1. The Spirit of God says: “Why are my
    people not repenting? You use generalized repentance, which has little to no
    effect, when you should be using target focused repentance and prayer.

    1. Targeted Focus repentance means
      confessing a specific sin. What’s a sin? It’s what the
      Bible says is a sin. It’s a relationship offense to God. God gives us a
      large list of things that offend Him and these are called the sins in
      the Bible.  
    2. If you think about the things
      that offend you you’ll probably create quite a large list of your own
      sins. You likely have a very large list of things that offend you and
      things you do not like or things that make you feel unloved or bad. 
    3. As you get to know the Bible more
      you’ll understand what the sins of the Bible are and why they are sins.
    4. God wants you to have this close
      trusting relationship with Him.  And based on that point you can start
      to understand how things that interfere with that end goal are listed as
    5. Remember that God is not the same as us
      although we are made in His image and likeness. As some may say, He is a
      much higher dimensional Being, whereas He is everywhere and at every
      point in time past present and future at the same time. Try to think
      about that. So one could say that maybe God does not take sin in the
      same way we do. This is in part why you need to know God and I just know
      about Him. You have to “get” God (i.e. You know when you say that he or
      she “just gets me” – “they understand”). Well get to know the Bible by
      reading the Bible over and over and over again at least three times a
      year and you’ll see Bible verses talk about this. In fact, people’s
      Eternal lives are on the line based on whether they know God or not; and
      know how He operates; and knows how God does things or not. What does
      John 17:3 say? “3 And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the
      only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.”
    6. Repentance is agreeing with God. Repentance is
      believing what God says, actually believing what He says which is often
      followed by an action of obedience and a reprogramming of one’s beliefs
      in their soul; in their cerebral mind or heart mind. Often the belief in
      what God says comes after the action of obedience whereas you step out
      in faith or trust to trust God at his word and do what he says but then
      you find out that What God Says is really good and so then you believe
      in what He says; you start to believe that God’s way on a certain thing
      is the good thing to do and not the old way of Satan. So it’s the
      personal experience that causes you to believe God that comes from
      obedience first that gets you to actually see and experience that what
      God Says is good.
    7. Targeted Focus repentance means
      that in a relationship you need to repent.  Repenting  means confess,
      admit what you did and change your mind about the thing you did by
      admitting and now believing that offence is completely wrong in any way
      shape or form.
    8. You did that offended the other
      person because you thought it was okay to do or even good to do. If you
      thought it was bad to do you probably would not have done that thing.
    9. So for example, in a marriage, if
      one spouse does something that offends the other the offending spouse
      can’t just say ” I’m sorry for all the bad things I ever did”  and have
      that count towards the offended spouse. The offended spouse wants to
      hear confess, apologies and believe in your heart and mind that what you
      did was wrong so you never do that offensive thing again because that
      offensive thing hurt. Of course you’ve been on both sides as being the
      offender and the offended.
    10. Speaking of marriages part of our
      relationship with God is a marital one,  Bride of Christ.
    11. And over time the concept of
      repenting has been confused, twisted and made complicated through
      religions.  These religions have created these doctrines to put God in a
      box and or to push God far away from people on the individual level. 
      God is offended at many things in a relationship.  He calls those sins. 
      You get offended at many things in a relationship although you may not
      have made a book about it or a formal list.    Speaking of lists see the
      list of 666 sins of the Bible from our website that you can download and
      program your soul to stop doing, so you stop offending God.
    12. When you are born again, after
      the first time you genuinely and formally believe on Jesus with your
      whole heart, that He died for your sins and was risen from the dead, God
      moved inside of you.   God is now living your life along side of you
      every step of the way. He is experiencing what you are experiencing. He
      is hearing everything you are saying or thinking.  Have you ever thought
      about that?  It’s time to make this your reality.  You’ll most certainly
      change a lot of things once you realize that God is right there with you
      all the time. 
    13. What is repenting? The definition
      says that repenting is the changing of the Mind. The more specifically
      it’s the changing of the minds. The minds?  Yes.  You need to change the
      way you think about something and your cerebral mind and you need to
      change the way you think about something in your hearts mind,  which
      would mean that you need to change your belief about something. 
    14. So
      repenting  to God is about changing your belief from believing in the
      ways of the “Anti-god” called Sin, the ways of Satan, the ways of evil &
      destruction to  believing and the ways of God and what He says is good
      and right to do.   
    15. God is everything He is all reality. All of eternity
      exist in God. We need to harmonize with all of reality  which means that
      we need to harmonize with God.   And the things that do not harmonize
      with God will be separated out into the Lake of Fire. 
    16. Lucifer birthed
      Iniquity; he created all this mess for my understanding which is why
      the Lord Jesus had to come and die for our sins.  Otherwise God would
      have to throw away all reality and start over which would then have
      negated all the good and good relationships He had developed over
      billions of years.
    17. So understand that this very short life on Earth is
      for testing to see which way you’re going to go. If you’re willing to
      choose God and Obey Him by doing good then you get to be a part of
      life going forward but if you aren’t interested in God and you choose
      the bad then you will have to be separated out if doing and being bad is
      your inclination even after God has offered us His Son to help save us.
    18. God is looking for a peculiar
      people to call His own. 

