    4. So therefore trust needs to be
      reestablished. How is this trust reestablished ? This trust is really
      established by a concept called “repentance”! In order to repair the
      trust you first need to identify the offensive thing that you did. You
      need to know what this sin against your spouse was.  You need to
      actually understand how this hurts your spouse’s feelings.  And when
      your spouse senses that you genuinely believe in your heart that this
      sin is wrong and bad and that you never want to do that sin again, then
      your spouse can forgive you and trust you.  You’ve probably experienced
      this process MANY times.    Well it’s arguably the same process with
    5. Once you have clarity on what
      this sin is and how it hurts your spouse’s feelings then you could
      realize that this thing that your spouse calls a sin, is no good and no
      longer acceptable to do ever again.  You now change your beliefs to
      assign a belief in your cerebral mind and heart that anything related to
      this sin concept from any angle is no good to do in relationship to your
      spouse.   So you disbelieve in this sin.    And when your
      spouse sees that you understand what this in is and that you now really
      believe that this sin is bad, then they can now feel better about
      opening back up that channel of trust with you since you now understand
      that sin.  And since you love your spouse, you won’t want to do that sin
    6. But wait there’s more!   Not only
      does God want you to make Him feel loved!  How do you do this?   Well
      doesn’t Jesus give us this formula? Doesn’t He give us his formula in
      John 14:15? We are fortunate because God lists out what hurts His
      feelings  ahead of time for us by labeling what’s a sin in the Bible.  
    7. He also lists out what makes Him
      feel loved and these are Jesus’ Commandments of the New Testament.  “For
      if you love me, keep my commandments”. But wait there’s even more? Did
      you know that if you follow sin and obey sin that you are a slave to
      sin?   Have you ever thought of the concept of sin actually being a
      creature as mentioned in Genesis with Cain and this creature is actually
      the “Anti-God” with his lord and king of the Kingdom of Darkness, named
      Lucifer, or Satan?   Yes the Kingdom of Darkness and the ways of sin are
      inverse to the ways of God. The ways of sin are like antimatter to the
      ways of God which is like matter. Sin brings destruction. God’s ways
      bring life.  
    8. But there’s more to this
      equation. Salvation is based on who owns you which means who is your
      master and Lord. You get this choice to choose after you have been born
      again,  to choose either Jesus or Satan  as your Lord/lord. If you obey
      the Commandments of Satan/Sin  then Satan is your lord.    If you obey
      the commandments of Jesus the will of God then Jesus is your Lord.  If
      you obey Jesus then you will be a worker of lawfullness. If you obey
      Satan you will be a worker of lawlessness. If you obey Jesus you get to
      go to Heaven because Jesus is your Lord and Master.   But  if you will
      obey Satan then he is your lord and master and you get to go with him
      down to the pit because he is your master and lord.   To most people
      that will sound shocking and strange. Why? Most people don’t know the
      Bible;  they rely on ” others”  to teach the Bible to them which is a
      massive mistake.  you are to be taught by God;  you need no man teach
      you;  your to be taught by your One and Only Teacher.
  7. The Spirit of God says ‘Woe, Woe,
    Woe, to you leaders that have led my people astray. 

    1. Just so you know three woes is
      really bad, really really really bad. So your best and smartest action
      will be to assume that you’ve messed up as a leader of God’s people and
      pursue any possibility of error, any pocket of confusion or lack of
      clarity on any Bible verse or vocabulary word in the Bible, on any Bible
      verse that you’ve ignored especially due to the doctrine in your likely
    2. Understand that if the crowd is
      doing it then it’s likely wrong.   Understand that just because you are
      denominational leadership says something, that certainly doesn’t mean
      it’s right. Understand what the yeast of the Pharisees actually means.
      Understand what the yeast of Herod actually means. Understand the spirit
      realm. Understand there are new prophets and prophecies. 
    3. Whatever you do, scramble! 
      Move fast because judgment on the church is coming very soon if it’s not
      already here.  After the NWO is destroyed next comes the church.  
    4. If you’re under a denominational
      or religious doctrine you can pretty much assume that you’re an
      error.  These are not laid-back times. You must get aggressive and take
      the pains to make sure you’re on track with God. God said he would even
      remove certain leaders from the face of the Earth if they didn’t quickly
      repent –  don’t be one of those please.  You can use the materials such
      as the list of 666 sins of the Bible and list of Commands of Jesus
      verses to help you accelerate your progress.   And most certainly as a
      leader you’re going to need to be on a 3 times or 5 times a year volume
      Bible reading plan;  access ours or make up your own.
    5. It’s time to make sure that you
      know the word and don’t just know about the Word.  it’s time to make
      sure you are bearing fruit on an individual basis. It’s time to make
      sure that you are spending quality alone time with the Lord regularly
      because it’s really easy to get away from that due to too
      much ministerial busyness.   
    6. Make sure you become very good at
      not pleasing man, not fearing man. Fearing man is a snare. Make sure you
      understand what that means.   Obtain the superpower of no longer being
      offended –  that will make you powerful indeed and will prevent you from
      having to figure out how to forgive people and who to forgive;  as we
      know forgiveness is a big deal because God says he won’t forgive us
      unless we forgive others which is scary. And then the question is for
      you:  how do you really know that you’ve really forgiven someone?
  8. The Spirit of God says  You, who are
    cowardly and afraid of offending, have sacrificed my truth and my people on
    the altar of Mammon.

    1.  Remember the warnings about being fearful and
      effeminate in Revelation. Political correctness is a hideous satanic
      scam that has made us look like fools. Seek to destroy political
      correctness at every turn, expose it. Being politically correct put you
      under the control of the Kingdom of Darkness be manipulated at their
      will. All I need to do is call you a name and then you obey! Pathetic
      isn’t it. Unfortunately we didn’t know what it was I have most of us got
      caught up in it until we realized it was a scam.
    2. Political correctness and fake righteousness
      are what the wicked promote. They have there charities but those
      donations don’t necessarily go to helping people do they.
    3. Start offending people according to the Word of
      God! By doing so you’re showing mercy and love. Are we going to be so
      nice that went allow people to just simply slide into the pit forever?
      Forget that. Start tearing down and exposing this scam a political
      correctness and fake righteousness and do so swiftly all around you.
    4. Additionally those under the bondage of the
      Demonic control of the 501 c 3 where held in further control of the
      kingdom of darkness allowing themselves to be threatened if they don’t
      say and go along with satanic wickedness
  9. The Spirit of God says Repent now or
    you will not come out of that pit, for truly you have received your reward
    and that’s all you will get.

    1.  Despite popular doctrines,
      you see here the threat of the pit. That’s not good. Do not assume
      you’re going to go to heaven just because you believed at one time
      through a sinner’s prayer and that some man-made doctrine says that’s
      all you needed to do. That’s not what the Bible says it all. Get on our
      volume Bible reading plans and read the Bible 5 times a year and get to
      know the word of God. Eternity is a long time it’s best to try and do
      everything right, now.
    2. Better do what God says. So you
      may struggle believing in this prophecy but just think this way: it’s
      better to do the better thing. It is smart, most certainly, to get right
      with God and repent. Even if you don’t know what to repent about simply
      start talking to God and reading His Word. Ask God to expose your sins.
      Ask God to give you understanding on why they are sins. For help
      download that list of 666 sins off of our website and get to work!  The
      Spirit of God says You honor me with your lips but your hearts are far
      from me. Because of your pride and refusal to repent, there will be no
      hiding from this judgment. The Spirit of God says it’s upon my church,
      especially the leadership. 
    3. Despite popular doctrines, you see here the
      threat of the pit. That’s not good. Do not assume you’re going to go to
      heaven just because you believed at one time through a sinner’s prayer
      and that some man-made doctrine says that’s all you needed to do. That’s
      not what the Bible says it all. Get on our volume Bible reading plans
      and read the Bible 5 times a year and get to know the word of God.
  10. The Spirit of God says Your big fancy
    homes, clothes and cars, were made with money stained with innocent
    blood. The Spirit of God says This has allowed the enemy to come in on you
    like a flood. The Spirit of God says Even the Pharisees knew not to touch
    that money, but woa to you that continue to take it saying it’s sweet as

    1. Throw out your doctrines. Learn
      the Commands of Jesus of the New Testament and turn them into your
      beliefs which then turns them into your habits. Confess your error
      quickly.  The clock is ticking. Judgment is coming soon to the
      church. As of this typing the sign of the death of the NWO has hit. The
      next sign, the next passing of the next USA president of the Evil Crew
      of 32, means the judgment on the Church, begins.  Hurry up and get
      right with God. If unclear or confused, then assume you’re in trouble
      and turn to God quickly. Understand that God says what He means and
      means what He says.  Understand that since God says He is not a
      respecter of persons, then that means you are NOT special: obey Jesus
      commandments or perish.
  11. The Spirit of God says The blood, the
    blood which cries out to me day and night, from the aborted babies to the
    murdering of my prophets. The Spirit of God says The blood is on my
    churches’ hands, and yet no repentance? 

    1. God is blaming the church or allowing abortion
      to come into the land. This is not good. Your doctrines have diluted you
      into thinking that you can do whatever you want just because you said a
      sinner’s prayer. Sorry that’s not close to being Biblical. Start reading
      the Bible over 5 times a year and you’ll start to get to know the Word
      of God as opposed to your doctrines that cut out parts of the Word of
      God and twisted them for the sake of denying Jesus as Lord well
      permitting yourself to be your own lord; and that equals Eternal death
      because making Jesus your Lord is salvation. And making Jesus your lord
      means to obey what He says.
  12. The Spirit of God says I am looking
    for my true love, my pure spotless bride, and it grieves me her garments are
    stained because of pride. Where is she? Where is she my true love, I can no
    longer wait, my judgment is upon you, repent and come back to me before it’s
    too late.

    1. God is not messing around. He wants a spotless
      bride. So therefore become spotless. Confess your sins and change your
      mind about them no longer believing them but Jesus’ command instead to
      be covered under the blood of Jesus.
    2. Understand that you are not safe because your
      doctrine says so. You are not saved until you are saved. So obey Jesus.
      Discover His commands in the New Testament, which is any verse stated in
      a command style or in an implied style so you can be saved.


Action Plan to Mark Taylor Prophecy Purging the Temple 4-26-16 – Get Out of the 501c3 FAST!

  1. The Spirit of God says, “The 501c3, the 501c3, those that are eating of it are not
    eating from my tree! For when I told Adam and Eve do not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil for you shall surely see, so it is with those that eat from the 501c3.”
    1. A church that has chosen to be in the 501c3 is equated with Adam and Eve who disobeyed and partook in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
    2. A church does not need to be in the 501.c.3 at all.  Just because “everyone else is jumping off a cliff” does that mean you need to do that too?  No. How accurate is the crowd usually?  Not very. What’s the way of the broad path?  The easy way.
    3. The church that has chosen to partake in the 501c3  is eating from the wrong tree.
    4. Those churches who  have partaken in the 501c3  have fallen and have put themselves under the control of the Kingdom of Darkness.
    5. Those churches under the 5013c3 are in Babylon, they are under the control of Babylon the Mother of all Harlots.
    6. 501c3  participation can be considered an act of treason to the Kingdom of Heaven. Most churches have been treasonous.
    7. Most  churches will be shocked at this prophecy and may even scoff.  They’re in big trouble for when the 2nd ex pres of the Evil Crew of 32 dies then judgment comes to the church and that judgment is sounding like it will be severe.
    8. If your church is part of the 501c3,  it would be wise for you to stop giving money to them, as shocking as that may sound.  Unfortunately if you’ve given to them in the past (and who hasn’t) then you’ve been investing in the  Kingdom of Darkness.  That’s not good.
    9. Haven’t you realized the difference between these denomination’s doctrines, their fake doctrine sales pitches vs the Bible? Who are you going to believe? God or some  religious organization?  How come most pastors can not accurately answer basic Bible questions?
    10. Don’t you know that we’re not supposed to Lord over each other? So we have these religious institutions that tell you what to do from their man made doctrines (i.e. like Pharisees).  They tell you what to think and say and then threaten you if you go against their doctrine telling you you’re going to go to hell and all this and that if you don’t obey their man made doctrine that they made up for their own benefit (or Lucifer’s benefit).   Is that even biblical Behavior?  
    11. Didn’t the Lord already warn us about how the world tries to rule over an a dictatorial and tyrannical style?  
  2. The Spirit of God says, “For this demonic document that you have signed has now made you spiritually deaf, mute, and blind.”
    1. “So God actually says what He means and means what He says in the Bible? Uh oh!” Which one of these denominations actually preached the whole New Testament? Do they not cut out verse after verse that don’t match up to their “itching ears” flesh or self as lord doctrines?  (Or their religious institution as lord doctrines?!)
  3. The Spirit of God says,  “Woe to those who continue to use this demonic system for you will be exposed and purged from this evil cistern.”
    1. Pastors, is your church STILL in the  501c3?  This prophecy is over 2 years old as of this typing. Go study and see what the 501c3 is really all about. It’s a bunch of nonsense used to control you.  See for yourself. There is no necessity for you to be in it.
    2. Also  consider the consequences if your church does not get out of it immediately.  If you don’t repent you may lose it all and pastors may be removed from the face of the earth as God says.   Another thing to think about:  You may think that because of your doctrines that if you just say a sinners prayer once,  you can do whatever  you want.  Better read the New Testament over a bunch of times.  That’s not the case at all.  Learn what it means to wash your feet.  Learn what a lord is and learn what Jesus as Lord actually means. Warning:  You maybe one of those pastors that Peter and Jude talk about.  That’s not good.  So repent. If in doubt, repent anyways!  Repent means to change all of your cerebral and heart thoughts and beliefs to what God says in the Bible.  Throw away your doctrines fast for they put a powerful stronghold over you.  Your doctrines, like blinders on a horse prevent you from seeing many verses in the New Testament.  I speak from much experience.
  4. The Spirit of God says, “Can you not see that you are taking a bribe? They will say it’s all about the money, and for that you shall be kicked from my tribe!”
    1. The threat gets worse.  Kicked out of God’s tribe?  That sounds drastically bad. So don’t mess around or wait another moment for your sake and your congregation sake.  Sounds like Hell.
    2. Demand your church get out of the 501c3.  Show them this prophecy.  Or go start another church or go to some other Church.   Churches are going back to home church style of a max 120 people as prophets have said here in this Kingdom Age.
    3. Consider doing something quickly especially when there is a threat to your eternity on the line in terms of getting kicked out of God’s tribe.
  5. The Spirit of God says,  “Taking a bite from that apple has taken you from a spiritual body to a brick and mortar, and has placed you under the New World Order.”
    1. That sounds scary. You need that eternal body in order to get into Heaven right?
    2. Is this referring to fleshed based thinking or to a loss of salvation?   Considering the previous verse of being kicked out of God’s tribe take the threat very seriously. And don’t stick to your denominational man-made doctrine, twisted interpretation of the Bible and salvation. Just read the Bible and accept all the verses in the Bible and you’ll get a composite whole of what it takes to be saved.  Know what God says, all of it. Do what God says, all of it.  It’s very simple.
    3. Don’t try to prove yourself right to God just submit in be willing to do what He says to you.  Talk to God directly about these matters.   We are in a change of timeline right now having entered a new age on the Earth called the Kingdom Age.  Get in tuned with it fast if you’re not already.
  6. The Spirit of God says,  For how can you be a part of my spiritual body when you have cut off my head?
    1. Yes most of these pop doctrines have cut Jesus out as Lord as I’ve been saying for quite a while.   How is this?  They deny Jesus as Lord because they don’t accept and teach what Jesus says. 
    2. They didn’t want Jesus as lord.  They want to be their own lord and make themselves god, just like Lucifer. 
    3. They won’t accept the denial of self, death to self, the denial of the flesh, the denial of the happiness of the flesh heart.  They want to maximize the happiness of their flesh heart in this world when God says to deny the pursuit of the flesh.  God says we need to suffer out the flesh and lose our life in this world, giving it over to Jesus instead.  Many in the world can not tolerate this message so they twist around the Bible and try to tell God how things should be, trying to make themselves god over God, just like Lucifer.
    4. This is why they have cut out the Commands of Jesus of the New Testament.  They don’t even know what a lord is besides a title of some chap in England.  For how can you call Jesus Lord if you don’t do what He says?  When you confess Jesus is Lord as stated in Romans 10:9-10  you admit Jesus YOUR Lord which means that you admit that you have to do what Jesus  says from the New Testament and in real time in the Spirit.  ““Why do you call Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?” Luke 6:46.
    5. How did this happen?  This happened due to a yeast infection. The yeast of Pharisee and the yeast of Herod.  How many of these denominations teach that you must obey all that Jesus say?  How many of these denominations teach Jesus’ commandments of the New Testament’s, and do so as absolute requirements otherwise you become a worker of lawlessness?  And as stated in Romans 10:9-10 you have no salvation unless you have obedience to Jesus, God the Son.
    6. This happened also due to the 501c3!  Because if the Kingdom of Darkness can get you to deny Jesus as Lord which means, that you disobey what He says, what He commands from the New Testament then the Kingdom of Darkness can win and claim souls for themselves.   Understand that we are undergoing the same test here as the Angels did:  Who are you going to follow? Obey as Lord & God?   Or are you going to obey the ways of sin and evil and make Lucifer-Satan your lord?
  7. The Spirit of God says,  For those that don’t turn will surely fall as dead.
    1. Now the threat increases.   Are you interested in being taken out early in a state that is unpleasing to God?   Repent quickly.
  8. The Spirit of God says,  “Tear up the contract, repent, divorce Baal, and re-marry me, and l will remove the spiritual blindness so you can once again see.”
    1. Obey. Stop thinking.  STOP caring what man thinks, fearing man trying to please man is a snare.
  9. Come out of this! Come out of this before it’s too late, for my judgments are on those systems that I hate.
    1. God is now pleading for you for your sake.  That usually happens when things are about to become final.  There is a time line to things.  Get with the time line.
    2. Don’t Mess With God. Get it done. Man up. Don’t be a pansy.   Save yourself and your ministry. Repent and turn to God. Throw away your denominational doctrine and now teach people how to make Jesus their Lord and how to be taught by Him directly.  Teach people the Commands of the New Testament as you were supposed to do (and we all are) as commissioned in Matthew: 28:19-20
  10. Come out now for I will no longer tolerate!”
    1. Time’s up.

Today Marks the Eternally Historical Day – the Day of the Sign that the NWO DIES

See The Mark Taylor Prophecy – the Evil Crew of 32 Below

They’ve been given plenty of chance to repent and turn back to God.  You acknowledge Lucifer but you can’t acknowledge God your Creator?  Does that even make sense? Don’t mess with you Maker, the One Who made you and holds all things together. 

Did you know that Yeshua is your MAKER?  Nothing that was made of the visible realm was made without Him and everything was made through Him.  That would mean that the Master Carpenter fashioned all you see including you and the hundreds of billions of galaxy with their hundreds of billions of starts that God will one day fold up like a bed cover. 

See John 1 “1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 [a]He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men.”

See Hebrews 1

You see if you would have been reading the Bible to get to KNOW the Word of God instead of all of your magic books, Babylonian based religious books and whatever dark, God denying books you were into, you would not have joined forces with eternal death.  And eternal death, Sin, Hell, Hades, the worker demons below, can’t wait to get their hands on you to rip you apart over and over for an eternity.   (For more info on that see the Bible and see various Hell and Heaven visitation testimonies (ones that are not from your Kingdom of Darkness.)

The Good News is that if you are still alive in this flesh body there is actually hope for you. You can just admit that you don’t really know what you are doing and cry out to God for help.  Yes you, even you can be saved.  God actually desires that you would turn to Him.  He actually loves you a lot, still, even if you find that hard to believe.  Just confess how way off , insane or deceived you were (or whatever right word choice that comes to you) and tell God that you are willing to give up EVERYTHING and just do what He says.   Ask Him for mercy.  Ask Him for the ABILITY to believe on Jesus (since you have to be enabled by God the Father to come to Jesus and believe on Him).  When you are ready (hopefully soon) believing on Jesus with your whole heart that God the Father raised Jesus from the dead and confess Jesus as Lord (as opposed to Lucifer or self).  Confessing Jesus is Lord means that you are admitting He is your Lord which means you are admitting that you need to do, to obey what He says.  What does Jesus say?  Jesus gives the apostles to teach, expound on His commands throughout the world (Matthew 28:19-20)  So every verse stated in a command style or implied command style is an order, a command of Jesus the Lord.   So we master those.  And Jesus commands contain walking in the Spirit (the new man, the new spirit being born of God, that you get after you believe on Jesus in your heart for real) which mean following His direction, His commands, His teaching in real time.

Access Model Salvation Prayer

Salvation Prayer Model

See these posts too The Evil Crew of 32 Review & Action Plan – Mark Taylor Prophecy of 1-16-18

Mark Taylor Prophecy – The Evil Crew of 32 – 1-16-18

The Spirit of God asks “Why are My people attacking one another? Why are My people engaging in friendly fire?

  1. what’s being exposed right now is the difference between those who know
    God and those who know a few things about God but actually follow another
    lord.   they follow a religious leader or they follow a man-made Doctrine or
    they use these man-made doctrines to enable themselves to follow their own
    cells whereas their God is their belly. May’s denominational doctrines can
    be very blinding. Wake up and read the Bible over and over and over and over
    and over again. Be taught by God.
  2. Learn Jesus commands  of the new testament which are any verse stated in
    a command style or an implied command style throughout the entire New
    Testament. Teaching all of Jesus’s Commandments whatsoever  was the job of
    the initial Apostles so that’s what they did and that’s what the New
    Testament is about in reference to the Great Commission of Matthew 28 19-20.
  3. so therefore if one knew the commands of Jesus they would not attack the
    other person, personally semicolon they would not hate them semicolon they
    would not judge them, the person. 

