Taking the Devil to Dinner – How to Prevent Opening Yourself up to Demonic Influence

A few notes from the video.  See the video for the rest:

  • Perry Stone is back with his “Perry Stone 2015 | “Taking the Devil to Dinner” | Manna Fest 2015” video
  • He describes the process through which demons work through things you do or don’t do
  • Offenses: You’ve been offended.  If you don’t forgive the offense you open the door to tormenting spirits that can make you miserable and down right ornery
  • Doors, Hooks and Closets:  How you can open the door for demonic influence, chattings in your ear, imagination planting, negative emotion charging to get you to act on that bad imagination implanting – that’s what happened to Cain.  Cain was offended that God didn’t like his sacrifice but liked Abel’s.  Demonic imaginations were suggested into his head, chattings in the ear (most likely), then the EMOTION, the negative emotion supplies the negative charge of energy that got Cain to ACT on the implanted imagination (killing his brother) – and he did.

Life in the 8th Millennium by Perry

Some summary notes but not all:

  • We’ll be in Heaven during the Tribulation
  • BEMA Seat of Judgement
  • 1 Year Long wedding supper of the Lamb.
  • Come back and rule and reighn with Christ for 1000 years
  • Then the New Jerusalem comes down
  • Perry says he thinks we can teleport by thought.  We think where we want to be and we instantly teleport.
  • There is no more sea on the new Earth.  Earth gets recreated.  Rev: 21:1-1  World gets set on fire and recreated.
  • Isaiah 65:17  “For, behold, I create new Heavens and a new Earth:  and the former shall not be remembered or come into mind.”   So memories of lost people, bad experiences … will not be remembered.
  • 8 is the number of new beginnings.
  • 6000 years from Adam, 1000 years sabbatical Millennial Reign,

The Day of the LORD and the DAY of the LORD

  • Perry Stone video in Jerusalem live.
  • Explains the difference between the the different uses of “The Day of the LORD”
  • Explains the Seventh Day since Adam
  • Talks about the cornerstone, physical location upon which the Lord built the earth believed to be in the Temple location in Jerusalem.
  • See video for more information on the future Tribulation and Jesus reign!  Amen!  Jesus I wish you already took over the Earth!  Come soon!