      Titus 2:14

      Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity,
      and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good

      1 Peter 2:9

      But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy
      nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the
      praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his
      marvellous light;

    19. Most people think that the Universe
      and all reality revolves around them.
      That’s not the case and those people need to wake up and realize that
      day need to make the rabbit effort to get with the program before their
      life in this flesh body is up and then it’s too late.
    20. No one comes to the
      Father except through the Son and no one will have the ability to enter
      Heaven and then the New Earth and New Heaven unless they are covered by
      the blood of Jesus.   Every sin you do must be covered by the blood of
      Jesus.   Every sin that you do after you have been born again,
      after you said the
      sinner’s prayer for real, has to be repented out and covered by the blood
      of Jesus.   Stop listening to those who either do not know what they’re
      talking about  or who are working for the enemy knowingly or unknowingly
      who tell you that you don’t need to repent of your sins after being born
    21. Becoming born again from above or regenerated by first
      believing gives you the bath.  But after you had a bath and then have sins,
      relationship offenses to God, you need to wash your feet or else you
      will have no part with Jesus.
    22. Read the Bible over and over and get to
      know what the entire word of God says; get to know what the entire New
      Testament says. Make sure you understand what all those scary versus
      mean because they all tie  together.   You do not want any Eternal
      surprises. Don’t trust in man. Believe God from His Word.
    23. Man-made, made
      up, easy way denominational doctrines blind and choke. When one is under
      the stronghold of a denominational Doctrine one can’t even read the
      Bible as is; the Bible gets reinterpreted to fit into the doctrine while
      other versus get cut out because they are not convenient.
    24. We are responsible for the whole
      Bible. These days most denominations and religions that are called
      Christian that I’ve experienced block out most of the Bible whereas
      their main target is to remove Jesus as Lord.
    25. We have the yeast of the
      Pharisees whereas the institution looks to take over as your lord. So
      they look to take the place of Jesus as your lord.  And if your
      church, religion and their “doctrine” becomes your lord then you have
      denied Christ and have NO salvation. This is one broad path that
      hundreds of millions even billions seem to be on.
    26. And then we have the yeast of
      Herod, as per understanding, which looks to control you by telling you
      that you can be your own Lord and your God can be your belly. They are
      your “permitors” who give you “official permission” that you can largely
      do what you want and it’s ok because “God has unconditional love” and
      that if you said that sinners prayer and really meant it then you’re in
      no matter what sin  you do.  “Repent? What’s that? You don’t
      need to worry about that because you’re SAVED…”, as they say. 
      They tell you to go ahead and pursue the happiness of your flesh heart
      and maximize yourself in this world without worrying about the next. 
      And if you do any sort of work or try to obey Jesus,  why you may
      be called legalistic or that you are trying to pursue work salvation.
      For the lazy who don’t ready their Bible, they easily follow this
      doctrine since it’s easy – all you have to do is just say the sinners
      prayer and really believe, become born again, but then you can go ahead
      and be your own lord pursuing the happiness of your flesh heart. 
      But then you deny Jesus as Lord, you become your own lord and your belly
      becomes your god.
    27. In summary, people
      aren’t taught with the sins of the Bible are so as they continue to do
      what was in their soul before they were born again or as they continue
      to take in sin belief through daily living, media, TVs, movies, other
      people and so on they do more and more sins. Then they don’t understand
      what’s going on why they don’t feel right. They don’t think they did any
      sins. They feel increased distance from God and they don’t know what’s going
      on. But then some man-made denominational doctrine pusher is usually right there
      to assure them that they are okay and not to worry. They may say that
      it’s “the devil” that’s making you feel convicted of sin.
    28. So that churchgoer
      continues on well trying to force ahead, to convince themselves that they are okay
      and they are okay with God. While in the meantime they’re pulling up a
      sticky mass of sins that they don’t even know our sins for the most part. 
      And they are at a point or have crossed the point where their conscience
      become seared. That’s not good. So what needs to happen now is that
      everyone needs to get back to Bible Christianity. Yes before even 101.
      People need to KNOW the Word of God and not just about the Word of God. 
      People need to read the Bible over and over plainly, and not filtered
      through their man made doctrines. People need to know what the sins of the Bible are. 
      They need to know what the
      commands of Jesus of the New Testament are since they are key to just
      about everything in regards to you getting into Heaven and walking holy
  2. The Spirit of God says You don’t use
    target focused repentance, because of your pride!