The Spirit of God says, ” Friendly fire will not be tolerated!”

  1. look out! We  have entered the kingdom age and it has been said that
    consequences be much more severe but also Rewards can become much more

The Spirit of God says, “Just because you disagree with that person doesn’t
give you the right to murder that person with your words. “Thou shall not
murder!” Repent! You will be held accountable for every word. You speak.”

  1. if one knew the word of God will they would know that there are many
    angles and layers to the understanding and the meaning of a particular Bible
    verse. He would even understand the concept of the Bible being four
    dimensional where has layers of understanding are not even seen until they
    intersect with our third dimension. This means that for one to say that a
    Bible verse is definitely saying,  exactly saying and only saying this or
    that  is problematic and troubling.   for one to force the Bible into a
    concept and claim “it’s this or thatn”  when one knows that they don’t know
    for sure if it’s this or that is not good or Genuine is it. This is why it’s
    so important for everyone to wake up and understand what it means to be
    taught by God and that we have one and only one Teacher.
    See https://biblehub.Com/interlinear/matthew/23-8.Htm 
     and https://biblehub.Com/interlinear/matthew/23-10.Htm

The Spirit of God says,”The religious, legalistic and critical spirits that
are on My people are creating
division and chaos.”

  1. having negative spirits on you does not sound good does it.  Let’s
    instead be filled with Holy Spirit instead, as we are commanded to do.
    Ephesians 5:18

The Spirit of God says, “Can you not see that you are being used by the
Kingdom of

  1. Looks like a lot of not most if not almost all need Christianity 100
    (not even 101 yet) since we’ve been so blinded by these denominational
  2. There’s a lot of fake righteousness out there which is cleverly crafted
    to go against the commandments of Jesus.   and because most don’t know the
    commandments of Jesus,  since most do not know the New Testament well
    because they depend on some man to teach them instead of getting to know the
    Word of God themselves, which makes them very easy pickings for the Kingdom
    of Darkness.  also we can’t just be hearers of the word we have to be doers
    there by obeying Jesus as Lord.

The Spirit of God says, You are aiding the enemy! How can you take on an
enemy that you are a
part of? 

  1. Now that’s a smack upside the head wake up call. That’s scary isn’t it!
    Do you want to be considered a traitor to the Kingdom of God? Of course you
    don’t. So obey the words of God through this prophecy.

The Spirit of God says, “You are using My written word as an intellectual
weapon against My people.
You Brood of Vipers!

  1. Problem is that most don’t understand is that they are arguing about
    their man-made doctrines because if they knew the Word of God they wouldn’t
    be arguing or judging or criticizing or doing railing accusations or hating
    or slandering or backbiting or gossiping or telling everyone they are false
    prophet because they don’t align with their man-made denominational doctrine
    and so on… committing sin themselves all over the place because they don’t
    know the Word of God and are a follower of a denominational doctrine as lord
    instead of the Lord Jesus Himself.  They don’t know Jesus’ commands He has
    given us through the New Testament, the entire New Testament. They don’t
    even know Jesus has commands.  And how can you call Jesus Lord if you don’t
    do what He says (or at least go about start trying to do what He says while
    working your way up to mastery).

The Spirit of God says, “My written word was meant to be wielded against the
enemy not the people of God. Repent, you who commit Spiritual Treason!”

  1. Yes it’s globally embarrassing that people are arguing about their
    denominational doctrines. Actually this is really bad because it’s caused
    the world to look at Christians and Christianity and the think that it is
    weak. They also wonder why we don’t do what the Bible says. These global
    kingdom of darkness base Babylonian religions have been flourishing because
    “Christianity” has rejected Jesus as Lord and have rejected the Word of God.
  2. We’ve been punked by the Kingdom of Darkness. While in war, we took it
    easy and let the Enemy walk right in and talk over our churches, our
    doctrines, our seminaries and our schools.  We didn’t want to admit we
    are in a war till the day we die.  We wanted to pursue the happiness of
    our hearts instead.  So we ignored God. We made up doctrines to push
    God away personally.  We made up our own ways.  We went the way of
    Babylon which is rejecting God’s way and going our own way.
  3. But God stepped in and helped us out.  He is helping us out by
    exposing how were were defeated. God is reminding us that He says what He
    means and means what He says in the Bible.  
  4. We are to now plainly  accept what is stated in the Bible and not
    try to create some easier way.  We are cure ourselves of the yeast
    infections of Pharisees and Herod through repentance and the riddance of our
    hideous traitorous doctrines.
  5. We are to return back to the doctrine of Christ, His complete Word.  We
    are to get to know the Bible instead of just knowing about the Bible. We no
    longer read the Bible only to cram it into some convenient man-made
  6. You have probably seen, especially on the internet, people attacking
    each other in the church who don’t align with their man-made denominational
    doctrines or they’re limited knowing of the Bible. They are heaping up a
    multitude of sins because for themselves because they don’t know the Bible
    and they don’t know the Commands of Jesus. It’s embarrassing.  Wake up. 
    Ask the Lord for help to break off any denominational strong hold over you
    and to set you free to follow Him.
  7. To help we have some Volume Bible reading Plans with the Volume Bible
    Reading System that will get you reading the Bible multiple times a year. No
    more of this one verse at a time deal while using your conscious mind, your
    lower level mind, your flesh mind to ” figure out”  the Bible, roll over and
    fall asleep reading plan.
  8. Come download our free volume Bible reading plans and do them. You may
    be blown away and say that they are one of the best things you’ve ever
    done.  They are free.  These plans will help you get to KNOW the Bible
    very well,  while helping you be able to cross link versss across the entire
    Bible,  from Old Testament Old Testament,  from New Testament to New
    Testament,  from Old Testament to New Testament and New Testament back to
    Old Testament.   
  9. Each time you read through the Bible  as you spend delightful time with
    God pursuing Him,  pursuing to get to know Him  better and better, He  will
    likely peel back a layer of secrets and treasures of knowledge and
    understanding to you.   And as you get to know the Word
    better you’ll better be able to recognize what’s of God and what’s not.  
    You’ll be able to better recognize  modern day  prophecy and differentiate
    what’s of God and what maybe not of God.  
  10. You will need increased discernment and the days to come.   so don’t
    mess around and get on these volume Bible reading plans or make your own.  
    that said these Volume Bible Reading Plans do come with a Volume Bible
    Reading System or at least an overview of the system. The system is also in
    the plans.  The Volume Bible Reading System has some interesting history
    behind it  being derived from the high performance world high-level
    classical music performance for the sake of learning a lot of complicated
    music to performance level quickly.

The Spirit of God says, “You think
because you know my written word that you know Me, but your hearts are far from
Me. Your intellect, your so called knowledge, has created a spiritual arrogance,
and your pride is separating you from Me.”

  1. Get on our volume Bible reading plan so you can learn how to get to KNOW
    the Word,  instead of just knowing about the Bible.   You already know that
    by getting to know the Bible better that you are getting to know God better
    right? You already know that spending time with God and His word is a
    relationship building process right? You understand that you get to know God
    better by spending time and God’s word while receiving revelation of His
    Word right? Well most people need to get more organized about getting to
    know the Bible, the entire Bible. So therefore you can use our Volume Bible
    Reading Plans and Volume Bible Reading System to effectively do so.
  2. Since we have entered The Kingdom Age  it’s time to go find out what
    that’s all about. Study the modern Prophets. Of course you are studying Mark
    Taylor right here. And you can go to ElijahList.Com  to see daily updates of
    incredible prophecies right before your very eyes. It is so important for
    you to be in tune with these prophecies if not even daily or at least
    weekly, catch up with the week. If you don’t want to read you can actually
    turn the prophecy text into an audio and listen to it as an audio by using a
    text to speech tool what you can find online -there are plenty of those.
  3. And on that note why not help others out in the process (while helping
    your own self  too):   share these volume Bible reading plans and share
    these links of these  Mark Taylor prophecy commentary and share the
    ElijahList.Com  link with others telling them how to use it.   Now you will
    multiply goodness throughout the world and have other people multiply for a
    compounded geometric effect.  We need to stop trying to take the place
    of Jesus as Lord and have the whole world taught by God directly as it’s
    supposed to be.  When we do this, as we are supposed to do,  then the entire
    world can be aligned under One Doctrine which is the Doctrine of Christ, the
    New Testament. Do what we have already been told to do in the New Testament
    and there will be one extremely powerful, unified body of Christ in the
    world.  Once we do this the world will be healed and maybe even all 7
    billions souls can be saved.
  4. And on that note,  let’s look at throwing away all of our man made
    (erroneous)  denominational doctrines and replace them with the doctrine of
    Christ,  the entire New Testament, the Commands of Jesus.

The Spirit of God says, “lf the written word was alive in you, you would not
use it to attack My people. Repent!””

  1. Is not the written word in your spirit man?  Are you walking in the
    spirit?  Do you know how to? You’re going to need to do so more so than ever
    going forward, although you are to do so always as commanded anyways.  But
    maybe a lot of people don’t understand how to do this so guess what you do? 
    Ask God!  Ask your One and Only Teacher!  He can teach you in real time. He
    can coach you to understand how to walk in the spirit better and better.
    There is no better Teacher than God.
  2. And is another tip: consider have God be your teacher in all things:  in
    your relationships,  in your work,  in your business and so on.   He is an
    AWESOME, BRILLIANT and GENIUS Teacher –  and I speak from experience from
    having Him teach me in various things.   Do you want to WIN in life and be
    super successful?  Then let God be your Coach!   Turn to Him.  Walk with
    Him.  Harmonize with Him.  Walk in Trust with Him.  Walk in communication
    with Him and He can turn you into an ultra winner while providing you the
    desires of your heart, since you delight in Him.

The Spirit of God says, Where is the sound of unity?

  1. Where is the sound of unity?   Who are God’s people? What defines the
    crossing point that makes you one of God’s people? If you have been
    regenerated, Born Again from above because you really believe on Jesus with
    your whole heart that he died for your sins and was raised from the dead
    does that make you one of God’s people? If you have been born again from
    above wouldn’t that imply you are born of God, born into His family? 
  2. But what about those who have been born again from above and have not
    been properly trained or simply have followed off into the ways of the
    world, the maximization of self in the world, the pursuit of the happiness
    of the flesh, doing what everyone else is doing, following after errant
    doctrines,  who have no clue what the sins of the Bible are or what a lord
    is much less what Jesus is Lord is.   Are those people who aren’t in line
    with God’s Word because of lack of knowledge and understanding,  or due to
    bad denominational doctrines and bad Bible teaching…  are these people
    still God’s people?  Let’s say they are. What would they unify over? If they
    can’t even recognize God’s voice in Prophecy such as these Mark Taylor
    prophecies and how can they unify? I’ve talked to people who seem sincere
    about their faith in Christ and devout but go up in arms about the concept
    of prophets or especially these Mark Taylor prophecies. Are they God’s
    people?  Why are they like that? Because they don’t know God? Because they
    or under some sort of stronghold, some denominational doctrinal stronghold, 
    maybe some societal stronghold or  maybe even a  Mystic demonic Yoga strong
  3. Who are God’s people? How can they unify?   Well let’s just say we count
    all people who say they are Christian because they go to a Christian Church
    under a variety of Christian religions or denominations.   each one of these
    religions or denominations have their own doctrine,  largely man-made
    summaries of the Bible that focus on a few verses and usually spin 
    them this way or that way to make an “easy” way  for people to “be a
    Christian”  and so on.  They tend to say they have to interpret the Bible
    for people and people “can’t interpret or understand the Bible on their own”
    so therefore they feel like they need to take the place of Lord and
    Teacher.   That said a lot of people are lazy, but then again it’s likely
    that they are lazy because they are told that they can’t interpret the Bible
    on their own or even read the Bible on their own because they are “lay
    people”  and only superior holy church leaders can tell you what’s in the
    Bible.  From my experience across several Christian religions and many
    Christian denominations this is simply and plainly the case.  But
    that’s a problem if you want you to have Unity throughout the body of Christ
    or throughout all those who say they are Christian. The problem is that
    there are too many lords and there are too many “versions”  or should I say
    ” Cliff Notes summary versions”  of the Bible.   And  these
    denominations, religions argue over who’s man made doctrine is better.  We
    have division and not unity.   The body of Christ can not be unified with
    these man made doctrines that fall way short of the Word of God in the way. 
    There can be only One Teacher and One Lord.  It’s time for all
    Christians to start being taught by God directly.
  4. So if I may propose an idea for Unity.  let’s return to Christianity
    100,  not even 101.  Let’s throw out all denominational and religious
    doctrines.  Let’s  get rid of them all.  And now let’s install into
    every Christian church the doctrine of Christ,  the only doctrine that there
    should be, which is the ENTIRE New Testament and all verses stated in a
    command style and an implied command style.  Let’s establish Jesus as Lord,
    the actual Head of the Church,  as the head of every Church.  But wait
    what’s the Lord?  A lord is a person you will obey if they are your lord. 
    Wait a minute we need to obey Jesus? That question should not even be asked
    but  ou could argue that most people don’t even understand or have heard any
    concept at all in regards to the need to obey Jesus.  Most don’t have a
    clue what a lord is throughout  modern Christianity at this point.  So what
    do we need to do to obey Jesus? 
  5. “If you love me, obey my commandments”.  “Why do you call me Lord Lord
    and not do what I say?…”   You can’t claim Jesus as Lord if you
    don’ t obey Him.  If you don’t obey the King of the Kingdom then you
    are a worker of lawlessness because the King makes the laws.  If you
    don’t have Jesus as Lord then you have no salvation (Romans 10:9-10). 
  6. If  the church unifies around the Doctrine of Christ and put Jesus
    finally back at the Head of the church by obeying Commands of the New
    Testament and by seeking his Direction and real time in the Spirit,  then
    the body of Christ will become ultra-powerful;  The people of the earth will
    be drawn to Christ.   The Earth will be healed and the joy and the love of
    God will fill the Earth. It can be similar to Heaven on Earth.  
  7. So what are we waiting for? Well I’ve done a lot of work  identifying
    the Commands of Jesus of the New Testament.  You should be able to download
    the verses lists off of our website.  In the mean time I’m working on
    commands explained training that you can find on or
    Look up The Commands of Jesus on Youtube (already have a bunch of videos up
    there. ) Plus in the videos and blog posts action steps are included in
    order to obey each command.  These videos will need to be improved over time
    as more is revealed but they are off to a good start.
  8. What’s a command of the New Testament?   It’s any verse stated in a
    command style or implied command style in the New Testament.   Jesus is King
    of Kings Lord of Lords.  A king gives commands.  The king’s commands are the
    law.  If you are obeying the commands of the king than you are a
    practitioner of law FULLness.  And those who do not obey the king are law
    breakers, practitioner of lawlessness.  We know what happens to a worker of
    lawlessness in that Jesus denies them and they get tossed into the Outer
    Darkness. We know that Jesus’ commands are His sayings.  We know that when
    people put Jesus’ sayings into practice they build their house upon a rock
    and when the storms and floods come, their house remains (as in a temporary
    situation or possibly an eternal situation).  We know that those who obey
    Jesus’ commands are those who hear the Word,  understand the Word and then
    therefore do what the Word says and consequently become the fourth seed that
    bears fruit some 30 some 60 some 100-fold.

The Spirit of God says, Where is the mercy and grace that I have shown
you?  Why are you not showing it to others?

  1. Maybe people don’t know the mercy and grace that has been shown them
    because they don’t know the consequences of sin. They don’t know the sins of
    a Bible. They don’t know that list of 666 sins of the Bible and that we are
    held accountable for those sins even after we are born again from above and
    you can even argue, especially so.
  2. We better understand what mercy and forgiveness is.  Remember that
    Jesus says the Father will not forgive your sins if you don’t forgive others
    sins.  And if your sins are not forgiven then, that could be really
    bad. So go work with God asking Him to show you all unforgiveness you have
    so you can forgive and let it go, maybe even blessing those who hurt you in
    the process.
  3. Many are told that they don’t have to worry about sin after they become
    born again, after they have said the sinner’s prayer because “all their
    future sins are forgiven”. Now just think in a relationship with your spouse
    if you have one:  if you did anything you wanted to do and said
    anything you wanted to do regardless of how offensive it was to your spouse,
    where as your spouse was offended and hurt multiple times over,  could you
    tell them ” oh you’re supposed to have unconditional love for me because I’m
    your spouse”  you’re supposed to automatically forgive me when I treat you
    bad, lie to you, cheat on you, ignore you, call you names and so on.   How
    well will that keep working?   Now they can forgive you.  But
    you open channel of trust in your relationship will not likely be healed
    unless you repent to your spouse, admitting your offence and agreeing with
    your spouse that it was wrong. Therefore sine you had a change of mind about
    doing that offensive thing to your spouse, whether you understand why it was
    offensive or not, because you love your spouse and want them to feel loved,
    you changed your mind about the offensive thing and then believed that the
    offensive thing is now a bad thing to do.  When your spouse sees that
    you really believe that the offensive thing is a bad thing and that you
    don’t want to do that thing anymore, your spouse can then start to open back
    up and trust  you again.  So it is with God oh bride of Christ.

The Spirit of God says, Why has your love grown cold?

  1. Matthew 24:12  “Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love
    will grow cold.”
  2. Lawlessness is certainly abound because people don’t know what the sins
    of the Bible are and they don’t know what Jesus’ commands of the New
    Testament are.   They don’t know how to obey Jesus’ commands or that He even
    has any commands.  So people are sinning all over the place. Why is this?
    Religion. Denominational man-made doctrines that have deceived the people so
    they don’t know what Romans 10:9-10 actually is saying. The confession of
    Jesus as Lord means that you are admitting he is Lord which means that you
    are admitting that you need to do what He says. By doing what Jesus says you
    build your house upon a rock,  you become the fourth seed  and you become a
    worker of lawfulness,  while producing much fruit in the process,  while
    also abiding in Christ and abiding in the love of the Father and the Son. 
    Also by obeying Jesus’ Commands of the New Testament you walk holy and you
    don’t sin;  you stop sinning as you master Jesus’ commands. You will be
    filled with the love of God and your love will be waxed hot as you become an
    obeyer of Jesus’ commands.
  3. Who are you going to believe?  God or the Anti-God called Sin?  Who are
    you  going to believe? Jesus God the Son or Lucifer/Satan?   Are you going
    to listen to Jesus and do what He says? Or are you going to listen to Satan 
    and do what he says (the ways of Sin, evil, The ways of the world, the ways
    of the flesh…  whatever God calls sin.?

The Spirit of God says, Put your petty differences aside

  1. Stop fussing over your man-made doctrines that come far short of the
    entire word of God.  Obey the New Testament. Read the Bible over and
    over and over and know the Word so you get a clue.

The Spirit of God says, My love is unconditional.

  1. God’s love is constant. Will you accept it or will you reject it. Be
    careful to look on the inner man in your heart to what you actually believe
    in your heart. Your real beliefs are what’s coming out of your heart. And if
    there is a problem and you’re hearing strange things that don’t sound so
    good then get help form the Lord directly. 

The Spirit of God says, Love each other deeply.

  1. How many of us have actually thought of loving our brother and sister in
    Christ deeply? You have to ask how do you do this?  Ask the Lord your
    Teacher to teach you how and He will teach you correctly.

The Spirit of God says, Love covers a multitude of sins and My mercy endures

  1. You’ll be shocked to see how many sins there are in the Bible. We have a
    list of 666 sins of the Bible on our website that you can download and get
    to work in uninstalling those sins by stopping believing those sins are okay
    or good to do or something you can get away with.
  2. Many if not most believers are loaded up with a sticky mass of
    unrepentant sins and because they were told that they didn’t have to worry
    about their sins and that they were automatically forgiven. In a
    relationship our sins always automatically forgiven? Does that even make
    sense? It’s certainly not Biblical. See for yourself.  Read the Bible
    over and over and over and over… Again.  Additionally believers were
    not taught what they sins of the Bible were nor were they taught what Jesus’
    commands of the New Testament were. So therefore with such a backlog of
    unrepented sins fortunately you have a way to have a multitude of sins
    covered which is to love fervently your brothers and sisters in Christ 

    1 Peter 4:8
    Above all, keep fervent in your love for
    one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.
  3. God is willing to forgive if you’re willing to take actions on your sins
    while also forgiving others for their sins against you. Don’t store any
    negative frequency generator in the layers of your soul.

The Spirit of God says, The love, mercy, grace, and unity that I am looking
for will be what it takes in these days ahead to push back the forces of
darkness so My gospel can go forth.

