September 23, 2017 Explained and It’s Good News

September 23, 2017 Explained and It’s Good News Remember you prophets of doom and gloom.  You have been warned.  Your doom and gloom will be your doom so says God in Mark Taylor Prophecies  See our YouTube channel for all of the prophecies given to Mark on video, short video reading the prophecy off to you. So I see a report that the entire country of Russia is in a panic because they believe September 23, 2017 is the start of the tribulation and the rapture will happen.  Hundreds of…

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The UN Will Be No More & The Catholic Church will Be Transformed

The UN Will Be No More. UN is Another Name for Satan (see Dr. Michael Lake studies). UN are Satan worshipers. Kim Clement Prophecy – Trump, Refugees, UN, Russia, Europe   United Nations will Be No More.  United Nations has housed Judas.  God will take care of the refugees. The Church will bring unity and finances. The Lord will Take The Catholic Church and Fix It and Bring it to Him.   The Lord will take the Paracletos and give it to them.  The Holy Spirit will be given to the…

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