    1. Yes it seems even scary to admit
      some of these sins we have done so we want to ignore them. But God does
      not want us to do that. He’s willing to forgive us if we just come clean
      and admit what we’ve done and admit it’s wrong and change our beliefs
      about that sin and furthermore change our belief in God’s way, His
      command  instead. 
    2. Settle matters with God.  Talk to
      God and ask Him to reveal unconfessed sins and any error in  you so you
      can confess the sins and change your belief in sins, that they are ok or
      good to believing on God’s Word, that His Word is the only thing ok and
      good to do or think.
    3. Get right with God so you know in
      your heart that things are good between you and God.  You need to have
      your relationship opened back up.  Every time you sin you offend God and
      hurt Him personally.  Many people were never told the necessity of
      repentance or even what it was due to ignorant leadership or bad
      doctrines.  Many people don’t have any clue that you are to have a very
      personal moment by moment relationship with God.  And many people have a
      sticky mass of horrendous amounts of sin, personal offenses to God built
      up and all recorded against them, and they don’t even know it,
      believers.  When you carefully go through that list of 666 sins on our
      site you’ll likely be shocked how many sins you’ve been doing, not
      because you are bad in particular, but not sinning against God requires
      drastic change of mind, a drastic reprogramming of your soul, which
      unfortunately, most churches did not teach us.
    4. What is repentance? How many
      people actually know?  You’ve probably heard by now that it’s not just
      saying sorry. You’ve probably heard by now that it’s a changing of the
      Mind.  What exactly is this changin of the mind?  It is the changing of
      your beliefs from the commands of Satan to the commands of Jesus.
    5. if you look at Matthew
      28:19-20 you’ll understand that the entire New Testament is the Apostles
      doing their job to go into all nations teaching them all of Jesus
      commands whatsoever then baptizing them in the name of the father Son
      and Holy Spirit. 
    6. And because Matthew 28 19-20 is
      there not only do we have the job of learning and mastering Jesus’ 
      commands putting them into our habits, by fully Believing on them that
      they are good and the thing to do, but is also our job to go into all
      nations teaching Jesus commands.
    7. Jesus’  commands have all the
      instructions you need for eternal life and exactly how to believe and
      exactly how to repent.  Don’t you know that repentance is the changing
      of mine from believing in the ways of Sin, evil, death, destruction, the
      commands of Satan to believing in the ways of God, the will of the
      Father, Jesus’ commands of the New Testament?   yes and that also
      includes as one of His commands to follow Jesus by walking in the
      Spirit.  Be in Spirit and in Truth.  Be in Holy Spirit and in Jesus. 
      God wants worshipers in Truth and Spirit. 
  3. The Spirit of God says  Your haughty
    spirits and attitudes have caused you to fall into the enemy’s pit. 