  1. It sounds like there will be quite a challenge ahead and we need to step
    it up and rise to the occasion brothers and sisters in Christ. So it’s time
    to armor up.   Time to Warrior up.  Time to get strategic. Time to go into
    battle mode. We’re in the Kingdom age and it’s Kingdom vs. Kingdom. We are
    to conquer and occupy the earth for our King. 
  2. Love conquers all.  Love is the most powerful emotion and frequency.  On
    that note doesn’t the Bible say that God is love itself, Himself?  So  in
    that concept we can see how love conquers all because God conquers all.
  3. Mercy refrains you from indulging in things of the enemy including dark
  4. Grace, acts of kindness, acts of kindness and love those who don’t
    necessarily deserve acts of kindness and love will win hearts of those
    people and others who are watching. Let your light shine before men. Abide
    in the love of God.  Obey Jesus commands.  Your greatest witnessing to is
    the love of God,  manifesting,  beaming out of you from within you.
  5. No more  do we step back and cower. No more do we fear man. No more do
    we look to please man. No more are we afraid of criticism by others or
    insults. No more! Now we rise to rule and reign in the spirit realm for you
    have power over all the power of the enemy.   In you alone is the power over
    all of the Kingdom of Darkness. Wake up and rise brothers and sisters.  
    Find out who you really are in Christ, the creature that  terrifies Satan
    and the Kingdom of Darkness. 

The Spirit of God says, These attributes are what’s needed to be a part of
my Army. I am looking for men and women of God to put their differences aside,
come together in unity, for this common cause in forwarding My Kingdom.

  1. Unify under Christ like we are supposed to do.   Follow Jesus only. Have
    only one Doctrine in your church which is the doctrine of Christ which
    contains all of the commands of Jesus of the New Testament.   It’s time to
    make Jesus Lord and Obey Him.  

    Luke 6:46
    “Why do you call Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say? (NASB).
    Consequently if you do not obey Jesus than he is not your lord,  and that’s
    a big problem,  a big eternal problem.  see Romans 10:10. See what happens
    to workers of lawlessness.  See what happens to those who don’t abide in
    Christ. See what happens to those who don’t produce a return for God. We can
    accomplish all that we need to accomplish through obedience of Jesus
    commands of the New Testament
  2. Toss  out all ideas of the past,  toss out all man-made doctrines and so
    on and so forth and now follow Jesus as Lord,  as the Head and leader of the
    church,  walking in Spirit,  being guided and real-time even moment by
    moment since you are to die to self daily,  losing your life not trying to
    save it or hold on to it and letting Jesus direct your life.   We have to be
    like little kids that believe in their parent who trust their parent to
    catch them when they jump in the big scary swimming pool…

The Spirit of God says, My Army is making great strides against the Kingdom
of Darkness! Taking
ground! Holding ground! They will be an unstoppable force in the days ahead.

  1. So be encouraged! We are actually doing some good things!
  2. Now on to complete the order in victory across the planet. Conquer the
    planet and hold it. Occupy the planet until the Lord Yeshua returns. The
    goal is total global domination not letting one single territory or not
    willing to let one soul to perish.

The Spirit of God says, Unify, unify, unify! I am calling on My troops to
unify now!”

  1. Stop trying to have our ways and go follow Jesus in the Spirit.  

  • Babylonian Prison
  • There was a beast in the east that thought they were the best but God has one in the West that will give the beast in the East a Godly surprise to take the Beast of the East down to the least.
    • This is almost completed as of this commentary.  “ISIS”  is almost completely destroyed. And the NWO beast is about to be destroyed. Previously dark force controlled America in coordination with the NWO Cabal was paying these ISIS fighters and giving them arms. So we cut off their paychecks and their arms.
  • It’s no surprise that the Beast of the East has risen because the church has been in a Babylonian prison.
    • The 501.3.c is at the root of it.
    • The seminaries were taken over and doctrines were corrupted.
    • Corrupted doctrines claim authority over you as your new lord. This is called yeast of Pharisee. As sign of this often is seen when religions leaders claim authority over you and try to bully you. They’ll tell you that if you don’t follow their doctrine you will go to Hell and be kicked out of the church.  These doctrines come far short of the entire Word of God.  They use their man made doctrines and rules to control you and get you to follow them as lord and this is exactly what the Pharisees were doing.  Because if the Pharisees and the people of Israel would have KNOW the Word of God well they would have recognized Jesus.  But they did not know the Word of God; they knew their man made doctrine instead.
    • Other corrupted doctrines tell you that you can be your own lord and make great efforts to hide what Jesus is Lord means from you. These are popular itching ear doctrines.   This is also known as yeast of Herod.  You just need to “believe” but not obey. Obedience is “works salvation” (not even knowing what works salvation is upon making that claim).  Works salvation is doing anything to tell God that He should be ok with you while pushing God away personally.  Works salvation is distrust personally of God.  Works salvations is you saying “I put in my religions duties and devotions, but don’t get too close God because I want to live my life my way…”
    • Rampant doctrine corruption was established that denied Jesus as Lord and hid His commands. And since salvation is through making Jesus your Lord after you first believe then by hiding Jesus as Lord the darkness workers could technically cut off salvation for many if not most. If you don’t obey Jesus as Lord, then you are a worker of lawlessness and workers of lawlessness get tossed out into the outer darkness.
  • The church is given warning to come out of Babylon or it will be their demise.
    • What is Babylon? It’s Rebellion from God. It’s let’s make our own way. It’s ye shall be as gods.   Its “ascension”.   It’s trying to find your higher self.  It’s you following after the pleasures of the flesh to maximize the happiness of your flesh heart vs following after God in the Spirit. It’s you following after the ways of the world looking to maximize your fame, fortune and pleasure in this world instead of obeying God while denying this world and maximizing your fame and fortune for an eternity.
    • Babylon is the mother of all harlots. Harlotry means you are spiritually joining yourself in union with other spiritual entities instead of God.  You are supposed to marry God, not demons.
    • Babylon is the denial of Jesus as Lord and the retention of Satan/Lucifer as Lord while making “Sin”, the creature, your god. 
    • One of the Prime targets of Babylonian Kingdom of Darkness warfare strategy is to get you to deny Jesus as Lord.   Because technically according to Romans 10:8-10, if you don’t have Jesus as Lord you do not have salvation.  If you do not obey Jesus you do not have Jesus as Lord.  If you do not obey Jesus you are sinning all over the place and are a worker of lawlessness. (See the lists of 666 Sins of the Bible and the Lists of Commands of Jesus on our website that you can download).
    • Jesus is the KING and the King gives the law of the Kingdom; so therefore if you are not obeying the law of the Kingdom because you do not know it or you are in open rebellion then you are a worker of lawlessness. 
    • What happens if you go to a new country and don’t learn their laws? Well you usually go to prison or are fined, punished in one way or another.   So what happens after you become born again, (regenerated by actually with all of your heart believing that Jesus rose from the dead), thereby becoming a citizen of a new country called Heaven. So what happens after you become a citizen of Heaven, but don’t learn Heaven’s law’s and end up breaking a bunch of them?   Well you are called a worker of lawlessness which is not good.  Realize this because most of us have been blinded to this, which is plainly in the New Testament, by these yeast infected corrupted man made doctrines. So from now on do what your told by God and stop following man.  Learn all Jesus’ commands of the New Testament then teach all nations all Jesus’ commands whatsoever baptizing them who believe in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.   
    • What Babylon has been able to accomplish is the removal of Jesus as Lord from Christian religions and nominations. If you ask most Christians across the planet what a lord is the average answer may be answer “some dude in England with a really proper accent”.   Some may say “a ruler”. But there is little to no equation with Jesus being their own personal ruler to whom we are to obey from moment to moment in addition to all of His commands in the New Testament Jesus commands of the New Testament are any verse stated in a command style or implied command style
  • The world is in chaos and clatter because the church has been in a Babylonian box or rather the so-called Church. “The chaos and clatter that the earth is in, is directly related to the Babylonian box that the so called church is in.”
    • For those you know the Word, at least to some degree of knowing, have been able to recognize what’s been going on. Arguably, most who have become regenerated, “saved” (or not even regenerated as in many “religious” Christian churches)  were bound under Babylonian religious doctrine chains. We realize now that these religious doctrines and denominational doctrines in the church were either an intentional scam or were missing a lot of parts of the Bible.  So many of us escaped and we went out to find God. Then we got the notion to read His Word, the Bible.   And one day we decided to cry out to Him and talk to Him directly.  And then he helped us out by showing us His Son Jesus,  and  upon Him we finally believed..
  • But afterwards we started attending various churches and we keep running into churches that are telling us all sorts of strange things. They tell us things that don’t seem to line up with the Bible that we just read and they imply that we are crazy or maybe that we are “extreme” because we want to do what the New Testament says. So then we start to feel like maybe we’re crazy and we’re just bad people into extreme and so we go along with their Doctrine.  Then we realize after some time that things are going the way we thought they would go. We realize that we’re not being this Christian, the type of Christian that the Bible says we’re supposed to be.  Then finally we wake up and realize that we’ve been duped and then we throw off the Babylonians scam. And we find Jesus as Lord and understand a lot better what it means to turn to Him, to follow Him, too obey Him.
  • Understand that we are undergoing a similar type of test at the angels had to go through over the question:   will you stay loyal and follow and obey God or will you go off to follow after Lucifer? Are you going to try and make yourself Lord and God or are you gong to follow after Jesus in the Spirt and have Jesus be your Lord instead?.  Also God is finding out who genuinely likes Him and loves Him and wants him vs  who doesn’t or who could care less.   So in conclusion one could say that God is cleaning out the universe and He wants only those who actually like and love Him to be around Him for eternity.
  • The Earth is groaning for God Sons and Daughters to arise with bliss.
    • The Earth is teetering. It’s convulsing, it’s in birth pangs due to all of this sin throughout. Remember sin is like a bad bug, a virus or a cancer or spoiled food in this case where the Earth wants to vomit out the sin and sinners. The Earth needs the Sons and Daughters of God to arrive and set things straight and heal the land.
    • Evil is like antimatter to goodness whereas goodness would be matter.
    • Things are not going to go well unless the created things are in line with the Creator. Any simple logic will tell you that. For example, if you created something, and it’s not giving you the results you want, what would you do with it? You would either leave it alone, file it away or you would trash it. And if a created thing that you made was causing you havoc and destruction, well you don’t have any option but to get rid of it and destroy it.
      • For example let’s say you created some robots and you gave those robots AI. And one day the robots decided that they didn’t need you anymore and that they wanted to be the rulers in charge of everything. The robots then determined that you have become the enemy because you are in the way of their robot utopia agenda.  What are you going to do? Are you just going to let the robots take over?   No you would swiftly seek to take back control of your creation or you would have to destroy your creation.   You can watch any of the Terminator movies for a perspective on that. So therefore what do you think’s going on with God between his Creation?   Fortunately God has decided to save a bunch of us instead of wiping everything out. Just remember that God can do anything He wants and He’s not obligated to us as some think and say especially said in strange churches preaching strange doctrines.
      • Romans 8:12-22
      • 12 Therefore, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flesh. 13 For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live. 14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. 15 For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father. 16 The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God: 17 And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together. 18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. 19 For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. 20 For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope, 21 Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. 22 For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.
    • God asked where is His Army that will send the Beast back to the abyss? (Back in June 2016).
      • The Army has arrived and we are growing in knowledge, understanding and power day by day.
    • God asked how can you take on a beast when you’re deaf, mute and blind?
      • How can you win a war if you don’t even know you’re in a war. Most of decided to not believe the Bible and believe these man-made doctrines that basically get you to pursue the maximization of your self In the Flesh in this world instead of pursuing the maximization of self for eternity putting the Kingdom of Heaven first in God’s righteousness.
      • The church has been captured by Babylon with these various religious and denominational doctrines that got us to become workers of lawlessness and not obey Jesus as Lord.
      • The Kingdom of Darkness  has been steadily at work over the centuries behind the scenes although now being exposed whereas the church had been overtaken in blinded by various religious and denominational doctrines, told lies from the pulpit which got us to stand down and pursue them of our hard happiness in the flesh, or fame fortune and pleasure maximization in this world.
    • All beasts are Ancient and old and lurk about seeking an enemy they can steam roll.
      • war. War. That’s what’s going on all around us.   ever since the fall of Lucifer and those angels that followed him the entire universe has been at War in one way or another. You have very real enemies for yourself. The battle is over who you’re going to choose to obey and worship. Understand reality. Understand the game. Play the game to win. Run the race to win. Be loyal to God and obey what He says. Be led by the Spirit of God even Moment by moment. Let the Lord direct your life even moment-by-moment in the spirit.
    • This beast of the East has no teeth and lurks in the brush trying to luer you into an ambush.
      • They know they’re in a spiritual war, those workers of Darkness why don’t you realize you are in a spiritual war manifested on Earth?
    • But do not attack of the Babylonian system you are under or you will fall prey and be decimated beyond comprehension.
      • If Satan is your lord then you have no power against Satan and the Kingdom of Darkness. 
      • If you’re following Satan  as lord you’re not going to get any help from God.
    • God’s people have been under a curse since they’ve been under Babylon. But when God’s people realize they’ve been under the curse, come out, break the curse then they will plunder.
      • Reestablish Jesus as Lord and obey His commands.  Then you will have power,  all power over all the enemy to defeat the Kingdom of Darkness  in the spiritual and assuming the natural as well.
    • When God’s people come out of Babylon with a mass Exodus there God will be to restore her back to his body as he the head. And then she will have Power, Authority and unity again as the enemy shall fall as dead.
      • Babylon = reject God and make one’s one way. It’s let’s make an easier way. It’s let’s pursue the happiness of our flesh heart instead of the joy of the Lord.  It’s also following after fallen angels and their human angel hybrid offspring.  It’s also having root belief structures and other beings of worship other than God that has infected most if not every major religion and denomination. 
      • Most of these denominations do not preach the entire Word nor do they even KNOW the Word. They may know about the Word, the Bible they don’t know the Word.  They may try to get to know the Word but they can’t because they are in bondage to their “man made” denominational doctrines (as the Pharisees were in Jesus’ time on the Earth in the flesh).
    • The world has become so perverse because the church has forsaken her first love and is under a curse.
      • The church has been captured over centuries of corrupted man-made doctrines  teaching people to push away God and follow after Self or follow after that religious organization. But it’s been even worse the past 70 or so years.
      • The church doesn’t understand what the commands of Jesus are. They don’t understand that his commands or what draws Us close to him. For if you love him you love Bae his commands. Jesus’s commands are God’s rules relationship which help you be able to have a relationship with him that doesn’t continually offend him. We all have our own rules of relationship and fortunately God gave us his upfront.
    • Come out of Babylon now dash don’t walk but run!
      • There is an urgency to getting right with God that many if not most don’t seem to comprehend or want to deal with. As the saying goes, You Are One Heartbeat Away from eternity. Don’t follow your emotions. Don’t follow external voices that pop into your head and heart. Use your brain. Use your gut that knows what’s right. Turn to God and do what He says.  do what the New Testament says for an it or the instructions to Salvation,  all of the instructions with no parts missing as many of modern Babylonian denominations have cut out.
    • Come out of Babylon it’s where you cross the point of no return for then it’s too late.
      • There is a time limit on things. People don’t want to accept that. We all want to just hope for the best and let the dice fall where they may.
      • But unfortunately, if you don’t purposely pursue God and get right with Him and walk with Him then you become a dried-up branch that there’s no fruit and you become useless for God thereby becoming of no benefit for him to keep you around for an eternity. God is the Creator and he can create or destroy anything He wants. He is the Potter we are the clay. So there is an aspect of us humbly asking if not begging for the opportunity to be with Him and to please Him.
      • Unfortunately modern attitudes come across as if we are god and that God needs to serve us at our every beck and call.   If you even think about that statement it’s quite ludicrous and jarring.   But if you listen to most modern sermons and most modern believers this is the way they talk. So in conclusion,  we need to get Biblical perspective of who we are and who God is without pushing Got away personally in the process. 
      • So it’s super important to get to KNOW God. Actually salvation is based on you knowing God the Father and Jesus the Son as stated in John 17:3 . Then we’ll know better, can sense better how to respect God for who He is more accurately.
    • Come back to God.  come back to Yeshua and make him your first love as He is dearly yearned.
      • Don’t you know that God yearns for you? Isn’t that awesome? God yearns for your love. He is in love with you.
      • That said the universe is going through a big clean out. You must pass the test and prove that you actually like and love God. And you do this by obeying him, listening to His instructions and doing them. If you love Jesus, obey His commands.  Jesus’ commands are God’s rules of relationship.
    • But for some it’s already too late for they have not learned.
      • People are important but they’re not that important. Either they figure it out or they will be destroyed. Either they respond to God’s calling or they will face eternal destruction. Life is MUCH more severe then we like to think about. Maybe watch some Hell visitation videos to get a perspective on that and wake you up.
      • Modern attitudes have deceived the world into thinking that everything’s just going to be okay. The world has been deceived into thinking that there’s no urgency and there’s nothing to worry about. Doctrines of demons, various world religions have told people that there is no hell and that they will just be recycled and things of that nature.
      • People don’t understand that Bible times from Adam on are about the Great Cleanse Out of all the universe. God is looking for a peculiar people to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, in Holy Spirit and in Yeshua. God is looking for genuine worship and praise that comes from genuine love and liking.  God wants people who actually want Him to be around Him for an Eternity.
      • But for the rest, since God made it so angels or man can not be destroyed, then God must separate out the one’s who don’t want Him into the negative zone, dimension zero, the phantom zone, the home of evil, death and Sin, where evil, death and Sin are at maximum power to express themselves on their inhabitants in Hell, then the lake of fire, imprisoned there for eternity so they can not escape.
      • So understand this: this life is a VERY serious thing.  Every moment is to be taken seriously. We are to choose God at every moment.  If we mess up we must quickly turn back to God and confess our sin to be covered under the blood of Jesus.
      • This life is not about the maximization of yourself in this world. But this life is for the maximization of your eternal life, as you are commanded to do in the New Testament. It’s a very, very foolish thing to have your flesh heart be  your lord, thereby directing your life for the pursuit of happiness of the flesh heart. Doing so is the broad path.  There’s a way that seems right to a man but in the end leads to destruction.  Destruction is Hell.
      • Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. – Matthew 7:13
      • There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death – Proverbs 14:12 and 16:25
    • We all have a knowing of what’s right and wrong  Call their conscience. And we are held accountable to our conscience as made very clear and Romans 1
    • Love is a two-way street. It takes two to have a relationship. God continually pursues us and so we need to pursue Him to make the relationship fair and balanced. The end goal is for us to marry God as strange as that may sound to the world, maybe it would help to think in spiritual ways about that we are to become one body with Christ the head.
    • Let’s use some logic:  who’s in charge of everything?  God.   Who’s in charge of your eternity? God.  So if you want to make sure you have the opportunity for good things, a possibility good eternal life then who do you deal with? God.   Do you want to live forever in goodness?  Ask God.  Do you realize that God can do anything He wants to do?   So ask God humbly and sincerely and be ready to do whatever He says.   Who is God?  He is the One you KNOW in your sense of knowing, your gut sense of knowing, is God.  You already know God, Who He is because, you came from Him and actually asked Him to come here to this 3d Earth.
    • Mark Taylor mentions in an interview a vision (if I remember correctly) of various ministry names on boxcars on a train that was moving at high speeds towards tracks that led to an edge of a cliff. The judgement of the church comes right after the NOW is exterminated.
    • Denominational doctrinal strongholds are very powerful and they can get us to filter out things of God and push God away personally or put God in a box. They can get us to block our many important Bible verses as we read the Bible. All of these denominational errant doctrines are “works salvation”  of their own (ones that like to talk about “works salvation in particular) in that they provide a certain way of believing and doing to make oneself their own lord and god while pushing away God personally.
    • Because of these errant denominations and religions in “Christianity”  Christianity became captured by Babylon, through doctrines of demons. The plain Word of God became hidden from the masses through these doctrines although, at least for the past several hundred years, we’ve had the Bible right in our hands and under our nose.  Doctrines blind. There should not have ever been any “Christian religion” or “Christian denomination” in the first place.  This is one church and there is one doctrine;  the Body of Christ and the Doctrine of Christ.  And that’s it!  There should be NOTHING else.  We will be returning to this.  The denomination age is over.  The world has fallen apart to this point and the Kingdom of Darkness almost captured the whole world if the Lord didn’t step in, in the last minute in 2016 all due to these religious, man made, short of the entire Word of God, corrupted denominational, religious doctrines.
    • Through these fake doctrines we have turned the world off from following Jesus. We have made Christianity seem weak.  We have very foolishly bought into a KoD ploy that we need to be like the world in order to “save people”.  Whereas on the other hand, people of the world who are looking for God want to run away from these fake Christians like wanting to run away from vomit.  “You’re religion isn’t anything special, you act just like us”.
    • God is on a timeline and if you don’t fit into what God’s doing then too bad for you.   So get on God’s timeline.
    •   
    • 1 Peter 1:28   “All flesh is like grass,
      And all its glory like the flower of grass.
      The grass withers,
      And the flower falls off,
      25 But the word of the Lord endures forever.” Psalm 103 15-18  15 As for man, his days are like grass;
      As a flower of the field, so he flourishes.
      16 When the wind has passed over it, it is no more,
      And its place acknowledges it no longer.
      17 But the lovingkindness of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who [F]Fear Him,
      And His [G]Righteousness to children’s children,
      18 To those who keep His covenant
      And remember His precepts to do them.  

Yes Catholics are told “you are not allowed to read the Bible on your own” or “You are not allowed to interpret the Bible by yourself”.   Been there and thought it to be one of the strangest things I ever heard.   And I really wanted to get right with God because I liked God a lot and I wanted to be right, in good terms with Him.  Plus at the time I had no real concept of what happens after you die so I figured I better get that figured out. 

