“No One Sees Me” – “I Am Important and No One Else”

Babylon, NWO, Babylonian Religious Systems – it’s time for you to go…. Yesha_Yahu – Isaiah 47 Your “wisdom” & “knowledge” perverted you. You will be and are being exposed. Mistress of kingdoms no more for you! You were used as a tool for punishing God’s misbehaving people, for a time.  And that time is up.   For those in Babylon come out of her or you will share in her troubles.  Repent.  Receive Christ instead.  Life is not about the maximization of self in this lower state world.  Instead, maximize  your…

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Instructions for Getting in to Heaven, Now!

Here is another form of a salvation prayer that is also instructional.   Use it yourself to initiate your entrance into Heaven.  If you need help just directly ask God and then listen.  He wants you very much to turn to Him and join His family (yes, even you:).   Because everyone in this world past the age of innocence (maybe 7 years old?) becomes property of the devil, Satan, Lucifer due to the fall of man, all the way back to Adam & Even. You mission in life is to do…

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