    1. I personally can’t stand these
      doctrines that try to become our Lord displacing the Lord Himself.  
      Sounds like the yeast of Pharisees doesn’t it.   I’ve had a lot of
      experience with these doctrines. They say that they have it all figured
      out and their way is the only way.   And their way doesn’t come close to
      the Bible’s Way. It’s a slice of the Bible swirled around a bit,
      ultimately so they can control the people and make sure they pay their
      tithes and so on and so forth. These doctrines are power systems to
      control the masses and extract wealth for from them to increase the
      power and wealth of the heads of these religions organizations. How can
      you tell or say that?  They don’t preach Jesus is Lord, meaning you have
      to do all that Jesus says or else you are a worker of lawlessness.  They
      preach another Jesus.  They hide Jesus’ commands where as Jesus’
      commands are the cornerstone of the Doctrine of Christ, the foundation
      of the Church which were commanded to the apostles and then to us to go
      teach all the world, all of Jesus’ commands whatsoever.   If you don’t
      obey Jesus then He is not your lord and you have NO SALVATION.  This is
      the 1/2 of the salvation messages that these Pharisee religions and
      Herod denominations have cut out putting billions of souls in jeopardy
      of missing out of Heaven.
    2. You can see how these man-made
      Doctrine religions have done this over and over over time and it’s still
      going on in the world as of this typing.   They care more about their
      traditions that they made up than with the Word of God plainly says. I
      don’t understand where they get the nerve.   It’s as if they think they
      have more power than God. They’ve made their own reality. And they made
      up their own Heaven.  Wow they must be really powerful… they must have
      become gods.   After all did in the Serpent’s say ” ye shall be as
      gods…”  So I guess they believe the serpent and have become gods. Not
      sure what they are going to say when they deal to deal with God
      Almighty, their Maker.
    3. Yes these doctrines  and their
      pushers don’t like you reading the Bible too much if at all.   And at
      one point they would kick you out of the church or even kill you if you
      tried to read the Bible on your own,  as far as I understand.   I know I
      got lectured when I mentioned that I was excited that I started reading
      the Bible for the first time with the goal of reading all the way
      through.   I thought I was doing a good thing but my religious leader at
      the time got awfully concerned and upset and scolded me that I wasn’t
      supposed to be in interpreting the Bible on my own.   But by that age I
      understood that there was such thing as “a scam” and scammers  and this
      religious leaders sales pitch sounded like one of those scams. So I ”
      rebelled” to go on and read the Bible.  
    4. And then I finally believed on
      Jesus actually for real shortly after.  Reading the Bible woke me up big
      time and I knew I was not right with God.  So I cried out to God to help
      me praying directly to Him. 
    5. After I got through the Bible
      even just once I realized I grew up in a total scam.    This religion
      was a soul death trap.   It was wild yet tragic that such an institution
      would even exist.   But they’re all over the place in  all sorts of
      shapes and sizes.
    6. These man made religions and
      denomination contractions from my experience largely did  one of two
      things: 1.  They try to be your lord displacing Jesus  2.  Or tell you
      that you can be your own lord  and go on to maximize your life In This
      World In the Flesh.   Both ways deny Jesus as Lord. How so?  In order
      to have Jesus as Lord you need to do what He says.  Why do you call me
      Lord Lord and not do what I say?”  Luke 6:46   and if you don’t have
      Jesus as Lord than you have no salvation  Romans 10:10.   if you don’t
      obey Jesus as Lord than you become a worker of lawlessness. If you don’t
      obey Jesus as Lord then you don’t abide in him and then you don’t
      produce fruit.   If you don’t produce fruit,  a return for God and the
      kingdom then you will be tossed into the outer Darkness. 
    7. So let’s make
      sure we have Jesus as Lord and no one else or nothing else. If you know
      the Bible much you’ll understand that being in the enemies pit is really
      really bad. It’s time that you get rid of your man made doctrines and
      that you read the Bible and believe what God says. 
    8. Why do you need a doctrine anyways?
      Your only doctrine should be the Bible, the Doctrine of Christ.
    9. Just
      simply believe What God Says and if you have any questions ask your One
      and Only Teacher.   If we all were taught by God as we were supposed to
      be then there wouldn’t be any denominations or at least it wouldn’t be
      any denominational doctrines, would there be.  
    10. Here is your new
      statement of faith for your denomination: 1. We believe what God says
      from His Word 2.  We seek to do everything He says from His Word even turning
      His commands into our habits. 3. Amen.
    11. And now since we know the word of
      God we can recognize a  modern Prophet who is in tune with the Word
      of God vs one who is not.
    12. And if God is speaking through a modern
      day prophets then we will be able to listen to what he has to say and then check the
      scriptures to see if those things line up with the word of God as the Bereans did with Paul. 
  4. The Spirit of God says You’re afraid
    of target focused repentance, because you will have to admit there is fault
    with you and your congregation.