So after studying all sorts of other religions throughout school while growing up I realized one day, ‘wait a minute, I never read the Bible!’.  Then I thought ‘well, if the Bible is the most important Book of all time, then I should read it!’.  But my parents found out that I was going to start reading the whole Bible so they became worried and called to local priest over for dinner.  

The priest told me that I was not to be reading or interpreting the Bible on my own.    So I just went a long with the conversation to be polite.  But then I started to ask the priest a bunch of different questions.  He couldn’t answer most of them or gave me circular answers for others (which is no answer).  Then I realized that this priest guy has no clue what he’s talking about. He knew his church rules but couldn’t answer basic questions about life and the Bible or the after life.  And that this whole preventing me from reading the Bible thing sounded like some sort of scam.

So I got wild and crazy and rebelled!  I read the Bible! I even read their Catholic Bible the “New Jerusalem Bible”.  I read the Bible from page 1 all the way through.   And reading the Bible ROCKED my world! 

I realized that I was soooo clueless at the time after reading the Bible, clueless about the things of God and what God wanted and demanded.  I felt terrible.  And I felt like I was in BIG trouble because I was hardly doing anything that God says to do in His Word, particularly, the New Testament. The pressure built within me. Then one night I just had to talk to God directly (I thought I wasn’t allowed to pray to God directly but to a saint or Mary etc.).  So I dove in and asked God if I was one of His children…..     

Now I’ll stop that story there because that may end up going for another 20 pages.   But what’s important now is that you check out this tract done in comic strip style.  It’s very well done.  It has some very important information for you, everyone really to consider in general but also about the Catholic system.   Regardless, know that the truth stands on it’s own.  And if you have any questions, do what I did – ask God, your Maker, directly!

So check this tract out here.
It’s Titled – Is There Another Christ

Very good and encouraging tract for maybe a lot if not maybe even most people in the world.

  • Have you ever felt like things just don’t seem to go your way?
  • Do you seem to lose a lot in life?
  • Do you feel unloved?
  • Do you feel rejected?
  • Were you rejected by your parents?
  • Are you even having suicidal thoughts? (which may also be from  your pharmakia pills)

Check out this excellent tract done as a cartoon strip.  You can order some to pass out to folks too for pennies.

Wow. See this testimony of about the Satanic trap of Yoga.  It’s becoming a repetitive story that Yoga opens you up to demonic possession.   Aleister Crowley and Adolph Hitler purposefully used Yoga to channel demons.

Many say, “oh I don’t do it that way.” Or “I just use it for exercise”.   well if you want exercise consider doing something else.  Each Yoga pose is a worship pose to a demonic entity.  What’s a demonic entity?  It’s a being of the Kingdom of Darkness that is either a fallen angel, a fallen angel human hybrid off spring or some other ancient beast.  All of the religions worship that stems from Babylon is for the this Kingdom of Darkness entities, ruled by Lucifer.  You may find that hard to believe but you’ll likely find that out in the future as we advanced into this Kingdom Age where more and more spirit beings will be shown (and as of this typing many people have mentioned that they have seen angels hovering over voting locations for the USA Midterm elections and were terrified in a good way.)  Or you’ll find out from the very unfortunate experience of demon possession.  Watch this video and see how this happens.  There are MANY testimonies of demon possession by yoga out there you can find (unless they are scrubbed by certain wicked owned search engines that still own them as of this typing).

There are a lot of traps out there these days. But I’ll give you some elder brother advice:

  1. If it goes wooooo don’t have any part of it.
  2. If it’s not straight up, then it’s not straight up.
  3. Your denominational doctrine church or religious church has possibly been taken over by the Kingdom of Darkness which opens you up to all sorts of error and portals of the enemy.  The enemy wants your eternal destruction so you are tortured and slaughtered over and over for eternity. Not good.   How do you know if your church is off?  Firstly are they part of the 501c3?  That’s a demonic contract.   Secondly do they teach all the sins listed in the Bible and do they teach Jesus commands?  If you don’t know all of Jesus commands then you can not obey Him and if you do not obey Him then He is not your Lord and you are a worker of lawlessness.  Salvation is by making Jesus your Lord after you’ve become regenerated by believing that Jesus rose from the dead having died for your sins.

  • The Illuminati and ISIS have merged and are attacking the
    pulse of this nation, for they are responsible for the list of assassinations.

    • At this point this has been exposed
      to an extent although most of the world does not have any clue still as of this
      commentary but they will soon, very soon (mid September 2018)
  • For the New World Order is shaking and quaking, for they
    will go down in flames a blazing. For they are trying to kill this nation
    before my chosen one takes office through depopulation, finances, and

    • This is obvious to those now who
      have been looking after these things although most of the world still has no
      idea although they will soon what has been happening.
  • My army, my intercessors arise and take the fight to the
    enemy, stop the assassinations, stop the attacks to the pulse of this nation.

    • God’s Army wars through
      intercessory prayer.  Or God’s army takes
      part in all forms of society including government and military PLUS
      intercessory prayer (which is actually what is happening now.)
  • God will expose the Illuminati because of who they want
    to be. They say they want to be world leaders. But the Lord God will shatter
    them like a clay pot. They will be Shattered and Scattered and sent back to the
    one who sent them.

    • Goodbye and good riddance.
    • Who sent them?  Lucifer/Satan.  Yes really. 
      All of these NWO’ers are Satanists as reported.
    • Technically, anyone who has themselves
      as their own god (or follows after the flesh) is a Satanist to a certain degree
      since that’s the cornerstone of Satanism which is to make yourself God.
    • Anyone following after a Babylonian
      based religion OR “Christian” denomination based on Babylon is technically a
      Satanist as well.
    • Ba’al worshipers are Satanists.  They like to sacrifice children. In addition
      to abortion it is reported that over hundred thousand children a year are brutally
      treated then sacrificed.  5000 alone are
      sacrificed on Halloween.  Sure you want
      to celebrate Halloween?  It’s an
      abomination to God.
    • “Shatter and Scattered” – does this
      mean they will all be terminated so they meet their lord Satan directly?
  • The Illuminati think they are wise by craving power money
    and the prize but they have been fooled by the lust in the lower the prize to
    the point at the one who sent them now seeks his payment and which they will
    soon realize. 

    • The one who sent them is
    • It sounds a lot smarter to obey God and
      put the kingdom of God first and God’s righteousness instead of trying to
      maximize self in this corrupted lower state sin filled world.
    • These people acknowledged
      Satan a spirt being but they would not acknowledge God, Yeshua?  That doesn’t seem very smart.
    • Learn the lesson from these people’s
      mistake and don’t pursue fame fortune and power of this world, a world that
      will soon be burnt up by fire and replaced by the new Earth.
    • Learn that this world in this life
      or not to be maximized for self but use this world to maximize your return for
      God so you maximize your ETERNAL fame and fortune. This should be obvious since
      one’s life span on average is so short.  Plus
      you can take nothing with you from this realm.
    • Therefore obey Jesus and build up
      your treasure in heaven buy obeying Jesus’  commands of the New Testament.
    • Building up Earthly wealth, Fame and
      Power instead of Eternal wealth Fame and power is really not very smart at
      all is it.  Pursuing the ways of this world and not eternal things instead
      is very low intelligence. Don’t be of low intelligence but be smart. These “elite”
      pretend they are wise but are not very smart at all.   
    • Acknowledge God. Know the Bible by
      reading it multiple times per year and don’t stop. Do what God says. We are
      lucky to have opportunity of eternal life. We are lucky to have the opportunity
      of eternal life with God personally. And on top of that God gives us promises
      of super awesome opportunity for an awesome eternal life as well, So be smart.
      There is nothing outside of God even eternity exist within God. Maybe stop
      listening to your emotions, your flesh and start listening to God and to your God-given
      conscience that can tell you what’s right and what’s not right.
  • Their days are numbered and short and woe unto them when
    they have to stand before him  (Satan) and Report.

    • Sounds like termination to me, the
      termination of all involved in the Illuminati, NOW, Cabal, Satanic government workers
      and bankers etc…
    • Their god is Satan. This is well
      known and exposed by now. Again, they acknowledge Satan but then they don’t
      acknowledge God.  That’s not very smart is it. As the concept goes
      they sold their soul for the sake of money, wealth, power, the pursuit of the maximization
      of the pleasures in the flash.  
    • They wanted it all now instead of
      waiting a few decades to receive greater reward from God. They wanted to get
      rich quick. They wanted now now now. So they willingly rejected God
      because they couldn’t wait.
    • Or they willingly rejected God
      because they didn’t like Him or love Him even though they came from Him (as far
      as I understand they also lived inside him along with us before they came here
      upon which they voluntarily asked God to come here probably stating something
      like they would Proclaim his glory, set the world straight and to honoring God,
      reject the works of the devil and return home and victory…)  Maybe they
      underestimated the power of darkness’s ability to suck you in and put a
      stronghold over you upon examination of the darkness instead of the examination
      of God’s ways (See Green Lantern Moving – Paralax how the “Guardian” started
      studying the emotion of fear to master fear, but got sucked into fear and owned
      by fear instead.)
    • Or they could have been vessels or
      wrath created for destruction to fill out the plot, the story line God had to
      design.  Remember there was nothing
      before God.  It would seem that God has
      to create everything as to my understanding to this moment.
  • When you serve the God of this world it will bring you low.
    Therefore repent or you shall be cast into the fire below.

    • Yikes.  Repent! 
      Don’t server the god of this world, Satan, Lucifer. Lucifer can not do
      you any good; it’s not possible for him. 
      He’s lost his mind and is fully owned by sin.  See the Book of Enoch.   
    • Hey wake up you devil worshipers!
      God’s giving you workers and worshipers of Satan a chance to be saved and
      escape.  Take it!  Be smart! Don’t think.  Stop thinking.   Just run to God for help.  Stop, drop and roll on over to God.  God says He wants even the most vile sinner
      set free!  Take God up on His offer!
    • How many times does God have to say
      this.  Unfortunately many if not most
      people are serving the God of this world and don’t even realize it.
    • Unfortunately many to most people of
      this world have no idea to whom they serve. They don’t know they are in a
      spiritual war for their soul. They don’t know how to seek God and are disillusioned
      and bombarded by messages from the Kingdom of darkness through world religions
      which are based on that rebellion in Babylon. They follow doctrines of demons
      instead of the Word of God.  Ultimately
      they don’t know the commands of Jesus vs. the commands of Satan.  The one you obey is your lord who gets to
      keep you at the end of this life. Choose the one you obey very carefully.
  • Prophets of Doom and Gloom are incorrectly saying that this
    is the end.

    • It’s quite shocking that these
      prophets of Doom and Gloom and pastors and churches are still preaching this
      Doom and Gloom up to this point in September 2018.  Yes we may have gotten tripped up over the
      various revelation books and documentaries overtime. But times have changed dramatically
      and we have accurate prophets telling us what’s going on. Plus we can tune into
      God and ask Him directly.  We can get a sense
      from God what is going on.  But the
      problem is, those who are still preaching doom and gloom get Christians to give
      up the will to fight by thinking that they are  waiting for a rapture.  The rapture and tribulation is now preachers
      are preaching the enemy’s message which is now called TREASON to the Kingdom of
      Heaven.  Yikes!  Stop that! 
      Just let it go and phase into the new timeline.
    • People have become so concerned
      about end times and a rapture concept while being they  less concerned about their own personal and
      time and the fact that there are only one heartbeat away from eternity.
    • Babylonian corrupted man-made
      denominational doctrines get people assume they are a okay, find and dandy
      going along in life ignoring obedience to the New Testament & without
      repenting of their sins. We have been living in eternally tragic times although
      the world makes it seem like we’ve been living and great times over the past
      many decades (or maybe that’s just the fake Satanic news networks, TV shows,
      internet and print media – all of which we are supposed to take back for God). It
      can be considered that the majority of souls have been on the broad path, those
      who think they are Christian, on the path to a most shocking, terrible eternal
      surprise. And that is tragic very tragic. Learn to obey and it will all be ok;
      obey Jesus as Lord from the New Testament and you will win the victory.
    • So no longer do we tolerate any of
      these false doctrines that put people on the broad path but only One Doctrine
      which is the Doctrine of Christ. It’s time for all church leaders to start
      reading their Bibles multiple times a year so they finally get to know the Word
      of God instead of just knowing about the word of God or instead of just knowing
      enough of the Bible to cram the Bible into their convenient man made
    • Understand that there is no easy
      way.  There is only the hard road and the
      narrow path.  The narrow path is to obey
      the New Testament, all of it. And the New Testament is Jesus commands; the
      commands of our Lord and King, commands that make you workers of lawfulness.
    • Word has it that the seminaries have
      been corrupted in a similar way to the universities and most schools by the
      enemy.  They are taught and threated to
      teach Babylonian system doctrine (which is essentially Satanism or the yeast of
      Pharisee (church becomes your lord) or the yeast of Herod (church tells you to
      become  your own lord (Satanism)
    • No longer do we tolerate pastors and
      Bible teachers who tried to filter out the word of God to fit their message
      about the word of God into their convenient man-made Babylonian system
      corrupted. Those corrupted doctrines will put you on the broad path cutting out
      variance. You make Jesus as Lord by obeying him from his Commandments of the
      New Testament and in the spirit and real time
  • Prophets of Doom and Gloom are misreading the season of time
    we are in. 

    • It’s unfortunate and embarrassing
      and bad for the body of Christ that people are preaching for Satan, literally and
      may not even know it. Fortunately we have real prophets that are accurate that have
      helped us out telling us what time were in such as Mark Taylor, Kim Clement and
      Kat Kerr amongst many others.  
      Understand that the Kingdom of Darkness tried to force a false timeline.
      This was not their time for their 7-year bump in the road
  • Prophets of Doom and Gloom are aiding the Enemy by making
    people lay down their arms, give up, lose hope, stop fighting and saying we
    will just ride this out to the end.

    • Yes prophets of Doom and Gloom think
      they are helping people but they are not and are actually aiding the
    • The desire to hock gold coins and
      survival food seems to be quite a stronghold, locking people into preaching
      doom and gloom.
  • You are never to stop fighting or lay down your arms for any

    • Now this is good to hear. Most of us
      thought that Doom and Gloom, the tribulation, the rapture was just supposed to
      happen and we’re just supposed to roll over and let the enemy take over because
      that was God’s Will and so on. That was the message essentially for a long
      time.  We didn’t want to oppose God if
      that’s what He wanted to have happen.  
      This is what we’ve been taught for several decades. But no! God says we
      don’t have to take anything from the enemy and that we can rise up fight and
      crush the enemy. This is good news! So by fighting the enemy we are not going
      against God’s will we’re doing his will. This is great because most of us
      thought we would be going against God’s will if we didn’t just let the
      tribulation come about and happen.  And a
      lot of us are aching to rise up and take over the planet for God.  Wow look at all this time we wasted!
  • Prophets of Doom and Gloom are committing spiritual treason.
    Stop listening to them.

    • Now this is really bad. You Doom and
      Gloom pushers of the church, God is calling you treasonous. That’s not good! So
      stop drop and roll over to God. Repent. Stop what you’re doing. Drop It All.
      And let God direct your life and teach you. Have you ever even asked God about
      your message? Are you walking in the Spirit? 
      Are you walking in the Spirit moment by moment in real time? It’s likely
      that you have gone way off and may even have a reprobate mind so go back and
      talk to God and get things fixed fast.
  • Understand that life and death are in the power of the

    • Speak Life. Speak things of life.
      Speak in holiness. Speak things that come out of the positive emotional realm.  Don’t speak things of death. Don’t speak
      things that come out of the negative emotional Realm.  Be the new man.  Walk in the Spirit.  Bear fruits of the Spirit only and not bad
      fruits of the flesh (See Galatians 5).
  • Prophets of Doom and Gloom’s treasonous talk is affecting
    the Young.

    • Realize that speaking negative
      things and prophecies of Doom and Gloom from the Kingdom of Darkness are affecting
      the young.  You’re putting bad stuff in the layers of their souls which
      can give them problems now and later.   Doom and Gloom can squash the hope
      of the young. And if hope of the young is squashed then youth could turn to the
      darkness seeking some sort of relief which could likely be manifested through
      sin,  drugs,  messages of the Kingdom of Darkness and so on (which we
      have seen.)
  • Prophets of Doom and Gloom stop aiding the enemy and start talking about what the Lord God and his army
    are going to do.

    • Here are your instructions you
      prophets of Doom and Gloom.   Convert to speaking a message of hope,
      conquering and victory for the Kingdom of God. Repent! Change your message.
      Don’t let pride keep you in this message. 
      Yes it seems pride of admitting that you were wrong can keep you on this
      same message which at this point is embarrassing and really bad, treasonous.
      But as of the typing of this commentary you still have a chance.  Judgment is coming to the church.  And God will take away ministries, exposed
      ministers, pastors, churches, denomination and many will fall and others will
      be taken off the face of the earth. 
  • Grab the Enemy by the throat and make him fluster
    • Yes!   Crush them!  I like it.  How about you?  Look at
      all the misery, theft and damage the Kingdom of Darkness has caused you!  Or do you not even realize it.  
    • Time to step up into who we are made
      to be.  You have all power over all the
      power of the enemy Luke 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread
      on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the
      enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
    • But make sure you stop sinning and
      obey Jesus first so you can enact your power over all the power of the enemy.
  • Look the enemy in the eye and say is that all you can

    • No longer fear the enemy. Take power
      over all the power of the enemy and the name of Yeshua. 
    • Don’t you know that by participating
      in negative emotional realm you are giving the enemy your power? Don’t you know
      that if you fear the enemy you give the enemy power over you? So don’t fear the
      enemy. Don’t have any part with fear or any other negative emotion. Negative
      emotions are of the kingdom of darkness. Negative emotions draw negative
      thoughts that resonate at similar frequencies of bad thoughts. Like attracts
      like. Have you noticed this yet? Haven’t you seen the contrast between the
      fruits of the flesh versus the fruits of the spirit?
  • Choose this day whom you will serve for God has given you
    the victory in the choice is yours.

    • Indeed. Who are you going to serve?
      There’s a line drawn in the sand. You are either serving God or serving the
      enemy. And by doing nothing you are serving the enemy. Certainly by not bearing
      fruit then what happens? Well the Bible says you get tossed into the outer darkness
      where there’s a weeping and gnashing of teeth. That’s really bad. How do you
      bear fruit?  Obey Jesus is Commandments of the New Testament.  Jesus’ commands are any verse stated in a
      command style or an implied command style through the entire New Testament.  By obeying Jesus you’ll become a worker of lawfulness
      and you will become the fourth seed bearing some 30 some 60 some 100-fold
      return.   All your instructions are in the New Testament even
      instructing you on how to walk in the Spirit and obey Jesus as Lord in real
  • Signed
    off, your Supreme Commander, God 

The Spirit of God says He senses fear in His people about the future of

  • Do not fear. Fear is of the
    emotional Realm of the Kingdom of Darkness.   If you entertain this
    emotion then you will draw similar thoughts to yourself, thoughts of
    action that are related to the destructive emotion of fear. And  with
    enough fear energy conjured up you may even destructively take action upon that
    thought you attracted to yourself
  • The negative thought you attracted
    to yourself by indulging in a negative emotions such as fear may actually have
    been a demonic presence, a demonic Bean who sensed or “smelled” 
    your fear as a food source.
  • Through these Mark Taylor prophecies
    we have seen exposed how the Kingdom of Darkness  entities work in that
    you are negative emotional energy is their food source. When you speak or take
    actions out of that negative emotional state you generate and spew out
    disgusting substances in the spirit realm of which the demons come and swim
    in,  absorbing that negative  disgusting  stuff  which
    becomes their food. This is why the Kingdom of Darkness is trying desperately
    to get mankind to sin as much as possible and as strongly as possible because
    it empowers them.
  • The Kingdom of Darkness and it’s
    workers are strategically trying to trick the whole world into sinning,
    especially born again Christians since when they sin, they generate the most
    power for demons to come and eat up.  The Anti-Christ can not even
    manifest unless there is enough sin and negative emotion generated on the Earth
    through man.  And those who are regenerated Christians were tricked
    mostly because they did not know the meat of the Word, the difference between
    right and wrong, the difference between the commands of Satan and the commands
    of Jesus because denominational doctrines blinded them from Jesus’ commands (that
    are plainly all throughout the New Testament). These man made corrupted
    doctrines also preventing people from knowing what a lord was and much less
    what “Jesus is Lord” is.  Because if you don’t obey Jesus, doing
    what He says you become a worker of lawlessness.  The King gives the law
    and if you don’t do what the King says then you are a worker of
    lawlessness.  And workers of lawlessness deny Jesus as Lord.  Jesus
    says to workers of lawlessness that He never knew them.  And workers of
    lawlessness get tossed out into the outer darkness for eternity-not good.
  • The more you think of fear the more
    it grows. The more fear grows in you the greater energy it has over you. 
    Plus fear will have greater power over you to trigger you into a similar
    frequency thought of action or fear inspired speech.   Hence, this is
    why you do or say irrational or violent things.
  • Consider a scientific concept in the
    difference between Heaven and Hell in that of the emotional realm and their
    corresponding frequencies. For example study the negative emotional realm
    versus the positive emotional realm effects on water crystal formation of which
    videos you can find online.
  • You can even find the results of
    plant reactions to negative versus positive emotions. Doing so can help bring
    clarity to why we do not want to have anything to do with a negative emotion,
    particularly the emotion of fear.  We’re not talking New Age since ‘New
    Age’ religion and philosophy talks a lot about positive and negative emotions,
    vibrations and frequency (they have a few parts of information but following
    ‘New Age’ religions and their corresponding religions gets you nowhere and accomplishes
    nothing but landing you in the eternal pit).  New Age owns nothing but
    what it tries to steal from God.  You can see the contrast of positive
    emotions and negative emotions in the separation of the Kingdom of Heaven vs.
    This world and Hell in the difference between the fruits of the Spirit vs. The
    fruits of the flesh as seen in Galatians
    5 https://www.Biblegateway.Com/passage/?Search=Galatians+5&version=NASBLogically
    and cerebral get rid of the emotion of fear.  Don’t be wooed into
    exploring the emotion of fear; it’s a destructive black hole trap.In contrast
    “the fear of God” as per understanding is the awe of God in awe of
    His pureness, holiness, perfectness, power and massiveness. God is Light and
    His Light destroys darkness.  Fear from the Kingdom of Darkness is hate
    based and destructive.  The fear of God brings life and
    abundance. Fear that is based on doubt and hate is different from the fear
    of God.  The fear of God can also be thought of the utmost respect and
    honor for God. He’s God Almighty!  He IS reality.  We are
    manifestations of His mind.  The fear of God is also deep soul shuddering
    concern with having sin, offense to God in your life with the prospect of
    eternity separated from God to be brutally tortured forever in Hell as God lets
    you follow your choice of the “aniti-god” called Sin instead of
    having Him as God.
  • The fear of God can also be ascribed
    to the fear of disappointing one’s Father, God because they love Him and
    Respect Him and want to be approved by Him.

