Jewish Boy Dies then Sees End Times Revelation Vision then Comes Back to Life

2016 a Big Prophetic Year – Rapture? Return of Christ? Gog Magog War in Months?


2018 in May brings about Israel’s 70th birthday of the state.   Visions claim Messiah comes within months potentially.  Bible codes calls for 2016 the return of the Messiah.


This could coordinate well with a tribulation start, maybe a mid point or the start of the Millennial reign.

Bible codes are calling 2016 return of Messiah.

The videos below show the boy in Israel who died and says Gog and Magog, led by Obama, will occur in coming months. (We’re in December 2015).

See this Biblical time table on Israel becoming a nation

Here is Wikipedia Israel time line

And another video of same topic

Back to Barack

Watch this video:  Will blow your mind.

Barak gave his 2008 acceptance speech on the exact replica on the throne of Zeus, the throne of Satan.  That’s freaky!

Why does Barak look exactly like Akhenaten and the founder of the Rising Sun cult?

Who really is Barak’s Dad?  Who really is Barak??


Clone of Akhenaten

Watch this video and prepare to have your mind blown!