    1. It’s unfortunate a lot of pastors
      have  bought into this concept that you were supposed to be Zapped
      perfect like a robot the day you were born again so then they try to
      pretend like they’re perfect and everyone goes around pretending like
      they’re perfect.   Yet since they never got past the milk of the
      word they don’t know the meat of the word, the difference between right
      and wrong.
    2. They don’t understand that the
      soul is not zapped perfect when you are born again. You were given a
      perfect Spirit man born of God but your soul was left unchanged. So
      whatever was in your soul before due to beliefs, beliefs in sin, 
      remains there until you repent it out.
    3. How do you repent it out? You
      stop believing in that sin. But that’s going to take a lot of organized
      work to go in and find all the sins of the Bible and deprogram them out
      of you. Then it’s going to take a lot of work to go into the New
      Testament and programmed all the Bible verses stated in a command style
      or an implied command style and the entire New Testament which are
      Jesus’ Commandments,  the command of the King of the Universe, the King
      of kings and Lord of lords.
    4. And what’s more unfortunate is
      that they multiply their error into their congregation whereas you have
      a bunch of people running around not knowing that they need to repent of
      sins. You have a bunch of people running around not knowing the sins of
      the Bible. You have a bunch of people running around having no clue what
      a lord is much less what Jesus is Lord is.   And you have a bunch of
      people running around not knowing what Jesus’s Commandments are 
      therefore making it extremely easy to disobey Jesus Commandments and
      become workers of lawlessness.
    5. This is why the church has become
      so weak. You have Believers with sticky masses of sin piled up against
      them after they’ve become born again because no one taught them to send
      to the Bible or the commandments of Jesus. No one taught them that they
      need to stop obeying Satan as lord and  start obeying Jesus as
    6. Why was that?  Error in these
      man-made doctrines which you could argue could have been strategic weed
      seeds planted by the Kingdom of Darkness. On the other hand you could
      argue that people didn’t want to hear the truth and that people didn’t
      want to hear they need to stop sinning and obey Jesus, denying oneself
      in the flesh and walk in holy in the Spirit.  Because they rather
      maximize their lives now in the flesh instead of believing God.  It’s
      very easy to do.   It’s the easy way and the broad path.   So since
      there was a market for a certain type of easy way flesh maximization
      message,  life in this world maximization message instead of maximizing
      for eternity, then certain people who didn’t care about God’s Word, 
      found a market demand and sought to satisfy it. 
    7. These people saw financial
      opportunity by understanding that they could force people just about to
      give them 10% of their income by preaching a nice little story once a
      week in combination with a couple few weekly ceremonies. 
    8. Another angle:  I’ve seen a lot
      of people in leadership positions maybe worry too much about their
      position of authority and the concept of authority instead of a concept
      of serving.  They conveniently ignore the Lord’s words when He says
      were are all on the same level and are not to lord over one another like
      the heathen do.    
  5. The Spirit of God says. It is an
    abomination that church leaders in their congregations or not Target Focus 
    repenting because they don’t want to admit they are wrong or at fault.

    1. If
      someone sinned or kept on sinning
      against you without changing their minds about their sins to you; 
      wouldn’t you consider using a
      term like an abomination if that person kept on pretending like nothing
      was wrong?

      For an extreme example:
      what if you’re married and your spouse thinks it’s fine and dandy to go
      have an affair. The TV series they are watching tells them that
      it’s the cool thing to do. So they believe the TV and seek to obey the
      suggestion.  So they share their new idea about how it’s the cool
      in thing to go out and have an affair.  They tell you that you should just accept it and
      that it’s normal, or to get with the times because everyone else is
      doing it plus the TV says so. But obviously you do not think it’s a good
      idea and you are deeply offended. But your spouse goes on with their
      affair and has one.  They now expect you to be fine with it and
      that the marriage to go on fine and dandy just as always. Now wouldn’t
      that be an abomination to you? Wouldn’t it be intolerable
      that they don’t repent about their affair?  That’s a bit of an
      exaggerated example but all sins by your spouse to you will have a
      similar effect and will close off the open trust relationship between
      you and your spouse unless mended by repentance of your spouse.

      repentance in this case could happen if your spouse realizes that is wrong,
      admits it which is confessing it and then completely changes their mind
      about it. But they change their cerebral mind about it AND their heart’s
      mind about it so you can sense that they really believe that such a bad
      idea was completely and abhorrently wrong.  If they did that there could be a chance of reconciliation
      (yet in this specific example you would not be Biblically obligated but
      for the sake of this example which unfortunately has been happening way
      too often…). If you thought that your spouse still
      loved you and just was not very bright OR simply did it because it was a
      generational curse thing and your spouse had no clue what was going on
      on that level of things,  then you could be open to forgive your
      spouse,  even after such a hideous sin against you.

    2. Well we have to look at things
      from God’s perspective. You’ll understand God’s perspective better and
      better by getting to know the Bible and accepting the Bible for what the
      Bible says as shocking as it may seem at times.

    3. There’s one part of our
      relationship with God which is very close. It’s considered a marriage in
      fact. In fact we saw that Israel, ancient Israel was married to God but
      then since they kept cheating on Him with other gods without repentance
      eventually he divorce them.