The Spirit of God says He has heard your cries and will heal
your land.

  1. Good news. It’s a done deal. The Spirit of God
    says  He has already heard our cries and WILL heal our land the USA.
    So stop listening to liars,  downers, wimps, ” the
    effeminate”. Accept this message, USA. Why do people still want
    to cling to doom and gloom? Do you love a lie?   Would you
    rather have a lie?   what good is it to focus in and repeat Doom
    and Gloom messages? Are you trying to manifest them? Are you trying to
    Hawk gold coins and survival food?  Are you trying to scare people
    into giving you donations?   Is there any good and focusing on
    Doom and Gloom? You get what you focus upon and what you focus upon grows
    so maybe there will be Doom and Gloom for you who keep focusing on Doom
    and Gloom.  after all this time and all these signs if you’re 
    refusing to listen to God maybe you need some Doom and Gloom. This is
    getting ridiculous.  You’re listening to a bunch of literal
    Satanists, being guided in spirit by the Father of Lies give you
    news?   And you keep listening. That’s just not acceptable.
    Repent. Start listening to God and His modern day prophets.
  2. Why are preachers still preaching Doom and Gloom? I was
    shocked to even hear that preachers are still preaching an “imminent
    rapture” (Oct 2018),  a “head for the hills” message, 
    that “everything is going to fall apart”  message and that
    everything is going to be bad, bad bad etcetera etcetera etcetera
    message.  That’s just embarrassing at this point. But wait there’s
    more! The church is about to be judged and you may go along with it.
    Repent. At this point how is it that you don’t know prophecy that’s been
    unfolding before our very eyes for the past several years? Or are you
    secretly a worker for the other Kingdom who has infiltrated the church?
  3. They don’t know what time it is.  Maybe they are
    only concerned about their comfort levels.  Or they simply refuse to
    hear the voice of God.  Or they are imprisoned to the stronghold of
    their denominational doctrines.  Wake up you preachers and pastors
    because judgement is coming to the church soon, which means potentially to
    you.  The denomination age is over.    You’ve got to ask
    why yourself why you’re not getting what’s going on.  What’s wrong
    with you?  Step into the Light and have everything exposed so you can
    get rid of parts of darkness, hardness and false beliefs (all of which are
    easy to pickup by anyone so don’t worry just brighten up!). Ask the Lord,
    He’ll help you.
  4. On that note see the Purging the Temple prophecy about the
    501c3.  If your church is still in that wretched traitorous demonic
    contract you’re in big trouble.

The Spirit of God says to stand firm.

  1. Gird up your loins!   Walk-in Trust. Trust
    God as a verb. Be in a state of trust with God as a verb. Impute trust to
    God.  Impute belief to God. Keep your focus on God and don’t be
    listening to the enemy.  Don’t give thought for your life. Lose your
    life for Jesus sake.  Take up your cross to self and follow
    Jesus.  Do not worry.  Do not fear. Go win the victory.  Go
    and overcome, overcome the tricks of the enemy.  Don’t worry; be
    happy; obey Jesus. Put the Kingdom of Heaven first and God’s
    righteousness and God will take care of you in His awesome way of doing
    things. Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your
    heart. Delight in the law of the Lord meditating on the Word day and
    night so that you may be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that
    brings forth fruit in season whose leaf does not wither and whatever you
    do prospers.  Commit your way to the Lord and trust in Him and he
    shall bring if to pass. Become meek so you shall inherit the earth and
    shall delight yourself in the abundance of peace. Rest in the Lord and
    wait patiently for Him, Don’t force an issue like evil-doers do.

The Spirit of God says do not falter.

  1. Don’t look back but go out and conquer the enemy in
    every which way or form, starting in your own life. Don’ t look back at
    the old ways.  Don’t seek to be comfortable.  Don’t get upset by
    the change that is happening. Don’t desire to go back under the Kingdom of
    Darkness so ‘you won’t be bothered’.
  2. Get clarity on what you’re supposed to already be doing
    by learning Jesus’s commandments of the New Testament and by putting them
    into practice so you build your house upon a rock and will not get washed
    away when  the storms of life hit.
  3. Talk to the Lord and find out your own personal
    assignments.  Listen to Him. Discover your destiny.
  4. Help America conquer the enemy.
  5. Don’t turn towards looking for security and safety and
    comfort in this world.  It’s a trap.  Obey God and you will
    achieve wonderful things,  have awesome times and achieve eternal
  6. Don’t reject what God is doing because it seems
    uncomfortable. Have no toleration for Darkness but rule over it. Step
    up and take your place of rulership in the spirit realm.
  7. Drive out darkness, bind it,  take all power over
    all the power of the enemy and strip their power;  then send the Host
    to shred the enemy, throw them in a dry place, break strongholds and tear
    down platforms.
  8. Move forward don’t look back.  Do not
    sin.  Be holy.  Be perfect. Walk in the Spirit not after the

The Spirit of God says to put on the full armor of God.

  1. Most people need to catch up and understand more about
    what’s happening in the spirit realm.  For starters consider
    watching,  studying and reading the books listening to their videos
    hearing their audio recordings of the following prophets and teachers that
    are “with the program”: Kat Kerr can tell you all about the
    spirit realm plus she has a seer anointing that she has had since
    childhood and is able to see into the spirit realm as with others. Plus
    she visits Heaven daily after having poured out her life pursuing God with
    her relationship with Him) and gets all sorts of great insights directly
    from God the Father. Mark Taylor of course:  read his book and
    listen to his many interviews you can find online plus study all the his
    prophecies which you can find on this site or his website
    https://www.Sordrescue.Com/. Pastor and ex military Dr. Michael Lake
    and his wife have considerable insight into the spirit realm and the
    tactics of the enemy.  Steve Quayle,  Sheila Zilinsky, Pastor
    Mike Thompson as well have all sorts of insight.  Studying those
    brothers and sisters messages are a good start for learning more about the
    spirit realm. Oh one more, how could I forget: Find Howard Pittman and his tour through the 2nd
    Heaven where he saw all sorts of demons, what they do and how they
    strategize against you
  2. Understand that you’re going to need to know quite a
    bit more about the spirit realm because you’re going to start seeing the
    spirit realm around you manifest in this physical a lot more. 
     Workers from the Kingdom of Darkness (probably as the
    “Aliens”) and Angels from Heaven as well will be visibly seen,
    as things battle out here in this new Kingdom Age.  You
    certainly don’t want to get sucked into any trickery by the Kingdom of
    Darkness which has been gaining in popularity with this whole aliens
    thing, of which, so far from my observation, is most certainly from the
    Kingdom of Darkness from the examples I’ve seen in that these folks who
    are “alien” spokesman for the Kingdom of Darkness that I have
    observed get awfully bent out of shape when you bring up the Name Yeshua
    or Yahweh, calling them “tyrants”, saying things like ‘the devil
    wrote the Bible’ and so on.  But those “aliens”
    certainly don’t have any other problem with any other (Babylonian)
    gods.  So hmmm, wonder which side their on…These Kingdom of
    Darkness workers who say they are “aliens” for example or other
    spirit realm beings that make appearances tend to:  1. Offer promises
    of good helpful sounding things.  2. Start off by providing
    beneficial tips for life in this world or other “spiritual
    tips”  to make you ‘feel good’  and focus on maximizing
    your life in this flesh and through your flesh as well as other types of
    anti-Biblical concepts.  3. Then they drop little seeds one by one
    (weed seeds) into your soul which can then take root causing you all sorts
    of problems later.  4. And then they try to turn you into following
    their inverse world of Lucifer being the savior “light bearer”
    and all the rest of their sales pitch. Remember if it goes
    “woooo”, “Mystery Woooooooo” it’s probably of the
    Kingdom of Darkness.  (not Woocommerce! But ‘wooooooooooo I wonder
    what that is…” exploring the “mystery” that leads you
    into a trap and eventually into the pit.)Kingdom of Darkness workers in
    the spirit realm are all over the place from spider demons talking in your
    ear suggesting thoughts and action of error to all sorts of other
    different demons and spirits ad nauseum with their never ending scams,
    nonsense and deceptions. They must be after you continually because
    negative emotion generation and actions of sin are their food
    source.  (The next time you feel motivated to stir up arguments and
    hate realized that you may likely be getting punked by one of these spider
    demons). These foul beings are continually trying to inject thoughts,
    emotions, fiery darts, and weed seeds into your soul.
  3. Start to differentiate between God’s voice and these
    demons vs. Other thoughts with the Lord’s help, understanding one by one
    what voices are what.   And be careful to whom or what you are
    listening.  Know God’s voice and listen to Him.  Differentiate
    God’s voice from all of those other voices.   Learn how to put
    on your armor so you can block out these demonic voices, thoughts and
    emotional blasts.  This is why you need your spiritual armor. 
    It’s for the thought realm, the emotion realm, the spirit realm as per
    understanding.  Remember our testing here is over who you are going
    to BELIEVE: God and His Lord Yeshua or Anti-god called Sin and his lord
    Lucifer/Satan.    The angels went through this test; now it’s
    our turn. 

The Spirit of God says to rake the enemy over the coals.

  1. You’ve heard the Lord now go about doing it. Stop being
    deceived by political correctness.  Stop equating Christianity with
    “niceness”  through which most seem to have been deceived
    over the decades.  Niceness can be like a stronghold that bind
    you  and controls you into disobedience.
  2. That said don’t sin in the process as you are learning
    the difference between sins vs Jesus’ commands.   Don’t break
    one of Jesus’ commandments of the New Testament.  Understand
    that you’re in a war, a spiritual war and it’s very real war. Soul’s
    eternity is on the line.  Additionally you,  we maybe held
    directly accountable for souls that we were supposed to witness to but
    didn’t, as heard in some Heaven visitation testimonies as well as the
    Ezekiel warning.
  3. So don’t tolerate the enemy whatsoever.  It’s not
    acceptable to let any soul to be slaughtered over and over for an eternity
    unless they vehemently choose that option.  And nothing should get in
    the way, NOTHING, should get in the way of the Good News being delivered to
    every single soul on the planet. The enemy must be defeated and
    eradicated. People are getting tricked into eternal death all over the
    place as if it’s nothing. It’s not nothing. Have a zero tolerance policy
    for the enemy and the things of the enemy from now on. There is a lot at
    stake.  People can only be saved after they hear the Gospel, and
    that’s our part in the  salvation equation.  Don’t think someone
    else is going to do it. Do it yourself. Maybe others will see you as
    inspiration and get to work.

The Spirit of God says  that the End Times battle is on for His 1
billion Souls

  1. It has started. It has started!  Let’s get moving.
    Let’s not mess around.  This life isn’t for the sake of taking it
    easy and pursuing the pleasures of this life.  This life is for
    overcoming and bearing much fruit for God and the Kingdom of Heaven.
  2. Heaven will be a blast.   Eternity will be
    non-stop fun.   Listen to Kat Kerr and get your mind blown on
    how cool and fun Heaven is.  There will be parties all the
    time.  someone even get excited to hear that there are pubs in Heaven
    where you get “drunk in the Spirit” with Holy Spirit (Pentecostals
    know about this ask them) from the wine of Heaven.  Most importantly
    you will reconnect directly back with God and be totally fulfilled. Since
    a lot of people are talking about space and planets these days you’ll get
    to do that and you’ll have your own personal spaceship and things like
    that I have heard from Kat.   Kat Kerr has a bunch of stories
    about different places in Heaven that you want to know about for sure.
    That said God is calling up  more and more people to visit
    Heaven,  so if you haven’t been already you’ll likely hear more and
    more testimonials about what Heaven’s about and what’s in Heaven. And if
    you ask God maybe He’ll call you up too.  Plus after the Millennial
    Reign there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth. So think ahead! Don’t
    get bogged down in this world! This world is just for testing, 
    achievement  of reward,  achievement of future power positions, 
    achievement of eternal wealth  and in the achievement of growing a
    relationship with God that you couldn’t do in Heaven because there’s no
    bad stuff to overcome and through the overcoming of tough times together
    you can grow super close with God with all sorts of new heartstring
  3. Remember what happens to the unprofitable
    servant.  We are all considered servants who believe on Jesus and
    confess Him as Lord and Master.  We are required to be profitable to
    God and the Kingdom of Heaven in order to enter the Kingdom of
    Heaven.  So stop listening to man made denominational doctrines that
    fall short of the entire Word of God and believe God’s
    word. Otherwise the warning is the outer darkness forever.

The Spirit of God says to not fear that His servant Justice Scalia has
been taken and that God has not forsaken.

  1. By now everyone knows what happened to Justice
    Scalia.  God will take care of the Supreme Court with 5
    new appointees that God Himself  appoints. 2 are in as of
    this typing and there are three to go.

The Spirit of God says He will show Himself strong to prove that the
so-called wise are wrong.

  1. “The wise”…  those who talk or try to
    talk with such “sophistication”  and “are of such
    refinement and superiority” are in error, as usual. Usually the
    stench of pride is behind that behavior making it vomitus to experience.
      they are liars. Pride causes lying. It can be said that they are
    living a lie by an appeal to their pride which is the hook in their nose
    by the Kingdom of Darkness through which they are controlled and
    eventually doomed if they don’t repent.   And remember, God
    really, really detests pride. Amen. We would LOVE to see God
    show Himself strong and even show off.  We want to see anything God
    is willing to do in this realm.  It will be awesome.

The Spirit of God says says He Has great plans for America and there is
a lot more good news to come.

  1. We’re just getting started with good news.  Kat
    says here are at least hundreds of years to go as she in some other
    prophets were shown into the future.   Some think we are in the
    Millennial Reign or in a spiritual Millennial Reign where the Lord rules
    the earth through His children.  The Jewish calendar just turned 5779
    as of this typing which would leave us 221 years until a 6000 mark which
    could be another logical turning point.
  2. It’s God’s time to rule and reign through His children.
    And there will be no Rapture until the bride is purified, refined,
    unified, and walking holy in the power of God doing the Greater
    Works.  Plus at least one billion new souls have come into the
    Kingdom of Heaven. 

The Spirit of God says there were two signs given when they carried
His servant’s (Justice Scalia’s) body up the steps of the courthouse where to
rest he was laid.  The Spirit of God says to read the signs and
understand the words in this prophecy.

  1. Maybe there’s some video footage to review. Mark Taylor
    has pointed out these two signs in one of his interviews of the past I
    remember hearing.

The Spirit of God says five Supreme Court Justices will be appointed by
Donald Trump

  1. Tell all your friends!  Samuel 
    (Kavanaugh?)  will be appointed.   Then Deborah is next as
    prophesied! (sounds like Amy Coney Barrett?)

The Spirit of God says Trump is His anointed president. 

  1. Get that straight! Stop listening to fake news of the
    enemy although they will soon go away. Beware;  do not come
    against God’s anointed. Do not speak against God’s anointed. Do not touch
    God’s anointed. Mike Thompson prophesied from a vision he was given –Come Against Trump or Body of Christ and Get Shattered
    – Mike Thompson Prophecy (see our blogpost on that with Mike’s video)
    main stream news have been your literal enemy at this point in time
    controlled by people who have been duped into looking to exterminate 90%
    of the population on Earth, who don’t realize they will then soon be
    replaced as well and then given the worst torture for eternity.  
    Obviously they haven’t read their Bibles nor have they read any of those
    books cut out from the Bible such as Book of Enoch and maybe the First and second books of Adam and Eve which reveal
    more to the way Satan does things. 

The Spirit of God says He will stack the courts with whom He chooses
which also sends a clear message to the enemy that he loses.

  1. And actually, as of the Kavanaugh appointment
    it is said that the commencement of the roundup of the traitors of the USA
    and to humanity will commence.   They’re to be routed out every
    aspect of society,  every business,  out of every government
    unit and so on to imprisonment or worse (as prophesied: Haman’s curse goes
    to them). And then judgement moves on to the church!   Now
    that’s scary.  If you want some fear, think about the judgement of
    God on the church starting with the leaders but maybe also the congregations.
    It’s time to confess and bring everything to the light otherwise I’ve
    heard that it will be done to you. Also I heard the consequences for
    sending going forward into this Kingdom age will be much greater although
    the rewards for producing fruit will be much greater as well.
  2. The church will be cleaned up and those who don’t
    repent very quickly, by getting out of their Babylonian doctrines and
    getting out of the Demonic contract of the 501 c 3, will be in big
    trouble. See Mark Taylor’s other prophecies.

The Spirit of God says that these five Supreme Court Justice 
appointments are a miracle.

  1. One down.  The next just confirmed.  Three
    more spots will open up as a scandal will be exposed buy three current
    supreme court justices.  “Deborah” will be appointed next.
    Kavanaugh is likely Samuel.

The Spirit of God says cries from the womb have reached His eyes and
ears like a sonic boom. He says He will take on and overturn Roe versus
Wade through the five Supreme Court Justices He appoints. 

  1. Amen. As Mark Taylor has been mentioning in his
    interviews, this is very much a spiritual war. Part of what these workers
    of the Kingdom of Darkness strategized was to make abortion legal because
    the aborted babies were like sacrifices to Moloch or Ba’al. These are
    ancient entities that Israel stumbled into worshiping (probably over
    ‘promises of immediate benefits’ (wealth, power, fame, fortune etc… That
    they only give if they can steal it from men and women who do not know or
    who are disobedient to God’s Word). Also abortion (or their brutal
    child sacrifices which they have been doing as reported to the tune of as
    heard even hundreds of thousands of kids a year) generates so much evil
    energy that it empowers these ancient evil entities. Their goal is to
    generate as much evil emotional energy as they can to a point that it
    births the Anti-Christ. The way it works is that the more evil they
    can convince mankind, especially Christians, into doing, the more power
    they generate as food so mankind becomes like a battery, a power source, a
    food source generator through their evil thoughts, words, deeds and
    negative emotion generation.  this is why the Kingdom of
    Darkness  is so interested and insistent at bothering man kind.Demons
    come and swim in then eating up dark emotion and deeds that let out a
    stream of dark energy as food.  Born again Christians send super
    charged power bursts to the enemy if they sin.  So the enemy feeds
    off of negative emotional energy.  The enemy’s most valuable energy
    source  would be getting regenerated Christians to sin.  This
    sounds like a cartoon or movie but it has been mentioned by several
    teachers and prophets, including Mark Taylor and I believe Kat Kerr
    mentioned this as well. Plus if you think about what has happened in
    the USA over the decades, especially the last 30 or so years, (See the Evil Crew of 32) we saw the
    diminishing and corruption of Christianity across the world and the rise
    of Babylonian religions to power and control.  And if not for the
    Lord God stepping in to rescue America, all would have been lost.
  2. Why would Israel go off worshiping these gods from
    Babylon when they have God Almighty? As a guess, maybe they were tricked
    by promised benefits,  wealth, success, power in this
    world. This is  the same sales pitch that the Kingdom of
    Darkness & Satan keep on making these days.  Not that that is an
    excuse, but probably a reason to make sense of why they did what they
    did. This is why we are not to pursue this world for the maximization
    of our flesh and soul in this world.  We were commanded to put the
    kingdom of God first and God’s righteousness. We are commanded to build
    eternal wealth so our hearts would be in Heaven not this Earth flesh
    realm, that will quickly disappear as this flesh body parishes. Whatever
    we do to achieve success:  wealth fame and fortune in this realm is
    to be converted into gold that is tried to be true in the fire. This
    means that through obedience of Jesus’ Commandments  we bear fruit
    some 30 some 60 some 100-fold return for God and the Kingdom of Heaven
    that also builds eternal wealth as we build up the Kingdom, save souls
    teaching them to observe all of Jesus’ commandments whatsoever. So we
    are to convert our monies for example into things that grow the Kingdom of
    Heaven,  while being shrewd and making sure we’re not actually
    investing into the Kingdom of Darkness.   Many have found out
    recently in particular, in that their donations to certain organizations
    or churches preaching broad path doctrines were actually helping the
    Kingdom of Darkness.   This life span is a tiny one and we
    need to prepare for millions and billions of years into the future; 
    so what we do now is going to shape our eternal future.  For
    those who have a hard time thinking about doing things into a future that
    they don’t even see, maybe it would help to think in terms of
    probability.  Since we are always one heartbeat away from eternity
    and people die all the time by surprise then it would be very wise of
    us  to plan for the future after we die.