    4. Now we have the bride of Christ. There is a
      new marital relationship scenario going on. Now after you have been come
      born again you have God living within you. Most of us don’t realize that
      He’s there all the time. He sees what we see. He’s living through us.
      Holy spirit is a multi-layered being according to Kat Kerr and so he
      puts a whole layer of himself into you. So it’s why God is right there
      all the time in full person having an individual eyes relationship with
      us. That’s really mind-blowing when you think of it.

    5. When you really
      think of it then  the sobering thought of all the bad and dumb stuff
      you’ve done was done with God right there with you experiencing that
      through you. That’s shocking isn’t it. On top of that you have a lot of
      angels, your poor guardian angel and other angels that you’ve upset.  
      On top of that every moment of your
      life is recorded on video and Heaven has no data storage

    6. So….  it’s time we get a perspective of how things are and
      how offensive these things are to God Who’s right there with us in all we

    7. Man… We’ve got some serious, serious, high volume targeted Focus
      repentance that needs to be done don’t we!   Fortunately fortunately
      fortunately….  for us,  as long as we are in these flesh bodies and
      our heart keeps ticking, God is willing to forgive.   Then again we are
      always one heartbeat away from eternity so…  don’t waste time. 
      right with God.  Confess your sins. Ask God to help you know what your
      sins are. Ask God to expose any error within you so it can be corrected
      and corrected swiftly. Ask God if there any commandments of Jesus
      that you are not obeying or obeying well. And ask Him to h
      you become better at obeying those commandments. 
  6. The Spirit of God says My people have
    lost the art of war, for any true warrior of mine knows that waging an
    effective warfare, starts with target focused repentance and prayer.

    1. Most people are usually have no
      idea what the word repent even means. I have never ever heard a pastor
      or any sort of Bible teacher explain what repenting actually is.  So let
      me share with you what I’ve learned because I asked my Teacher and
      He helped me understand: Firstly you are in a relationship with God. The
      relationship can be looked at from many angles. There is the father to
      son or daughter relationship. And then there is the marital relationship
      concept with you as the bride of Christ.   Then there is the servant to
      Master relationship.   And of course there is the created being to God
      Almighty relationship, God Who is all-powerful and all-knowing and Who
      sustains our very breath moment by moment.
    2. But let’s think about that
      marital relationship angle.  Are you married or have you been? (Yes it’s
      unfortunate I have to even ask ‘have you been’  these days right?)  
      Well in a marriage relationship you have a living, ongoing, tethered by
      trust, interaction which each other.   And at any moment in time if this
      trust is damaged due to an offense well that trust shuts down a certain
      amount or the trust completely shuts down even. So that open channel of
      trust between you two needs to be restored in order to have the good
      relationship  and happy times with your spouse.
    3. Now let’s just say in offense
      happened whereas you offended your spouse; you hurt their feelings.  You
      may not have meant it but you did.    Your spouse took whatever you did
      or said as an offense.  Now there’s a problem.  The happy times of open
      fellowship with your spouse got cut off or limited severely. Why is
      that? Because you hurt your spouse’s feelings, you hurt them, so as a
      defense mechanism, they closed you off so they won’t be hurt again. In
      fact what you did to your spouse is called a sin, yes even if you had no
      idea that you were hurting their feelings.  And your sin against your
      spouse, as your spouse perceives such an offence as a sin against them,
      cuts off,  blocks, hiders your relationship with them.
    4. So therefore trust needs to be
      reestablished. How is this trust reestablished ? This trust is really
      established by a concept called “repentance”! In order to repair the
      trust you first need to identify the offensive thing that you did. You
      need to know what this sin against your spouse was.  You need to
      actually understand how this hurts your spouse’s feelings.  And when
      your spouse senses that you genuinely believe in your heart that this
      sin is wrong and bad and that you never want to do that sin again, then
      your spouse can forgive you and trust you.  You’ve probably experienced
      this process MANY times.    Well it’s arguably the same process with
    5. Once you have clarity on what
      this sin is and how it hurts your spouse’s feelings then you could
      realize that this thing that your spouse calls a sin, is no good and no
      longer acceptable to do ever again.  You now change your beliefs to
      assign a belief in your cerebral mind and heart that anything related to
      this sin concept from any angle is no good to do in relationship to your
      spouse.   So you disbelieve in this sin.    And when your
      spouse sees that you understand what this in is and that you now really
      believe that this sin is bad, then they can now feel better about
      opening back up that channel of trust with you since you now understand
      that sin.  And since you love your spouse, you won’t want to do that sin
    6. But wait there’s more!   Not only
      does God want you to make Him feel loved!  How do you do this?   Well
      doesn’t Jesus give us this formula? Doesn’t He give us his formula in
      John 14:15? We are fortunate because God lists out what hurts His
      feelings  ahead of time for us by labeling what’s a sin in the Bible.  
    7. He also lists out what makes Him
      feel loved and these are Jesus’ Commandments of the New Testament.  “For
      if you love me, keep my commandments”. But wait there’s even more? Did
      you know that if you follow sin and obey sin that you are a slave to
      sin?   Have you ever thought of the concept of sin actually being a
      creature as mentioned in Genesis with Cain and this creature is actually
      the “Anti-God” with his lord and king of the Kingdom of Darkness, named
      Lucifer, or Satan?   Yes the Kingdom of Darkness and the ways of sin are
      inverse to the ways of God. The ways of sin are like antimatter to the
      ways of God which is like matter. Sin brings destruction. God’s ways
      bring life.  
    8. But there’s more to this
      equation. Salvation is based on who owns you which means who is your
      master and Lord. You get this choice to choose after you have been born
      again,  to choose either Jesus or Satan  as your Lord/lord. If you obey
      the Commandments of Satan/Sin  then Satan is your lord.    If you obey
      the commandments of Jesus the will of God then Jesus is your Lord.  If
      you obey Jesus then you will be a worker of lawfullness. If you obey
      Satan you will be a worker of lawlessness. If you obey Jesus you get to
      go to Heaven because Jesus is your Lord and Master.   But  if you will
      obey Satan then he is your lord and master and you get to go with him
      down to the pit because he is your master and lord.   To most people
      that will sound shocking and strange. Why? Most people don’t know the
      Bible;  they rely on ” others”  to teach the Bible to them which is a
      massive mistake.  you are to be taught by God;  you need no man teach
      you;  your to be taught by your One and Only Teacher.
  7. The Spirit of God says ‘Woe, Woe,
    Woe, to you leaders that have led my people astray. 