    1. So let’s  just say for example that nothing happens
      after you die.   if you said that you would just be guessing
      since you don’t really know. And that’s a low probability guess because
      if you pursue that route you’ll give up for this life and then you’ll
      give up pursuing the next life making this a lose-lose mindset.
    2. But if you pursue eternity wow using this life for
      building eternal wealth then you can win for many years to come, millions
      and billions or years, and you’ll probably have a lot more fun in this
      life because you’ll be focused on doing exciting things that are good and
      challenging, epic even,  productive, and positive which will
      generate joy, happiness and peace for you in this lifetime while drawing
      like-minded joy-filled happy, at peace people towards you, for your
      relationships.   So it’s a win-win by focusing on building
      eternal wealth instead of wealth just to enjoy in this lifetime in the
      flesh, for very brief pleasure.  So win in this life and win for
      eternity by obeying Jesus and producing fruit for the Kingdom.
    3. So build Eternal wealth because this is the well that
      you CAN take with you!

But back to
the abortion topic.   Churches need to be reformatted so they
actually teach the Word of God and believe the entire Word of God instead of
their fake, man-made itching ear denominational doctrines that cut out large
chunks of the Word of God while appealing to flesh lives in this world
only.  Churches need to come out from under that demonic contract called
the 501c3 as Mark Taylor mentioned as God explained to him is a contract that
has influenced and controlled the church’s  decision making in what they
should or should not preach.  God considers the joining of the 501c3 worse
than Judas’ betrayal money that even the Pharisees knew not to take.

  1. Laws need to be changed to get in line with the word
    of God.   The Word of God brings life. Going against the Word
    of God brings death and destruction that by now should be obvious to all.
  2. That said it’s not so obvious because most people
    don’t know the word of God very well at all so they don’t even know what
    God commands in the New Testament.  The Ten Commandments are
    part of Jesus’s Commandments plus he takes them up another level in His
    commandments of the New Testament.  Jesus’ commandments of the New
    Testament are God the Father’s commandments too since Jesus says what God
    the Father tells Him to say.  Personally I’ve never heard a
    pastor talk about Jesus commands or that He  even has commands or
    Commandments even though it’s repeated over and over and over in the
    Bible particularly in the writings through John. So you have to ask
    why were these commandments of Jesus skipped over and hidden?  
    And then you start to realize what has been going on around you over
    the past few decades as you saw the rise of power of evil across the
    planet.  Then “two and two can be put together” as
    the expression goes. And you have to ask why Christianity has become
    so diminished in power and respect across the world.   In the
    world they say, “Your religion is weak. You’re no different than us.
    You’re no better than us. You sin just like us.  You cheat like us.
    You divorced like us. You’re drunk like us. You act wickedly like
    us…  so don’t tell me about your religion and get it out of my
    face.”  When that sinks and you realize that something really
    bad has really happened in the church.  We have been led seriously
    astray (although that’s our faults for tolerating these man-made
    corrupted doctrines.) It’s our fault for attending their
    services. It’s our fault for giving them money.  It’s our fault
    for buying their books.  It’s our fault for not removing them.
    It’s our fault because we were deceived. It’s our fault because we were
    ignorant.  It’s our fault that we were lazy  It’s our fault
    were were clueless.  It’s our fault we did not know God’s
    Word. it’s our fault that we did not read the Bible over and over
    and over and over again ourselves. It’s our fault that we were more
    concerned with our whims of the moment and our feelings but we were not
    concerned about what God wants and we’re not concerned about God’s feelings.  Ignoring
    Jesus’  Commandments or not obeying his Commandments is sin and if
    you are doing sin then you are empowering the enemy. Here’s a
    perspective:  And you are also being specifically obedient to the
    “anti-god” called “Sin” with Sin’s lord & ruler,
    called Satan or Lucifer then you are making Satan your lord and master
    and if Satan is your lord an master then he gets to keep you. So if you
    are an obeyer of Sin then Lucifer is your lord and Sin is your
    god.   But if you are an obeyer of Jesus the Jesus is your Lord
    and Master then God the Father is your God. So one of the main
    strategic tactics of the enemy was to get concept of “Jesus is
    Lord”  hidden. They were successful.  Even to this day how
    many people know what “Jesus is Lord”  actually
    means?  From my experience, almost NO ONE (not that I’ve met a
    couple billion people but from my experience).  And it’s
    worse.  How many people actually know what the word “lord”
    even means besides some chap over in England?   I have never
    heard anyone explain what a lord was over the past four decades as per my
    recollection. Because if we all knew what Jesus is Lord meant then
    we would have avoided many many sins if not all of them all together. And
    if that was the case then this whole planet just about, would have been
    converted. How so? Because we would been walking holy in the power of God
    and in the love of God. And since the love of God in us, the goodness of
    God in us and the goodness of God and the love of God is what convinces
    people to believe that they have found the “real deal” and that
    enables them to believe in Jesus. Additionally if we were walking
    holy as commanded we would probably be walking in great supernatural
    power which would have convinced a lot of other people.  And if we
    would have been walking holy then the world would flock to Jesus because
    they would see that being an ACTUAL Christian works!  And an ACTUAL
    CHRISTIAN is one who does what Jesus says.  Not many seem to do,
    yet… But they will! They will know Jesus commands all of them whatsoever
    and they will teach all nations!
  3. Additionally if we knew Jesus Commandments and
    installed Jesus’s Commandments into our souls turning them into our
    habits and taught them as we were supposed to do,  which is
    “Christianity 100”, (see Matthew 28 colon 19-20), the whole
    world could have been walking holy about now.   And you wouldn’t
    have a bunch of confused Christians out there,  sinning all over the
    place,  fighting amongst themselves,  making up strange weak
    doctrines that cause sin and give lordsihp over to some institution or
    that empower self to be their own lord.  We would of had a unified
    Body of Christ under One Doctrine, the Doctrine of Christ.  We would
    have been unified in power, ruling and reigning in the spirit realm and
    in the earthly realm,  with holiness, goodness,  peace, 
    joy,  happiness and life abound.  We would have taught our
    children Jesus’s Commandments who then would have understood that it’s
    their responsibility also to teach their children and so on. Do you
    want World Peace?   Here is exactly how to achieve that: 
    then obey Jesus Commandments and teach others to do so.  Do you
    want to end poverty worldwide?  Then obey Jesus Commandments and
    teach others to do so.  Do you want everyone to live in wealth
    and prosperity? Then obey Jesus Commandments and teach others to do so.
  4. Do you want everyone to go to Heaven and avoid Hell?
    Then obey Jesus Commandments and teach everyone else to do so.
  5. For the fixing the abortion issue you have to look at
    other root causes behind the abortion issue. For example if you want to
    cure a disease you have to look at the root causes of the disease.  
    You have to remove those root causes or that disease will keep coming
    back. Abortion is a symptom of a disease you could say and this
    disease has root causes.  These root causes are disobedience to
    Jesus Commandments.  But since the planet doesn’t seem to know Jesus
    Commandments yet, we’re going to have to go learn them, teach others and
    then institute them into our laws. Obey Jesus Commandments and you
    have life and prosperity. Disobey Jesus Commandments and follow the ways
    of Sin then you have theft, death and destruction.  When people
    get clarity on the word of God they will see this plainly. God is
    good and the is the source of all life so we follow Him (obey Him)
    if we want goodness in life. Sin is the anti-god (Like antimatter is to
    matter), and Sin brings destruction to everything of God,  to
    everything good,  to everything that is life.  So if you want
    to be obliterated,  miserable,  hated,  depressed, 
    poor and so on then you follow the ways of Sin. Which way do you
    want to go? It’s a simple equation and that’s the way the universe works.
    And it should make sense since all life comes from God the Creator and
    anything that goes against God the Creator would be no life, death and
  6. Solution: Fix the rape laws:  Since this seems to
    be one of the main arguments for the abotionists let’s eliminate 
    the problem largely: if you rape then death penalty for
    you.  Adultery Laws:  Current laws actually encourage
    adultery. Of course all the kingdom of darkness controlled media, arts,
    music, TV, etcetera have been brainwashing people into this in addition
    to sex outside of marriage.  First of all, all legal marriage
    benefits and claims should be stripped of the person who commits adultery
    in their marriage through the physical union of themselves to someone
    else of the same or opposite sex. Someone who commits adultery which ends
    up in divorce should have absolutely no share in the part of marital
    wealth, no claim to their spouse’s wealth, no claim of alimony, should
    pay penalties themselves and have all claims forfeited to custody of any
    kids.     There should be penalties and heavy
    fines.  There should be whatever level punishment to get the job
    done to essentially eliminate adultery.  Adultery should not be. Adultery
    destroys.   And since adultery can be so tempting people need
    help with laws by the threat of loss and punishment so they can better
    overcome the temptation of adultery which can come on strong. Confidence
    can be restored to marriage and then people can  then start to trust
    in marriage again. And when people trust in marriage and look to make the
    best out of it they can have a much deeper relationship and a much better
    sex life in the process. With laws restored such as this then there
    will be a lot more intelligent choosing of a spouse as well and there
    will be a lot more commitment mentally and emotionally to one’s marriage
    which can therefore make a much better and much more fulfilling marriage
    since people know that they don’t have any other option but their spouse;
    so therefore they might as well make their marriage  great and have
    a lot of great times with each other! (which is what smart people do
    anyways).  Once marriage and adultery is fixed and people feel that
    they can trust the concept of getting married again, then many benefits
    will ensue towards reducing occurrences of illegitimate pregnancies.
  7. If you want to really clean things up incorporate sex
    outside of marriage laws. most of the population would freak out
    about this at this point in time because they’ve been so program by the
    Kingdom of Darkness.  But sex outside of marriage creates a lot of
    internal damage for a person.  he can drive people crazy and ruin
    marriages. How so?  When you have sex with someone you give them a
    layer of your soul and you take a layer of their soul. This is what
    happens in the spirit realm.  So when someone finally does get
    married and let’s say they had sex with 10 people before they got
    married,  well then whenever they have sex with their spouse it’s
    not just them but 10 other people there with them.  This is a reason
    why people can have intimacy problems and not know why.   So
    get rid of the Kingdom of Darkness and all fake religion based on the
    fallen angels and their hybrid Offspring from the Tower of Babylon
    words (the Kingdom of Darkness) and get their influence out of
    society because the results of their ideas is stealing, killing and
    destroying.   And since government is here to protect the
    people’s from such things as government would regulate certain
    poisons it’s government’s duty to regulate these things out of
    society.   But the government is run by the people well it’s
    supposed to be. So then therefore you have to educate the people and
    expose how they were scammed by the Kingdom of Darkness.  and then
    when the people realize that they could have so much more happiness and
    fun doing things God’s way  for themselves and their children and
    they will want to change the laws!   But over the past many decades
    people have been lied to and the sources of influence have been
    controlled by the Kingdom of Darkness.  Well fortunately we have
    entered this new age called the Kingdom Age and the Luciferian
    reign is now over (it was actually the reign of man but man allowed
    himself to be tricked into sieved into letting Satan be his boss when man
    had power over Satan this whole time!!)

    1. If you put a law into place where as if you have sex
      with someone then you’re obligated to marry them and you’ll certainly
      clean up abortion issues!  Now how did I come up with that idea,
      hmm… Oh yeah, the Old Testament!   Just imagine, eventually
      how much more secure and wonderful marriage can be when  I
      become so much more focus and so much more permanent.    
      The human mind will think well  for richer poorer or sickness
      Health death do us part is it-well  since I’m bound to this
      marriage and can’t get out legally and I might as well make it
      good!  And of course you have other people who are more noble
      minded and want to make a good from the start anyways because they love
      each other.  And since two people actually love each other they
      seek to honor each other’s rules of relationship.   And in a
      similar way since we love Jesus we look to obey His commands.   Conversely 
      one of the primary problems of marriage these days is people have too
      easy of an exit. Not only have they been tricked and promoted to have an
      affair but they’ve also been sold the sales pitch that the grass is
      greener on the other side.   And that’s not the case at all!  
      When you have a marital soul-tie that gets broken or rather separated it
      is not easy to get over and people don’t realize that.  People
      think they can just hop along to the next person but they won’t
      escape.  They’ll never be able to have that close relationship with
      another person which they are yearning.  But back to the
      point,  because the exit from marriage is too easy and even
      encouraged people always have one foot out the door mentally and
      emotionally so they don’t commit to their marriage.  They don’t
      understand that the committing to the marriage is what  and make a
      marriage absolutely fantastic.  This all used to be common
    2. God has revealed the mechanics of what happens on the
      soul level and you have sex with someone through Kat Kerr. 
       There will be a further explanation below.  But there is a
      exchange of layers of one’s soul that takes place when you have sex with
      someone.  So if you’ve had sex before then in the bedroom it’s not
      just you but you and a bunch of other people. Disgusting isn’t it.
      That’s why a lot of people have intimacy connection problems. Your soul
      is designed in layers so keep that in mind.  Anyways, if there are
      laws in place, which I believe there were in the past in this country,
      although that would require more research, where you were legally bound
      to marry someone if you had sex with them then that’s going to change a
      lot of behavior!   Most abortion cases are there because
      people are having sex outside of marriage. So if you correct this root
      problem cause of the abortion problem then there won’t be much of an
      issue left in regards to reasons for abortion. Look to please God
      and not man and you fix things.  Or rather please God and not
      Satan, and Sin and you fix things.  But wait there’s more to
      this no sex outside of marriage concept.   if you have a legal
      framework in place for this which would drastically reduce sex outside
      of marriage then what happens?   Then you have a lot more
      potentially super exciting impassioned love lives between happy married
      couples!   The concept of thinking that the grass is greener
      on the other side or the possibility that you could have “better
      sex”  with someone else will be drastically reduced and
      possibly near eliminated in combination with adultery laws.
    3. Get rid of porno.  Porno fries the brains and
      hearts of men mostly but women also.   it’s like an illegal
      illicit drug.   it’s too powerful and should be a banned
      substance. Get rid of x rated content of internet, TV, books
      etc.  if people stop filling their heads with this stuff then
      they won’t imagine real life scenarios to stumble into.  
      Don’t we regulate other things that destroy people’s lives?  
      Well x rated stuff and porno destroys people’s lives. Consequently, if
      we do things God’s way will have a lot more fun without negative side
      effects.   We’ll have much closer relationships with our
      spouses.  We will be able to be much more intimate with our
      spouses.   And we’ll be happy!   Get rid of porno:
      It ruins souls.  It causes addiction. It stimulates corrupted
      fantasies which could end up in all sorts of sexual deviance and
      eventually rape.   It’s like a drug and people get strongly
      addicted to it.   It ruins marriages. It ruins children’s
      lives  in many ways.   It corrupts the mind.  It ruins
      sex within marriage which could be so fun if people just focused on each
      other. There are all sorts of ways of making porno go away legally,
      layer by layer.”I just want to be happy”-  is a cry of
      this generation.   Well here is the solution: obey Jesus
      Commandments of the New Testament and teach others to do so.  For a
      spouse, find someone else who knows that their eternal life is on the
      line to obeying Jesus as Lord so consequently they respect Jesus’
      Commandments of the New Testament.  People have to understand,
      starting with the church first,  why it’s not acceptable to have
      sex outside of marriage.   It ruins people’s future marriage
      since they become bound with layers of other people’s souls that they
      connected with sexually as well as layers of their souls going out with all
      those people they connected with sexually. So therefore when one finally
      does get married the other spouse isn’t just marrying that one
      person,  there are many other people right there within their
      spouse due to the layer of souls  exchanged (that’s how two become
      one-through the exchange of the layers of the souls).  
      Penalties need to be brought back for rape,  adultery and so on,
      severe ones.   Also marriage rules need to be redone 
      where people can’t just simply abandon their marriage or have an
      adulterous affair  and receive benefits at the same time as
      breaking their marriage contract and Covenant;  not only do their
      benefits need to go they also need to be penalized as I believe was the
      case in laws of the past in the USA but research would be required on that).  So
      it’s time to clean up these laws in the USA.   And then this
      issue of abortion will become much less.  Yes rape would incur the
      death penalty.  If you want to get rid of affairs do the
      same.  If you have sex outside of marriage and have people legally
      bound to be married.   That will clean up his country and
      vanquish just about any sort of argument for abortion.

But then
back to the first concept:   if people know they cannot legally have
an abortion and may end up in jail for a long time for murder, both the man and
woman even if both agreed,  then they, are going to think really hard
before having sex outside of marriage.  And consequently,  they
will go after these companies promoting sex outside of marriage, adulterous
affairs and the like and get them shut down, get laws changed because they
don’t want to be annoyed or influenced or tempted by there material.

So then just
make abortion illegal. Then people will think twice about having reckless sex
and sex outside of marriage. When they know that there is no way out of having
a baby with the person they are about to have sex with then they’ll certainly
think twice.  They will think more favorably on marriage where they can
have non stop sex, much more fun sex, sex without guilt, sex with a close soul
connection, sex with more and more refined & tweaked, fine tuned optimized
performance to satisfy each other the way each other likes and sex that is way
more fun.   And if you became pregnant in marriage, then that becomes
a wonderful thing as opposed to a life changing disaster with some random
person’s kid.    “Shagging around” causes disastrous damage
to the soul and can ruin your chances for any future good marriage.  So
since shagging around can ruin lives and the lives of others, it should be
regulated like drug.

that abortion was set up in this country as a strategic move by the kingdom of
darkness for purposes of wicked energy generation negative emotion energy
generation.  Ba’al needs the sacrifice of ancient days of “passing
your child through the fire” for energy. So Ba’al worshipers and those
performing abortions are feeding a demon.

denominations are exposed more and more you’ll realize that we have all been
scammed on this abortion issue.  When you realize that we’ve been
tricked into becoming the demons’ batteries, empowering them so they can then
control us and then destroy us,  you’ll think again about concepts such as
abortion, or any other ultimately destructive behavior or mindset or even
entertaining a negative emotion whatsoever in your own self.   Aren’t
you sick of being deceived? You do know that your eternal life is on the line
in regards to deception right?   So therefore it is more important
than ever to know the Word of God well the meat of the Word specifically so you
can differentiate between right and wrong.  Right = obey Jesus’
commands.  Wrong = obey Satan & the ways of Sin and death.

You can
start with our Volume Bible Reading Plans and our Volume Bible Reading System
(which is incorporated into the Volume Reading Plans)-for free- just
download them for my website and get to it,  aggressively!  
Don’t be a wimp,  cream puff,  cupcake, bury your coin in a napkin
guy but rather:  roll up your sleeves,  gird up your loins and take
the Kingdom of Heaven by force crushing everything from the  enemy Kingdom
of Darkness  in the thought and emotional realm and in this physical
realm.   Overcome.  Win the victory.  Know God’s Word and
do what God’s Word says!

The Spirit of God says that the overturning of Roe versus Wade is His
will and His way for all those who have prayed.

  1. Amen and Hallelujah. Keep praying.

The Spirit of God says He is putting together America’s Dream
Team from the president and his administration (Trump), to judges and
congress to ease Americas frustrations.

  1. Amen and Hallelujah! Believe God’s word. Believe God’s
    prophecy. Pay attention of what God is calling you into, especially if it
    is a government position.  Understand that you are already supposed
    to be ruling and reigning with Christ in the spirit Realm taking ground
    from the enemy and occupying it having no toleration for the works of
    Darkness and death.

The Spirit of God says to His Army to rise up and get into the
flight for this is the generation that is taking flight.

  1. It’s time to get to work Army. Time to get strategic
    Army. It is time to get Aggressive army.   it’s time to set
    goals Army and go for them. It’s time to save the world Army; get up and
    go,  by foot, by vehicle, by word of mouth,  by teaching and
    training,  by the internet,  by strategic spiritual
    warfare,  through intercessory prayer,  by learning and using
    your new supernatural super powers,  by taking hold over all the
    power of all the enemy and sending the Host Angelic Army of Super
    Transforming Supersoldiers to shred everything of the enemy in the
    spiritual realm, such as platforms, structures and strong holds, to expose
    all works and workers of evil and to tear apart the workers of
    darkness and throw them into a dry place…

The Spirit of God says This is the generation of warriors that
those of old wanted to see, and the enemy will have no choice but to flee.

  1. This is a big deal! You’re in Major Biblical historical
    times! Thank God that you have the opportunity to live this time. Ask God
    what’s your assignment is in these times. Talk to God, communicate with
    God, draw close to God. Unite Army!  Conquer and occupy until the
    Lord comes. Step up to the plate and fulfill your destiny. Be an
    eternal winner.   Don’t accept losing or being a loser. 
    Find your destiny that God has written for you and get it done. Battle and
    Conquer.  Overcome the enemy that is in your way to get it
    done.  Believe & achieve.   Build up your eternal
    treasures and keep your heart on God and Heaven.

The Spirit of God says to Rise up! Stomp the enemies head with
bliss; send the enemy back to Hell and into the abyss.

  1. Enjoy destroying the Kingdom of Darkness. Have
    some good intense fun times smashing and bashing.  Charge up your
    “inner Hulk” to smash and bash the enemy.  Show no mercy
    since they show no mercy for human souls and they are trying to trick and
    trap them into eternal death and torture.   Have no toleration
    whatsoever for these workers of darkness.   Have the perspective
    of what happens to someone when they go to hell and then the Lake of
    Fire.   Maybe watch some hell visitation videos to get that
    perspective and wake up.  Stand up.  Rise.  Rise to
    the occasion and conquer.   All Of Heaven is watching… Make
    your Daddy and Lord and Holy Spirit proud of you!

The Spirit of God says This is the generation of warriors that all
of Hell has feared to face and see, but I AM and all of Heaven is cheering you
on with glee!

  1. Sons and Daughters of The Most High God,
    ARISE! Get the game! And play to win.
  2. Yes you are in a “matrix” a “virtual
    reality” “game” called life in the flesh.  Win the
    game.  Save the souls. Make it to the end without being terminated by
    beast anti-god called Sin and you win a most glorious eternal life. But
    you better keep moving forward because if you just sit there and do nothing,
    Sin is crouching in the corner ready to get you and terminate you before
    the game is won.  Win the game. Make Jesus you Lord. Do what He says.
    Abide in Him.  Overcome sin.  Win the victory.  Produce a
    return for the Kingdom. And don’t you dare just pursue a life full of
    maximization of self without producing a return for the Kingdom or the
    outer darkness awaits.

Part 2: Fooled through Slithering Tradition of Halloween

Now most of us have gone out trick-or-treating kids and so on and so forth. Growing up and even into adulthood were were  frequently shown  scary movies, concepts of death, dark spirits, witches, zombies, sorcerers, demons, ghost or mockeries of scary things over time. Often, and usually the presentation of such dark things were made to make them seem harmless or even “funny”.  

But as you get to know more and more about the reality of the spirit realm and that we are indeed in a “matrix” which is simply this 3D realm in these flesh bodies, you realize that things get really serious after we’re done in this realm.  The Darkside doesn’t want you to give much thought about what happens to you after you die because they know that all they need you to do is nothing.  All they need you to do is busy  yourself with the pursuits of this world enough so you’ll not make any time to pursue finding God and getting right with Him.  So one tactic is to make things of the dark, things of death seem like nothing, no big deal, funny even or even good.  These things such as Halloween are designed in my opinion for the most part by the Kingdom of Darkenss to desensitize you to the Dark side and Hell, or what happens after death if God the Son doesn’t redeem you. Because outside of the Age of Innocence you are doomed without the covering of the blood sacrifice of Jesus dying on the cross for your sins.  Jesus, The Word, is your Maker, you were made through Him and nothing that is seen is made without Jesus.  You can’t escape your Maker and the Maker of all things.  Plus why would you want to escape Jesus?  He’s awesome and He loves you a lot!  But you must choose Him with the act of your will.  God will not make you choose Him.

I think maybe it would do a lot of people good to go watch some hell visitation videos, and ones hopefully the ones from God and not the ones from the Kingdom of Darkness. Doing so can wake you up big time to the realities of Hell.  You’ll never want to sin again!  But then again you have all sorts of scary verses in the New Testament that warn us about sinning and continuing and sin, yes even after you have been regenerated, born again from above.

But for the rest of world who has no clue about the word of God or even God the Son (accept lies and mockery), when they are desensitized towards things of death, the devil (who does not look like a red demon with a pitch fork but like a fair skinned dark hair European who is supposed to be really “beautiful” and all that Kat Kerr was shown him and the Lord did not melt Lucifer’s face like he did to other demons, principalities) then they think it’s all a big joke and that they don’t need to pay attention to what happens after they die. Most people end up in the pit because they don’t concern themselves about the concept of where you go after you die. They know deep down that they better get right with God but they choose not to because they would rather be lazy and believe lies. They are told that the afterlife and Hell it’s all a big joke and that everyone will go to heaven and that Hell is just a joke and demons and skeletons are actually friendly and ghosts are like Casper. But is not a joke. Because if the demons get a hold of you in Hell, at the center of where evil sin and iniquity have maximum power, they will rip you to shreds over and over for eternity. You experience death over and over for eternity from all sorts of torture.  Here are some more things that was mentioned in Hell visitation testimonies:  From being run through with Spears, chopped into pieces little piece by little piece, have your head lopped off over and over, burnt to a crisp over and over, eaten through by maggots and worms over and over, having snakes go in and out of every part of your body, stuck in a place where are you feel excruciating torture that lasts forever with no end. God doesn’t do this to you He just let you go follow after what you want to fall after. If you want to follow after God then obey Him; obey the New Testament. If you want to follow after Sin the “anti god” & Lucifer/Satan, then keep on sinning, keep on following the ways of the world, keep on following your flesh, keep on making your god your belly,  you will go to Sin and Satan’s home where their power is at the maximum to be used on you, forever.  God is not playing around.  He chose to clean up reality instead of erasing it all together so then therefore this is why God the Son had to come to reverse the works of Satan, the mess Lucifer made.

So maybe Halloween is not such a joke after all. Did you know that Satanists and witches etc call Halloween the “high holy day of the year” to honor Satan and the ways of the dark side?  Do you know how many humans, especially kids they sacrifice every year?  Go look that up.  That info is coming out now.  You’ll never want to fool around with things of darkness again.
Consider banning the entire holiday Nationwide. Get rid of it.  There are no rights for a murderous cult. Don’t be fooled as we have been in the past.  But on the other hand consider creating a new one on another day that celebrates life and the things of God: Dress up in costumes and so on and so forth but have costumes at Celebrate life and fun.  Go on now and start the new holiday.  Make it fun and appealing and a joy for kids so it catches on and promotes life and honors God. 
Okay so we have the solution. So I didn’t just complain about the problem as we usually hear… I provided solution; a solution that is better and can be a lot more fun without controversy. Because think of how many families enter into a conundrum, a strain, every Halloween where they have to explain to their kids why they don’t celebrate Halloween and so on or going against their conscience and celebrate it anyways.   Well it’s time to get rid of it and make a good one to replace it.

So in order to do this the truth about the Kingdom of Darkness and their followers  needs to be exposed. Once exposed the world will reject and flush the stool down the toilet.  I mean you’re going to have to take back the educational institutions and the government and the media and Hollywood from Satanists. Yes there have been and still are literal Satanists who run all of these things. That said God said he would be working with us to take these things back.  But go ask God what you can do or what you are supposed to do.

Understand now that we have entered the kingdom age and this is a very big deal. This is a new age on the Earth! This is where Kingdom Rises against Kingdom as mentioned in Matthew Matthew 24:7. The Kingdom of Heaven has started to invade the Earth that has been dominated by the Kingdom of Darkness since man has let themselves be tricked into letting the Kingdom of Darkness tell them what to do and push them around (can we call ourselves a bunch of dopes because of that? (I’ll call myself one for letting that happen in my own life)). So let’s all repent which means to change what we believe in. Believe in God.  Let’s believe God and believe what He has said and is saying.  God wants us to have life and wealth. And let’s stop listening to Sin and Satan, who want us to be destroyed and die over and over and over again for an eternity, starved, barely able to breathe, always thirsty, always in misery, always surrounded by a hideous stench, always filled with fear and death, always being slaughtered and tortured… So…. Let’s choose life instead!!!!!!!

It would be really fun to call everyone names right now and say how so many people are not smart, foolish, wicked, goats, brainless, dopes, pigs to the slaughter, suckers, chumps and so on and so forth. But I can’t. Because that would be judging, criticizing, providing railing accusation, being abusive, an exercise in the emotion of pride, festering up the emotion of hate while flirting dishonesty and hypocrisy all at the same time. (Look how sins do chain together.) Plus if I were to judge,  I have likely done same things over time. So I can’t judge and call people names and neither can you.  Well we can, but we would be sinning and if we choose to sin then we would be following after the anti god called Sin and we would be making Lucifer/Satan our lord in the process as opposed to Jesus as Lord.

If Jesus is your Lord because you obey Him, then He gets to keep you and bring you back to Heaven.   If you make Satan your lord then he gets to keep you and bring you back to his headquarters, which is Hell.  Who will you chose as Lord?    If you want Jesus, then you better get after finding what He told you to do already from the New Testament, all of it.

One of the top sins God hates the most, it seems, is pride. Pride is a very strange substance. You could say it’s a spirit. The spirit of pride. From my experiences pride is like this strange energy gob that comes over your head and fills your head with a swirly, dopey feeling, filling your heard with some sort of illicit high (maybe kind of like a refined sugar high) of “happiness” of a strange variety.  Pride gets you to lie to yourself and say or thing things about yourself that you’re not. Pride makes you think you are high and great which then opens you up to being easily offended and triggered when someone doesn’t treat you in loftiness or agree with whatever comes out of your mouth.

When one has above Pride on their head or worse, when one lets pride seep into their heart, then one is in a position to do all sorts of really dumb things, while making all sorts of error in their decision-making, while tripping up into all sorts of other sins while leaving one’s self wide open to be tricked and con into all sorts of sales pitch, error and loss all over the place. Yes pride makes you wide open for the suckers sales pitch.  People who are filled with pride are an easy sale (especially to the Kingdom of Darkness who’s workers are highly skilled). So pride is a big pitfall and it’s so easy to get infected by it. So by God going after our pride He is doing us a massive favor.

If you study Pride and yourself overtime then observe how it behaves within you then you’ll make some astounding observations. As you get to know your enemy you will be able to develop strategies and plans in order to defeat your enemy. You will be able to ask the Lord for help for how to defeat this enemy and eventually never be infected by it again. Because when you become infected by Pride everything falls apart: Relationships, finances and everything else.

Understand the the Kingdom of Darkness is not dumb and innocent as they try to imply, especially through their holiday called “Halloween”.  The Kingdom of Darkness who wants to be able to torture your soul for eternity very badly, because that’s their thing, is VERY shrewd, strategic, patient and relentless.  They will not stop after your soul, even if you have been born again from above until your flesh body is dead.     Continued in Part 2…

Time is Up for Those Who Are Corrupt 11-17-2015 – Mark Taylor Action Plan for You to DO

  Know that God calls the USA “MY UNITED

  • It has been
    mentioned through several prophets that God has established America
    as a gift for the world. And most certainly America has been a gift to the
    world in that 90% of the Gospel has gone out through United States of
    America. But we’re just getting warmed up on the Gospel message throughout
    the whole world.
  • Now it’s time to
    reach every living human soul on the planet with the Good
    News.  The Good News is that all peoples can have eternal life,
    be connected closely with God, get an opportunity to become a priest, lord
    then king, experience a wonderful joyous abundant wealth filled eternal
    life for billions and billions of years,  be filled with love and
    goodness, have unlimited good friends who do only good things and don’t
    cause trouble, have wonderful relationships, be filled with fun excitement
    and have incredible adventures for billions and billions of years to come
    through God the Son, Jesus. 
  • Because without
    Jesus no one comes back home to God the Father.  Yes I said “comes
    back” because you came from the Father, in Heaven to earth after God knit
    your spirit into this body and soul. Without the covering of the blood of
    Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross, you will not have the
    covering it takes to be able to exist in Heaven or the New Heaven or New
    Earth.  You need the technical covering of the blood of Jesus and you
    need to become born of God by fully and actually believing on Jesus that
    He, God the Son, came down to die for your sins and was raised from the
    grave back up to Heaven.   
  • Understand that
    we are going through the process of the “great separation” and
    all of reality is being cleaned out where God is separating out
    sin, iniquity and lawlessness from all of the universe, all the mess
    made by Lucifer. Make sure you are a sheep and not a goat.  Know the Father and the Son because that
    IS salvation.
  • Jesus is your
    Savior and the Savior of all reality, of the universe, making a
    way for all of reality to be able to be restored instead of being done
    away with. Otherwise all reality would have to be wiped out which would
    also there for negate the good things and good relationships God has had. Don’t
    forget, God doesn’t have to do anything. 
    He can do whatever He wants. 
    So remember that and take note of His goodness. 
  • So instead God
    established this plan where God the Son would come and become man like
    us, live a perfect life in the obedience to the scriptures, in
    obedience to God the Father and then die for our sins
  • Why wouldn’t
    anyone want to be saved?  Why wouldn’t anyone want Jesus as their
    Savior?  The problem is they are listening to lies and they are not
    listening to God.  Why not read God’s word instead? Why not talk to
    God directly instead?  But if you
    love a lie then you show  yourself
    not worthy to God.  If you’d rather
    have a lie vs the truth then that’s your separation point.  If you’re totally honest about things
    then you will recognize God and you will understand His Word.  Don’t be fooled.  Be honest.  Read the Bible. 
  • Satan wants your
    everlasting destruction.  Satan
    hates you.  He will tell you
    pleasant words and make promises to you. 
    He will tell you everything will be alright if you just follow him,
    if you just listen to him.  He will
    threaten you that if you don’t follow him, bad things will happen to you.  But all of his threats and promises are
    related to this life in the flesh. 
    Think smarter.  Think about
    what happens AFTER you die from this tiny life span in the flesh.
    Understand that this life in the flesh is a corrupted state!  We’re not supposed to have bliss and
    utopia in this life!  That’s for
    Heaven.  So don’t waste your time
    trying to maximize yourself in this life. 
    Obey God’s Word, the New Testament in particular in order to
    generate a mind blowing, incredible, blissful utopia for billions of years
    to come instead!
  • So if you’re
    concerned about what happens after you die, please just go talk to God
    your Maker, the One you KNOW is your Maker. Ask Him directly.  That’s
    what I did and it worked! He started doing so many of these mini miracles
    for me, impossible things that I knew could only be Him and shortly
    thereafter I was able to believe on Jesus for real.   That was a long
    time ago but it was an amazing experience. 
  • God is real and
    He will show you the Son.  Just ask God directly for help! This is
    very real for those of you who are confused because you’ve been listening
    to man (men and women), or even dark spirits literally whispering in your
    ears or popping bad thoughts into your head.  Forget them!  Talk
    to God.  It’s YOUR soul that’s on the line.  You become a
    winner. If others want to be losers for now that’s their choice.  You be a winner.  You deal with God one to One because
    that’s what salvation is all about.  Don’t afraid.  God loves
    you A LOT; and yes He actually loves you, yes even you… A TON. 
    That may sound shocking but hey, take it!  Now go talk to God. 
    He will hear you. 
  • So everyone who
    does not have the covering of their Maker, God the Son, One through Whom
    all the visible universe was made, will be separated out into eternal
    doom, the home of Sin and death into the Lake of Fire.  Sounds
    scary.  It is!  So pay attention!  It’s just what
    needs to happen or else the whole universe will be destroyed.  That
    said, Heaven and Earth will be replaced by the New Heaven and the New
    Earth but you will be retained.
  • Satan almost
    destroyed you except that God stepped in and stopped it.  Reports say
    countless attempts at starting a nuk war have been thwarted for
    example.  You probably have been following real news and know what’s
    been going on.
  • Evil is like
    cancer, it will keep on going and growing, killing and destroying unless
    it is cut out or separated out.  Sin is a creature as mentioned in
    Genesis.  It must be locked up.  And since all beings were
    created to be eternal and not possible to be destroyed then they have
    to be locked up if they are not redeemed by the blood of Jesus. 
  • It’s time to
    stop “playing around” with religious philosophy and
    man-made ideas.   Mankind must sober up, wake up and realize
    that this short life span is a very serious thing and we need to do what
    God says. We need to understand that God cares for us but all of reality
    must go through this process, otherwise, like antimatter to
    matter,  everything will be destroyed.  So therefore God must
    cleanse sin, evil out of the universe and out of all reality. 
  • So do what God
    says and “stop thinking”. Stop thinking with the weak and
    puny conscious mind.  Stop listening
    to the Kingdom of Darkness because in their inverse world of sin and
    death, they crave your destruction.  Obey the New Testament and
    produce fruit that proves it.

Start Working with the Host of Heaven Right Away – Get Your Own Army

It’s Time for You to Meet the Host of Heaven and Work With Heaven’s Army

More Interesting Information on Transformers 13 Original Primes and Angelic Host Secrets

  1. The Transformer
    movies, toys and cartoon series are modeled after the Host Angles many
    of which are giant transforming creatures with 18 eyes and can transform
    into weapons, ships and all sorts of creative powerful things. 
    Remember God is the Master Creator and He makes really neat
  2. Another Army of
    God Strategy and Weapon:  You can repent on behalf of a territory.
    Let’s say your area did some bad things or is currently doing bad things,
    you can repent or confess rather for the sake of the territory to take
    back ground from the Enemy, according to Mark Taylor. You may be able
    to find his videos online about this if you search for repenting for a
    territory.   Actually he put out an audio book on Sid Roth
    program about this:
        and here is the Audio I
    found https://sidroth.Org/store/products/trump-prophecies-book-code-9508/
  3. Another Army of
    God Strategy and Weapon: Decrees and Declarations:  See Kat Kerr
    materials.  She does training on
    this.  https://www.Katkerr.Com/  https://www.Revealingheaven.Com/ 
     Decree and declare a thing in the Name of Jesus. 
  4. Another Army of
    God Strategy and Weapon:  Expose evil, what is called evil in the
    Word of God (not fake evil where those following after Lucifer call good
    bad and bad good)  Social media.  Blogs.  Word of
    mouth.  Books.  Videos.  Audios.  Advertising etc.
  5. Another Army of
    God Strategy and Weapon: Witness to others to help grow the Kingdom, save
    souls and get others to join God’s Army.  Teach them Jesus commands,
    since that’s is our job.
  6. Another Army of
    God Strategy and Weapon: Teach other’s to join God’s Army and teach them
    their new spiritual weaponry.
  7. Another Army of
    God Strategy and Weapon: Preach the Word or just read the Word to others.
    Teach people how to make Jesus their One and Only Teacher and Lord. 
    Teach people how to be taught by God and How to be led by God. Don’t try
    to be people’s leader, teacher or lord.  Send them over to
    Jesus.  We do not have the ability to be anyone’s teacher, leader or
    lord even moment by moment.  If you’re “teaching” someone the Word of
    God all you can do is reveal a layer or the layers of understand that have
    been revealed to you.  Don’t lie and make stuff up as many have done
    in the past.  If you don’t know then just tell people to ask God like
    they are commanded to do from the New Testament.  Give people that
    666 Sins of the Bible list from our site and tell them to understand what
    these sins are and to stop believing in those sins, stop believing that
    those sins are ok or good to do or something they can get away with
    doing.  For if you believe in these sins then you are making Satan
    your lord because those sins are his commands.  And then go onto
    Jesus commands of the New Testament: understand those and install those as
    your beliefs which will turn into your habits of action.  When you do
    that then you are obeying Jesus which then therefore makes Jesus your
    Lord.   Now you’ll have the foundation to be able to do GREAT
    things for and with God for the Kingdom of Heaven & you’ll be able to
    bear A LOT of fruit.
  8. Another Army of
    God Strategy and Weapon:  Get strategic.  Develop plans to
    overtake territories for the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit realm and the
    physical realm. Develop strategic plans for sending the Host. 
    Remember how the Kingdom of Darkness, and their human followers has been
    and will continue to be working secretly strategic against you!  They scooped up almost all the worlds
    wealth through their scheming.  They
    took over almost every country until God stepped in.  And they were about to chop your head
    off with a guillotine while harvesting your organs.  So wake up.  This is a real battle.  This is not a game. People’s eternal
    life is on the line and that’s an extremely serious thing.  Go watch some Hell visitation
    testimonies and you’ll wake up for sure about the reality of eternity.
  9. Another Army of
    God Strategy and Weapon: Get legal.  Go after the scams, lies and
    fraud of the enemy.  Fight in the courts against the enemy.  And
    fight the enemy in the Courts of God. 
  10. Another Army of
    God Strategy and Weapon:   Take back the pillars of society from
    the Kingdom of Darkness for the Kingdom of Heaven:  the government,
    the laws, the schools, the media in all forms: Internet, TV, Radio,
    Movies, Music, News, Magazines etc.
  11. Another Army of
    God Strategy and Weapon: Expose false doctrines and false religions. 
    But you better make sure you know the Word of God well or else the enemy
    will be able to use the Word against you.  And do not go after other
    doctrines or religions based on your organization’s man made doctrines but
    based on the ENTIRE Word of God instead otherwise you’ll make a mess and
    get yourself into a lot of trouble. 

  Know that God says BHO has evil and corrupt
ideologies and theologies

  • BHO  will
    be exposed shortly as of this typing and October 2018 for the world to

  Know that God stripped BHO’s power.

  • Different
    prophets mentioned this as well at the time that BHO’s  abilities
    would be cut short otherwise he could have done a lot more damage.

  Know that God calls BHO a lying, deceitful

  • BHO  is not
    doing well in God’s eyes. Repent BHO. Stop, drop and roll on over
    submitting yourself to Jesus as Lord, if you want to live eternally. 

  Know that God says “Time is up for those
who are corrupt!”