    1. Just so you know three woes is
      really bad, really really really bad. So your best and smartest action
      will be to assume that you’ve messed up as a leader of God’s people and
      pursue any possibility of error, any pocket of confusion or lack of
      clarity on any Bible verse or vocabulary word in the Bible, on any Bible
      verse that you’ve ignored especially due to the doctrine in your likely
    2. Understand that if the crowd is
      doing it then it’s likely wrong.   Understand that just because you are
      denominational leadership says something, that certainly doesn’t mean
      it’s right. Understand what the yeast of the Pharisees actually means.
      Understand what the yeast of Herod actually means. Understand the spirit
      realm. Understand there are new prophets and prophecies. 
    3. Whatever you do, scramble! 
      Move fast because judgment on the church is coming very soon if it’s not
      already here.  After the NWO is destroyed next comes the church.  
    4. If you’re under a denominational
      or religious doctrine you can pretty much assume that you’re an
      error.  These are not laid-back times. You must get aggressive and take
      the pains to make sure you’re on track with God. God said he would even
      remove certain leaders from the face of the Earth if they didn’t quickly
      repent –  don’t be one of those please.  You can use the materials such
      as the list of 666 sins of the Bible and list of Commands of Jesus
      verses to help you accelerate your progress.   And most certainly as a
      leader you’re going to need to be on a 3 times or 5 times a year volume
      Bible reading plan;  access ours or make up your own.
    5. It’s time to make sure that you
      know the word and don’t just know about the Word.  it’s time to make
      sure you are bearing fruit on an individual basis. It’s time to make
      sure that you are spending quality alone time with the Lord regularly
      because it’s really easy to get away from that due to too
      much ministerial busyness.   
    6. Make sure you become very good at
      not pleasing man, not fearing man. Fearing man is a snare. Make sure you
      understand what that means.   Obtain the superpower of no longer being
      offended –  that will make you powerful indeed and will prevent you from
      having to figure out how to forgive people and who to forgive;  as we
      know forgiveness is a big deal because God says he won’t forgive us
      unless we forgive others which is scary. And then the question is for
      you:  how do you really know that you’ve really forgiven someone?
  8. The Spirit of God says  You, who are
    cowardly and afraid of offending, have sacrificed my truth and my people on
    the altar of Mammon.