  • We are seeing
    judgment and systematic cleanup of the corrupt being executed throughout the
    United States and the world.   But wait there’s more!  The
    church is next!   Church leaders, you better be scrambling
    after God at this point no matter how much good you have done or think you
    have done.  It doesn’t matter, in the sense that you need to get on
    God’s new agenda.  
  • We have entered
    a new age which is called the Kingdom Age.  You should know this by
    now. The old will be replaced with the new.  Do not hold on to
    your denominational doctrines.   Seek God’s will.  
    Find out what God is saying. Know God so you can recognize His voice
    through the prophets.    Don’t let ministerial work choke off
    your intimate relationship with God.  Do less.  Because when
    judgment comes to the church it’s a very serious thing and I would love for
    you to succeed and thrive bearing tons of fruit into this new Kingdom
    Age.  There is such a HUGE opportunity for you to gain extreme
    eternal wealth.  So you need to be open-minded and flexible to God
    and beware of religious doctrines and their strongholds that block
    you from hearings God’s voice directly. 
    So be bold and break through out of the old into the new.  Talk to God and listen.  Don’t be afraid.  He cares for you.  You know that but make sure you KNOW
  • It’s time for all
    to KNOW the Bible extremely well and not just know about the Bible
    (especially preachers and teachers).  
  • It’s time for
    you to know how to witness personally and then train your congregation how
    to witness to expert levels.  
  • It’s time to get
    your congregation to take over territories in your area through
    witnessing, repentance for the area, prayer, decreeing and declaring,
    releasing the anointing, walking holy, doing good works, bearing lots of
    fruit and commanding the Host.  And this time to make sure that
    there’s no sin in your life or your Ministry.  Get things cleaned up
    fast.   Discover Jesus Commandments of the New Testament and
    start turning those into your habits which will then turn Jesus’ sayings
    into your beliefs,  thereby making Him your Lord, Master and

  Know that God says He will begin to remove
those who stand for evil and who stand in the way of His agenda.

  1. Know what God’s
    agenda is so you can make sure you harmonizing with Him while making sure
    you are not messing up. 
  2. Don’t mess with
    God. Take what God says seriously through His prophets and put it into

  Know that God says Judges, Senators,
Congressmen and women of all kinds even in the local, state and federal lines
will be replaced.

  • That has been
    happening and we’ll go soon into full speed after the Supreme Court gets
    set and Mid Term Elections are over. 

  Know that God says The Supreme Court will be

  • The
    2nd Supreme Court Justice was just confirmed.
    Then three more will by appointed by Donald Trump.  3 current
    justices will be caught in a scandal and will be forced to resign
    according to what Mark Taylor has mentioned on an interview.  
    Our land will be transformed into a righteous land in the model for the

  Know that God says The Supreme Court was
said to have corrupt and evil ways.

  1. The corruption
    will be exposed.  Righteous judgement will return to the land.

  Know that God says that He will remove some
and expose the back door deals of Supreme Court  justices that have been
in play.

  1. As mentioned, 3
    more judges will be exposed for their corruption and will be removed,
    probably pretty soon.

  Know that God says The USA, God’s
America,  will be the launching platform for the Harvest,  the Great
Harvest for 1 billion Souls. 

  • So if the Great
    Harvest of all mankind is 1 billion souls and what about 6 billion Plus
    others?   That would mean that the majority of people still
    won’t get right with God their Maker but will continue on to follow self
    as god or some other god.  
  • So maybe it’s as
    hard to get into Heaven as the Bible says. Or people are too lazy to read
    the Bible and do what the New Testament says?    Also just
    because one is in a Christian religion does not mean at all that you are
    following God or have gotten right with Him. 
  • Just do what the
    New Testament says, all of it, and you’ll do well. So don’t be confused by
    man and their doctrines any more. 
  • As a suggested
    start reading the New Testament 12 Times a Year -see our 12 Times a Year
    Volume Reading Plan from our website. 
  • Salvation is
    through making Jesus your Lord and making Jesus your Lord means to obey
    Him.  How do you obey Jesus? You do every verse stated in a command
    Style or an implied command style from the New Testament, turning them
    into your beliefs which then turns them into your habits. All the
    instruction you need is right there in the New Testament, even telling you
    how to follow & obey Jesus in real time.
  • And as one of
    the commands say:  walk in the Spirit thereby following Jesus in real
    time having the Lord guide your life even moment-by-moment through the
    Spirit of God, through your new man, your spirit man. When you finally
    turn over to letting the Spirit of God guide you then life starts becoming
    wonderful.  And when you starting seeking God to teach you so you can
    advance rapidly in your relationship with God. And if you allow God or ask
    God to become your Teacher in ALL  things, skills, performance ability and
    so on, from my experience, you will advanced rapidly to amazing levels. 
    God is the BEST Teacher in all things! 
    Just start talking to Him and listening.   And I speak from
    recent amazing experience!
  • Read the New
    Testament and do what the New Testament says because those are your
    complete instructions on how to get into Heaven.  Don’t trust man.
    Don’t put your trust in man. Don’t depend on a pastor or minister to do
    everything for you.  (Don’t try to put the burden of being your lord
    on your poor pastor! Understand that he’s just a man so give him a break
    and stop criticizing and judging him too. If he’s in error go talk to him
    about it without accusing, without being in a negative emotion like hate.  Love him instead; pray for him and bless
  • You work on your
    own relationship with God and become a contributing presence in your
    congregation.  Become a problem solver and don’t be a problem
    maker.  Become a peace and joy maker not a source of strife and
    grief. Don’t put your trust in religious doctrines or denominational
    doctrines. Don’t put your trust in family even. Obey God over your
    family.  Obey God over man. 
  • Yet don’t turn
    mankind or your family into an enemy or be offended by them in the
    process.  Stop being offended at things and throw out offense;
    offense only causes you lots and lots of trouble. 
  • Remember that if
    you don’t forgive people that offend you then God won’t forgive you.
      Yikes! If you don’t have forgiveness that’s really really bad. So
    how about this:  let’s stop getting offended at things. 
  • So I guess we
    need to give up our pride, be meek and think of others better than
    ourselves, as already commanded. 
  • Do what your
    Daddy says! And don’t put your trust in what you “think” is
    right or should I say what you are guessing is right. There is a way that
    seems right to a man but ends in destruction… And certainly don’t put
    your trust in your heart in terms of the emotions of your flesh heart. Do
    what you know is right, not what you feel is right. Trust God.  Trust
    God with all of your hear and do not lean on your own understanding. 
    Believe what He says and do what He says. Don’t follow man.  Don’t
    try to please people; it’s a trap that gets you into all sorts of trouble,
    that gets you into all sorts of sin. 
    You’ll realize this when you start observing yourself when you try
    to please people. Don’t follow the crowd.  Remember that the broad
    path, the easy way of the herd goes into the pit.  Realize that
    you’ll be tested over and over as the Kingdom of Darkness will throw
    everything they can at you, things that you cannot even imagine at this
    point.  So realize it’s super important to know the Word.  
  • And aggressively
    make sure you’ll have eternal life, for the spiritually violent take the
    Kingdom by force.  The spiritually
    violent which are the spiritually violent against the Kingdom of Darkness
    workers who are trying to trick you into eternal destruction in the spirit
    realm, in the “thought realm”;  have no toleration for them whatsoever. And
    remember our war is not against others in the flesh but against the
    Kingdom of Darkness.  So on that
    note fellow humans, it’s time to stop fighting each other and unite under
    Christ to CRUSH the Kingdom of Darkness off of this planet.

  Understand that America will be a light to
the world once again.

  1. Get in the game
    USA’ers.  You have HUGE opportunity for eternal success.  
    But get yourself holy first.  Know the sins of the Bible (see the
    list of 666 Sins of the Bible on our site to start uninstalling from your
    soul).   Obey Jesus’ commands (see the lists on TheCommandsofJesus.Com
    and start walking holy producing fruit, becoming the 4th seed.

  Understand that God will clean up that which
is the darkest in America.

  • Acknowledge,
    thank and give glory to God for doing these things as they happen. Let’s
    not just recognize man but give glory, thanks, praise and acknowledgement
    to God. There’s a lot of talking out there but not a lot of recognition
    and admission that God already said He would do these things while not
    giving God the credit.  Give thanks and praise for all of these
    things that He is doing for us so generously and kindly. Because if God
    did not step in we would have been wiped out. So give God the
    credit.  Give God the Glory.  Tell people it’s God that has been
    doing this and that will help wake them up.

  Know that God says to fear not America
because your greatest days are ahead of you.

  • Fear not. Don’t
    have anything to do with the emotional realm of the Kingdom of
    Darkness.   Do not allow negative emotions to dwell within you
    or upon you whatsoever. Negative emotions have negative frequencies which
    destroy and they also attract like negative thoughts of like frequencies
    which can cause you to execute evil destructive actions, sin. 

  God tells his Army to rise and fight and
watch what God does for them. 

  1. Who is God’s
    Army? Well you have the Host of Heaven, super weaponized transforming
    Army Angels but this is written to us. So therefore, those who would have
    an interest in hearing this word, these prophecies, making sure they do
    what these prophecies say could be called the Army of God  This would
    mean that the army of God knows who they are since they would have
    the sense to tune into these prophecies and obey God. How do you fight in
    God’s Army?

    1. Repent of your
      own sins first reprogramming your mind to follow the commands of Jesus
      instead of the commands of Satan.  Go download that list of 666 Sins
      of the Bible and start there systematically understanding and
      uninstalling each sin from your soul, from your belief structure in every
      way, shape or form.  You can’t be effective if you have unrepentant
      sin in your life or if you’re sinning and don’t even realize that you are
    2. Start
      commanding Host of Heaven Army Angels to fight on your behalf. See this post for the instructions. (or
      look  up “Kat Kerr Host” on Youtube or similar
      searches).  You have to ask God to be able to start. Follow the
      instructions on what to say that Kat gives you.  Kat is a prophetess
      who visits Heaven, daily. She has been given a lot of information and
      everything I’ve heard from lines up with the Bible.  Just remember
      that you are the one who has all power over all the power of the enemy,
      not the Host Angels, so before you send the Host anywhere you need to
      declare that you take power over all power of the enemy, that you bind
      the Enemy’s power and that you strip their power over a specific thing or
      territory or person or organization.  THEN you send the Host to go
      attack and destroy everything of the enemy including the severing of
      strongholds, the trashing of platforms, the destroying of their
      building structures in spirit realm dimension, while exposing the enemies
      deeds, plots, plans and trickery and so on, to throw the enemy out into a
      dry place, to shred the enemy by putting them out of commission since
      they cannot repair like the Host can.    Listen to Kat. She’s
      the expert on how to command The Host as trained directly by God the
      Father.  There are billions of the Kingdom of Darkness
      workers.  But there are more with us than are with them.

    3. Before sending
      out the Host coordinate with God on the correct and prudent and strategic
      instructions on how and where to send the Host Army Angels.  We want
      to stay in line with the chain of command up through to the Head, the
      Lord Jesus. Sending the Host is highly effective!  The
      more you send the Host the more Host Army Angels you get to send. The
      more often you send them and the bigger of scope projects you send them
      on,  I would guess that you would get even more Host Angels to
      send.  Kat Kerr has mentioned that she was given 80 million
      Host Army Angels to command  since she sends them a lot. 
      You would start out with 100.   Understand that the Kingdom of
      Darkness workers numbers, as I’ve heard is up in the
      billions. But when you get started with the Host understand that you
      need to keep going with them.   Don’t leave them
      hanging.   Don’t let them get bored.  They’ve been waiting
      for this for a long time with no battle.  They are fierce warriors
      and war machines.   Help them fulfill their destinies and their
      purpose.  Allow them to use the amazing skills and weaponry that God
      has designed into them. Send them on journey’s and assignments that will make
       the Transformers chronicles look
      like nothing in comparison.  Remember that in part or in full, the
      Host were created for us so we can have an Army as we rule and reign with
      Christ.  Jesus, God doesn’t need an army or any protection, as He
      reminded one prophet. Understand who the Host are. Check out these

  1. God  loves America-the USA.
    • Did you know that America is literally God’s gift to the world?   Most of us felt this way by studying history,  although over the past few decades we felt the opposite as America was quickly becoming a foolish disgrace doing all sorts of evils… But as most of us all know by now America was infiltrated by an enemy within.  And they almost had us until God stepped in.  America was the last to fall and if America fell then shortly thereafter 90% of the world’s population would have been “extinguished”.  These foolish followers of the Satan thing they’re “getting ahead” being conned into utter nonsense to the destruction of the world and little do they know, their own destruction and most brutally hideous eternity to follow.  So wake up you followers of Lucifer – he can only kill, steal and destroyed.  You’ve been sucker played.  Repent to God through Yeshua before it’s too late.
      90% of the Gospel throughout the world has gone out through America, the USA.   And now America will reap the Harvest from all the goodness it has sown. Additionally America will be used as the launching pad for the end times Harvest,  “the global invasion” of the Kingdom of Darkness for the Salvation of 1 billion or more souls.  What about the rest of the 6 or so billion? Well let’s fight for them too. The world needs to wake up and realize that this little tiny lifespan isn’t for the maximization of oneself in this lower state world.   People need to realize that we are in this world primarily and mostly to pass the test and overcome.  There is a great separating out between sheep and goats where God is cleaning up the universe after the mess Lucifer made. We undergoing the similar test the Angels had to go through.  Even the Lord had to go through His own test, after taking on one of these flesh bodies.  Let’s make everyone know and understand that they are going through this life as a test to pass the test which is to seek God, find Him, accept the offer that He’s giving to save your soul which is to believe on Him, believe Him, follow Him as Lord as opposed to Satan.  Obey Jesus not Satan.  Obey God not Sin the “anti-god”. Whom you obey is your lord and master and your lord and master will be  your owner that comes for you at the end of this like.  Make sure your Lord and Master is Jesus if you want to live.  So let’s sober up ourselves and realize what’s at stake and get to work relentlessly for the sake of the people of this planet.
  2. God has chosen America.
    • Yes He has and you have started to see this and you will see this very much more. America will be set up with an ideal model righteous governmental system from Heaven for the world to model.   Those who model America can be blessed for success.
  3. America will be for the end time Harvest as England was to the D-Day invasion.
    • Welcome To The Kingdom age!  This is where Kingdom Rises against Kingdom.   This means the Kingdom of Heaven is in process of invading the Earth.  Alleluia! And amen!
  4. America will be the hub for the end time Harvest as England was the hub from which the D-Day assault was launched.
    • America will be cleaned up.  The church will be cleaned up. There will be a restoration of God’s Word to the church. People’s eyes will be open to what scams they’ve been under through “man-made” denominational doctrines.  People will wake up and realize that God says what He means and then He means what he says from His Word. People will realize that they actually have to do what The Lord says in God’s word, in the New Testament.
  5. Men, women, equipment, food, money, weapons and supplies of all kind will pour into America as these supporting factors poured into England for the D-Day assault.
    • Amen. We’ll take it and we’ll use it. We will bear fruit with it throughout the Earth.
  6. America has been chosen for the launching platform for the worldwide  assault on these spiritually oppressed peoples of the Earth.
    • Understand as Mark Taylor said in interviews at this is going to be a whole new level of America. The USA’s days ahead will be the greatest ever way beyond what we’ve ever experienced.
  7. Even though America seems frozen they are chosen.
    • America is in the process of being  dethawed  as the schemes and scams  of workers for the Kingdom of Darkness are exposed and brought to Justice.When the people learn that they’ve been deeply fooled the, Great Awakening – Spiritual Awakening will follow.And the remnant who knows what they’re doing better be ready for all these people.   Get on ElijaList.Com because the prophets there will Keep you up-to-date on a daily basis; it’s really excellent.   Just join their newsletter and they will email you prophecies daily, vetted prophecies by accurate prophets.   Oh yes we do have prophets these days obviously.  Some under religious and man-made doctrinal strongholds think we don’t have prophets.  Well they are in for quite a wake-up call.
  8. God will heal America because He has heard the cries of His people that have sought His face and He can do anything since he is the God of all creation.
    • Fortunately for the world we had some genuine repentance going on in America, some real and specific confession of sins on the individual basis and on behalf of the country. Fortunately we had a remnant who knew what was going on and were not deceived by  these man-made doctrines strongholds and other social programming shenanigans.
  9. The Spirit of God says, “Army of God, out of the darkness! I COMMAND
    YOU TO ARISE AND TAKE YOUR PLACE! For I have given you extra time, mercy and grace. Go, Go, Go, do not slow down. Begin to take and hold your ground, for there is No more time to waste.
    • Notice there is urgency extreme urgency.   There is Extreme urgency to take ground and hold it in the spirit realm and there’s no time to waste.  The Kingdom of Darkness and their workers must be exposed and brought to Justice.We have been given extra time because this was all supposed to start in 2012! As said, I believe through Mark Taylor in an interview,  the church was not ready and needed to wake up and generate righteous anger, enough to rise up and overcome the Stranglehold of the Kingdom of Darkness over this nation.  So BO was put back in there…. And right as they were lining up the guillotine for all believers in this country in their FEMA camps (oh yes they bought lots and lots of Guillotines for the chopping off of heads so your organs could be kept intact and could be sold for-profit, as reported they have been doing to Christians in China…) This is not a game.  We must gain ground in the spirit realm and in the physical realm. Understand that unless we repent which is to agree with God. To agree with God we must obey His commands which in our case is Jesus commands of the New Testament.  We can even repent for the sins of a territory such as a region, a city, a neighborhood, a state, the specific sins (as Mark Taylor elaborates upon in a CD he made for the Sid Roth It’s Supernatural show that you can buy from their site) so that God can move on our behalf.   God can do anything but He wants to go by how He has set things up.  And He wants us to choose Him  and to choose to obey Him.  do understand that the great separation of the sheeps and the goats  is over who will be willing to seek out and purposely choose to believe in God,  specifically to believe in Jesus God the son and to obey His commands,  as an act of your will,  as your choice and against all the contrary feelings of your flesh,  the ways of the world and the tricks of the Kingdom of Darkness.
  10. America again will be a great light.
    • Yes we will!  Thanks to God!  Thank you God!  Thank you so much for helping us and giving us this opportunity!  This is going to be fun!
  11. There will be a mass exodus in the natural and the spiritual of the enemy from America. The enemy will say “Oh the Light, the Light it shines so bright, there is nothing else left to do but take flight.”
    • As of this typing we haven’t seen this yet but we are seeing the preparation of this happening.   We  have seen  massive resignations from government through big corporations.   By the time you see this maybe the “wire has been tripped” and you are seeing or have already seen the mass arrests of  traitors to this country and all of humanity.  Did you not know that these wicked people’s goal was to exterminate 90% of the world’s population?  Better look up what these “UN Agendas” are all about.  The UN  according to knowledge and understanding has been reported to be a literal Satanic organization.   But do your own research.
  12. The president of the United States is the spiritual Gate Keeper.
    • Amen pray for your president..Send Host to protect him and all of those who work God’s agenda in this country
  13. God has chosen Donald Trump and anointed him before this time.
    • Amen! We’ll take him!   We will love him and support him.  And did you know that Donald Trump has become born again?   Oh yes he has!
  14. The Spirit of God questions, “Can you not see this?”
    • Well if you’re listening to Kingdom of Darkness news then maybe you won’t.  You’ll be too busy chasing around lies and “mystery wooooooo…” nonsense and deceit.
      On the other hand you have to ask yourself why would you even listen to workers from the Kingdom of Darkness, from their news media and various other media?  Why would you even be attracted to their voice, frequency, character and message?  Can you not tell they’re lying to you?   If you think they’re telling you the truth then it’s time that you get to know the Bible so you recognize God’s voice verses what’s not God’s voice.  You can download our volume Bible reading plans with the volume Bible reading system installed into those plans from our website.
  15. Donald meaning world leader with the spiritual connotation of faithful as in faithful world leader.
    • Who would have thought Donald Trump, The Donald, the World Leader would be… the world leader!  Awesome!  He’s got a great heart and I heard that’s what God liked about him especially.  Plus DJT can get the job done.  Plus he’s extra focused because he has “mind framed” everything into a game to win and thinks in terms of winning.  Well that’s certainly in line with the Bible. We are to be all about winning, run to win, overcome and win the victory in, with and through Jesus, to choose Jesus as Lord over Satan as lord, to choose God over Sin.
      Donald will be faithful to the Lord.  And it seems that he can accept orders just as well as he can give orders.
  16. Trump means to get the better of, II outrank or defeat someone at something often and a highly public way.
    • Hopefully you’ve been following what’s been going on behind the scenes. There are many resources that have insight on what’s going on  behind the scenes.   They say Donald Trump is playing “4D Chess”-  so how is he able to do this?   Come on now.   You know the answers of this!   Glory to God and blessed be the Name of the Lord!
  17. Donald Trump will be a faithful world leader
    • Finally!Hopefully he’ll teach people about faithfulness in this country because there’s a lot of learning that’s needed.
  18. Donald Trump  together with the Army of God will defeat all of America’s enemies in the spiritual and in the natural. And you will see this manifest before your eyes.
    • Do not watch Satan’s news.   Go and find the sources that will give you the real news on what’s really going on. You will be amazed to follow what’s happening in real time.Get in the game.  Take down the enemy in the spiritual realm. Learn how to command the Host of Heaven Army Angels. Once the spiritual realm is cleaned up then the physical realm can be cleaned up.
  19. Donald Trump  Will shut gates, doors in portals that the past president opened.   And Donald Trump will open gates, doors and portals the past president had shut.
    • Amen!
  20. God’s Army will not be silenced. They will begin to see that Donald Trump is the one God has chosen. The Army will begin to rally around him and keep him covered in  spiritual support.  
    • Well hurry up Army! Get with the program! Listen to God instead of the enemy.   Follow what is really going on through these Mark Taylor prophecies and ElijahList.Com, Mike Thompson and Kat Kerr…

How to Know if You’re a Target of Witchcraft