    1.  Remember the warnings about being fearful and
      effeminate in Revelation. Political correctness is a hideous satanic
      scam that has made us look like fools. Seek to destroy political
      correctness at every turn, expose it. Being politically correct put you
      under the control of the Kingdom of Darkness be manipulated at their
      will. All I need to do is call you a name and then you obey! Pathetic
      isn’t it. Unfortunately we didn’t know what it was I have most of us got
      caught up in it until we realized it was a scam.
    2. Political correctness and fake righteousness
      are what the wicked promote. They have there charities but those
      donations don’t necessarily go to helping people do they.
    3. Start offending people according to the Word of
      God! By doing so you’re showing mercy and love. Are we going to be so
      nice that went allow people to just simply slide into the pit forever?
      Forget that. Start tearing down and exposing this scam a political
      correctness and fake righteousness and do so swiftly all around you.
    4. Additionally those under the bondage of the
      Demonic control of the 501 c 3 where held in further control of the
      kingdom of darkness allowing themselves to be threatened if they don’t
      say and go along with satanic wickedness
  9. The Spirit of God says Repent now or
    you will not come out of that pit, for truly you have received your reward
    and that’s all you will get.

    1.  Despite popular doctrines,
      you see here the threat of the pit. That’s not good. Do not assume
      you’re going to go to heaven just because you believed at one time
      through a sinner’s prayer and that some man-made doctrine says that’s
      all you needed to do. That’s not what the Bible says it all. Get on our
      volume Bible reading plans and read the Bible 5 times a year and get to
      know the word of God. Eternity is a long time it’s best to try and do
      everything right, now.
    2. Better do what God says. So you
      may struggle believing in this prophecy but just think this way: it’s
      better to do the better thing. It is smart, most certainly, to get right
      with God and repent. Even if you don’t know what to repent about simply
      start talking to God and reading His Word. Ask God to expose your sins.
      Ask God to give you understanding on why they are sins. For help
      download that list of 666 sins off of our website and get to work!  The
      Spirit of God says You honor me with your lips but your hearts are far
      from me. Because of your pride and refusal to repent, there will be no
      hiding from this judgment. The Spirit of God says it’s upon my church,
      especially the leadership. 
    3. Despite popular doctrines, you see here the
      threat of the pit. That’s not good. Do not assume you’re going to go to
      heaven just because you believed at one time through a sinner’s prayer
      and that some man-made doctrine says that’s all you needed to do. That’s
      not what the Bible says it all. Get on our volume Bible reading plans
      and read the Bible 5 times a year and get to know the word of God.
  10. The Spirit of God says Your big fancy
    homes, clothes and cars, were made with money stained with innocent
    blood. The Spirit of God says This has allowed the enemy to come in on you
    like a flood. The Spirit of God says Even the Pharisees knew not to touch
    that money, but woa to you that continue to take it saying it’s sweet as

    1. Throw out your doctrines. Learn
      the Commands of Jesus of the New Testament and turn them into your
      beliefs which then turns them into your habits. Confess your error
      quickly.  The clock is ticking. Judgment is coming soon to the
      church. As of this typing the sign of the death of the NWO has hit. The
      next sign, the next passing of the next USA president of the Evil Crew
      of 32, means the judgment on the Church, begins.  Hurry up and get
      right with God. If unclear or confused, then assume you’re in trouble
      and turn to God quickly. Understand that God says what He means and
      means what He says.  Understand that since God says He is not a
      respecter of persons, then that means you are NOT special: obey Jesus
      commandments or perish.
  11. The Spirit of God says The blood, the
    blood which cries out to me day and night, from the aborted babies to the
    murdering of my prophets. The Spirit of God says The blood is on my
    churches’ hands, and yet no repentance? 

    1. God is blaming the church or allowing abortion
      to come into the land. This is not good. Your doctrines have diluted you
      into thinking that you can do whatever you want just because you said a
      sinner’s prayer. Sorry that’s not close to being Biblical. Start reading
      the Bible over 5 times a year and you’ll start to get to know the Word
      of God as opposed to your doctrines that cut out parts of the Word of
      God and twisted them for the sake of denying Jesus as Lord well
      permitting yourself to be your own lord; and that equals Eternal death
      because making Jesus your Lord is salvation. And making Jesus your lord
      means to obey what He says.
  12. The Spirit of God says I am looking
    for my true love, my pure spotless bride, and it grieves me her garments are
    stained because of pride. Where is she? Where is she my true love, I can no
    longer wait, my judgment is upon you, repent and come back to me before it’s
    too late.

    1. God is not messing around. He wants a spotless
      bride. So therefore become spotless. Confess your sins and change your
      mind about them no longer believing them but Jesus’ command instead to
      be covered under the blood of Jesus.
    2. Understand that you are not safe because your
      doctrine says so. You are not saved until you are saved. So obey Jesus.
      Discover His commands in the New Testament, which is any verse stated in
      a command style or in an implied style so you can be saved.